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Staying Safe: Being Aware of Common Crime

When you think of crime, it’s easy to think of large criminal activity, such as murder or assault. However, common criminal behaviour is commonplace, occurring in significant amounts every day. A lot of the time, falling victim to petty crime can be avoided if you take the time to make extra precautions.

Remaining Savvy to Street Crime

It’s important to stay aware when you’re travelling through the streets; the potential to be mugged, or be the victim of other street crime, is always a possibility, even in safe areas.

It’s important to follow your gut, only take routes that you are familiar with, and avoid shortcuts that take you away from the main crowd. This is especially important late at night, and if you are travelling alone.

If you believe a person to be acting suspiciously, whether they appear to be following you, or perhaps positioned on the street with the potential to be a drug dealer with intent to supply, then get to a safe place as soon as possible and consider informing the authorities.

Protecting Your Property

Don’t give burglars an opportunity to break into your property. A lot of home robberies can occur opportunistically, perhaps if a robber found a door unlocked or a window left open. Take the appropriate measures not only to protect your property but get into a routine of taking extra precautions. This can include:

  • An alarm system
  • Always locking your doors behind you, even if you are in the house
  • Making sure all windows are closed and locked when applicable
  • Installing double glazing to better protect your windows from being broken
  • Installing a motion-sensor security light
  • Leaving a lamp or light on if you are absent from the property to give the illusion that somebody is at home

Protecting Your Vehicle

Your vehicle may be at risk, even if it is parked in your own driveway. Always make sure that you lock your vehicle and try to position it in a visible place if you do have to park it on a public street, such as close to your window or in front of a neighbour’s house.

Newer vehicles come fitted with alarm systems and immobilizers, but if you have an older car, try and take extra visible precautions such as a steering wheel lock, and ensure that you never leave any valuables on display (or in the car at all).

Staying Calm and Sensible

If you frequent public places, perhaps clubs or bars during busy social periods and late at night, then alcohol-fueled disturbances will be more commonplace, such as brawls, verbal abuse or even serious assaults.

It’s important to remove yourself from any situation which you feel is getting out of hand, and try not to react to any form of aggravation or abuse which may escalate into a fight or assault – even if it’s not your fault. If you feel at risk, you can contact the authorities after removing yourself from the situation and leaving the venue.

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