7 Signs You Need Extracurriculars

Everyone hypes up extracurriculars, don’t they? Universities and colleges encourage their students to take up at least one. Your friends tell you about their adventures in beyond-classroom activities. Even your parents might be trying to make you join one.

But how do you know signing up for an extracurricular activity is actually a good idea for you now?

Obviously, this kind of decision has to come from within, not from your friends, parents, or other authority figures. Only then will it be something you enjoy instead of another chore.

Here are 7 signs you probably need an extracurricular activity.

You’re Plain Bored

Your classes aren’t as interesting as you hoped. Your homework is even worse, so you found an essay writer to get some essay writing help because it bores you out. Apart from studying, watching Netflix, and occasionally going out, there’s not much else to do.

All in all, it’s been a while since you felt passionate or “in the zone”.

This is the sign, a big green neon sign that means “absolutely, go for it”. An extracurricular will be perfect to make your days different and, if chosen right, more interesting. If the activity is the right fit for you, you’ll be looking forward to it the whole week.

You Want to Try Your Hand at Something New

Have you ever told yourself “Oh, I’d like to learn to play the guitar” and then never got to it? Then this is your chance to finally do that!

Of course, that doesn’t go only for playing the guitar. If there’s any hobby you haven’t had time/energy/opportunity for, the time is now.

What’s more, even if such a long-time wish doesn’t come to your mind, there’s one thing for sure. When you look through the list of activities available, one or several of them will instantly make you think “oh, that’d be nice to try”. Follow that curiosity spark once it ignites!

You Want to Find Your Community

A sense of community isn’t guaranteed to appear among a dozen students just because they sit in on the same class. That doesn’t mean, of course, that finding friends among classmates is impossible. It’s just that it doesn’t always happen.

Ironically, sometimes, reading essay writing services reviews on NoCramming or Reddit can bring you a better sense of community than in-person interaction in the classroom.

If that’s the case, you just haven’t found “your” people yet. There’s a social group out there that will feel like coming home to you. And chances are, it’s synonymous with the people who take part in a particular after-class activity.

The comradery among “extracurricularmates” is something special. Think about it this way: everyone on board shares an interest and/or passion about the same thing. It’s already a powerful social glue in and of itself!

You’d Like to Meet New People & Find Friends

If you’re feeling lonely (no shame in that), you need to get out there and find people you click with. Sometimes, your classmates just aren’t the right match for you, so you remain acquaintances and never cross the bridge to becoming friends.

Extracurriculars are a great way to get out there and meet new people. It’s easy to get to know one another through the activity itself. Starting a conversation is also a no-brainer – after all, you share an interest if you’ve ended up in the same group!

You Want to Work on Your Life Skills

Classes are great and all, but do they prepare you well enough for the real world beyond the classroom? Probably not. Out there, those life skills matter as much as all the textbook knowledge and professional competencies.

So, if you’re the kind of person who thinks “I’m just not a team player by nature”, here’s the thing. Teamwork is a skill. That means you can learn it if you practice enough. The same goes for any other life skill.

Here are some skills that you’re bound to boost thanks to extracurriculars:

  • teamwork and collaboration;
  • interpersonal and communication skills;
  • leadership;
  • time management and planning;
  • creative thinking.

By the way, these skills – referred to as soft skills – will be valuable in any job market, too. So, developing them isn’t only about getting prepared to navigate the “adult” world. It will also be an investment in increasing your chances of getting a job!

You’d Like to Return to an Old Hobby of Yours

Have you ever been forced to give up a hobby? Or, maybe, you just lost interest in something over time?

Whatever that activity was, there’s a 95% chance you’ll find an extracurricular activity for it. Attending it may help you reignite that passion of yours and keep you going.

Besides, having a mentor and a group of like-minded people around you also means help with:

  • keeping your motivation alive;
  • finding your muse more easily if you need one;
  • overcoming challenges that you wouldn’t be able to on your own.

You’re Constantly Stressed Out & You Need a Break

You might think, “But what kind of break is this if I need to work to stay in the group?”

Yes, signing up for an extracurricular comes with a fair share of responsibilities – you’ll have to put in some work. But if it’s something you enjoy doing, you won’t get strained or stressed out.

Instead, you’ll feel that pleasant kind of tiredness that makes you feel satisfied instead of being ready to quit on everything.

Does Any of This Hit Close to Home?

If it does, go ahead and start scouting for extracurriculars available for you! Here are some tips for choosing the right activity you won’t regret signing up for:

  1. Make a shortlist of activities you’re interested in.
  2. Talk to people already attending them about what they like and don’t like there.
  3. Go to different first meetings before making up your mind.
  4. Make sure you’ll have enough time to dedicate to the extra activity.
  5. Remember to choose the activity based on your interests, not its popularity or prestige.

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