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Your Complete List of London’s Best Areas for Real Estate Investments in 2019

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The great city of London is home to some of the best areas for real estate investments in the UK, and although there may be other areas in the UK which are quickly gaining ground when it comes to property investments (such as Manchester and Birmingham), London remains a popular choice with many investors. And whether you’re a first-time property investor or are already a seasoned veteran in the property market, you can undoubtedly benefit from knowing where to invest in London for the best returns. Here, then, is your complete list of London’s best areas for real estate investments in 2019.

  • Forest Gate

The average price of property in Forest Gate as of this time is around £440,000, and the rental profit outlook for the area is at a good 4.1% as well. But there are other excellent reasons why you should invest in Forest Gate: the area will soon be on the Crossrail line, and this new system of transport will definitely decrease journey times to Canary Wharf to only 12 minutes from the previous 23 minutes. There are also new restaurants and bars opening up along the arches of the railway, and the sense of community is rife. In fact, Forest Gate has become the home of many young urban professionals, and it boasts plenty of good schools and an excellent location near the Olympic Village and the shopping centre at Westfield.

  • Wood Green

Wood Green has an attractive average property price at £560,000, and its existing rental yield is at 3.1%. The Victorian terraces at Wood Green certainly attract a lot of likely investors, but there’s more to Wood Green than this, as confirmed by London Knowledge by Gerald Eve. It is located along the Piccadilly Line, which gives residents convenient access to popular areas such as Leicester Square and Covent Garden. The council also has a regeneration plan for the area which includes more places to shop, eat, and drink, as well as the development of about 7,000 new homes and the creation of about 4,000 jobs. What’s more, Wood Green is about to be included in Crossrail 2 plans, which makes commuting from the area even quicker and more convenient.

  • Tottenham

Tottenham is another area on the rise, with the average price of property at around £420,000 and a rental yield of approximately 3.7%. The area is about to benefit from a brilliant regeneration programme totaling £1 billion, and the programme is set to modernise the area and bring forth the development of a minimum of 10,000 homes as well as 5,000 new jobs in the year 2025. Tottenham is also famous for its football team, which will be acquiring a new stadium with a value of £400 million.

  • Croydon

As a real estate investment location, Croydon has an average property price of £425,000 as of 2019, and its current yield when it comes to rentals is at 5.3%. Like Tottenham, it also has a regeneration programme in place, and there are now new builds such as Surrey House and Saffron Tower. Since the area is only 15 minutes away from Victoria Station, it is popular with young professionals and young urban families, and the area offers a lot of lovely green spaces as well.

  • Leyton

Another area in London worth looking into for property investments in 2019 is Leyton, with an average property price of £351,000 and a rental yield of 4.2%. The area has a charming village appeal, but it is also quite cosmopolitan with its eateries and shops, schools, and access to central London on the Central Line. Epping Forest is an attractive part of Leyton where residents can escape from the hustle and bustle of urban living, and residents can take advantage of Leyton’s proximity to Stratford with its shopping centre and transport links.


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