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How to Contribute to a Close-Knit Community

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Close-kit communities look different now than in previous years, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. It’s all about being neighborly, getting involved in local events, and helping others wherever possible. Even if you lead a busy life, you can still use your time to contribute to a close-knit community – here is how.

Get Involved Online

Many people don’t have the time or the means to attend clubs or volunteer every weekend, and that’s OK. Thanks to technology, you can now get involved with the community from wherever you are. Whether you are at your work desk or relaxing at home, you can hop onto social media community pages to help out your neighbors or provide advice. Plus, there are often clubs and events that take place online. Even church-goers can attend church online with live streaming services from When you have spent most of your week working hard, it helps to know you can still be a part of your community from the comfort of your home.

Start a Club

Are there no local book clubs? Are you really into dancing, but there are no local clubs that do that? You can always look into starting a club. It takes a lot of effort, so this is mainly for people with enough spare time, but starting a club is a great way to give back to your community and meet lots of new people. If you would prefer to join one that is already up and running, you can also do that.


Volunteering is one of the kindest ways to spend your time. There will be many organizations within your community that could use an extra hand, so look out for causes you are invested in and give your time. Common organization types that take on volunteers include animal shelters, youth groups, libraries, and places of faith. You’ll feel good about your efforts, and you’ll make more friends within the community.

Shop Locally

Shopping at large grocery stores is undeniably easier for most people, but that doesn’t help your local community. Whenever you can, be sure to shop locally to give your money to smaller businesses. The local greengrocer, butcher shop, and clothing store would appreciate your patronage! Don’t forget to spend some time in a local café (that isn’t a huge brand), too.

Host Charity Events

If you want to contribute to a close-knit community, bring people together by hosting a charity event. You could schedule a charity walk, host a cake sale, or throw a party to raise money for an organization that matters to the people of the community, whether that includes helping the homeless or saving rescue animals. By hosting a charity event, you will get to know the people in the community that are as giving and compassionate as you are. Plus, you could choose a local charity to help out members of your own community.

A close-knit community is important, as it helps everyone in the area feel less lonely and much safer. With these ideas, you can contribute to your own.

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