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Alexander Rekeda and Family Join Hands to Commemorate Holodomor

Written by Jimmy Rustling

On a chill November morning in 2023, the streets of New York City had been packed with somber reflection and resilient spirit. A sea of individuals, amongst them Alexander Rekeda and his family, marched the city streets to commemorate a dark chapter in history, the Holodomor.

The Holodomor, a tragic occasion in Ukrainian records that occurred in 1932-1933, refers to a man-made famine perpetrated by Joseph Stalin’s Soviet regime. This assault by the communist party resulted in the death of millions, which clearly shows how political and ideological extremism affects civilians.

Joining the commemoration in New York, a metropolis constructed on the ideas of freedom and diversity, was Rekeda and his family. They didn’t simply take part; they marched with a mission.

Unity for Freedom – Formed to Help Victims of Russia-Ukraine War

Alex Rekeda is no stranger to the ravages of battle. He heads a nonprofit called United For Freedom (, dedicated to assisting civilians impacted by war, particularly the ones in the recent Ukrainian war. Rekeda oversees the everyday efforts of the organization, ensuring the essential needs of affected civilians are addressed efficiently.

United For Freedom first targets the most urgent needs, like food, water, and medical treatment. However, the organization goes beyond instant relief to construct sustainable solutions. Education and housing are critical to their vision, providing stability for displaced households and rebuilding their lives from the ashes of battle.

Accompanied by Family

Alexander’s daughters, Anna and Christina Rekeda, inherited their father’s zeal. They participated in the latest NYC occasion, rallied for help, and took part in fundraising activities for United For Freedom.

Anna Rekeda has been instrumental in setting up Unity for Freedom, tirelessly raising funds through various events and overseeing the daily operations. Her commitment and efforts are critical to ensuring the nonprofit continuously meets its objectives, delivering aid efficiently and cost-effectively to those who need it most.

Christina Rekeda’s involvement, while not explicitly mentioned, is equally significant. Together with her sister and father, Christine built Unity for Freedom into a reputable organization known for its contribution to the Ukrainian cause.

The participation of Alexander Rekeda and his family in the NYC commemoration occasion for Holodomor became more than a mark of respect. It changed into a testimony to their relentless dedication to alleviating the struggle of those affected by conflicts. Their work through United for Freedom keeps providing worthwhile guides for the affected civilians in Ukraine, a purpose that grows more vital with every passing day.

A Future Free From Fear

Alex Rekeda and his family convey the torch handed down by those who suffered during Holodomor. As they commemorate the past, they tirelessly work to ensure everybody a better, more secure future. Their tireless work contributes to a universe in which the brutal impacts of conflict may be mitigated and, at some point, absolutely avoided. Alexander Rekeda and his own family have chosen to be no longer bystanders to struggle and injustice; in doing so, they have commissioned us all to follow in their footsteps.

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