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8 College-Related Business Ideas You Can Earn On

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The money factor is always pretty critical for students. Education, books, entertainment, and living cost a lot. Sometimes, students graduate in heavy debt and desperately look for a job to close these debts.

However, some students find these circumstances inspiring and motivating. Without an urgent need for money, they might have never started looking for ways to get a stable income.

If you need some cash and have a creative idea, this can be the beginning of your path to success. There are lots of cases when a profitable business was started by college students and went on to develop when they graduated.

If you wonder what this business idea can be, here is the list of the most popular ones for you to get inspired.

Online Writing Services

The industry of online writing services continues to grow. Students find themselves too burdened with a growing pile of academic assignments. They often have no other option but to seek an online site who can help.

Even though there is still stigma associated with such a business, students and educators start seeing its benefits. Online writing companies employ the best people who are skilled in academic writing. They can not only provide a sample of the paper but also proofread and edit the existing one. Moreover, there are lots of free services students can use on their website.

If you feel like writing is something you enjoy, you can turn it into a business as a student. Firstly, you can help your friends with their essays. If that goes well, you can establish a small business that has great potential under the given circumstances.

Educational Services

If you are good at any subject, you may benefit from sharing this knowledge with others. Some students at your college and even those studying at other educational institutions may be in need of your little help.

Having a stable internet connection, it is quite easy to start this business. All you need is to create a website or a social media account to advertise your services. Help your friends for free so that they could leave positive feedback and welcome new clients. If you are really good at something, your client will definitely find you. Word of mouth really works.

Influencer Marketing

A good idea is to share your passions and hobbies with others. College is the best time to find like-minded people, and if you really feel that you have some talent, you can easily grow your audience.

Once you have a social media account, a website, or a YouTube channel with active followers, you can try to monetize it. Affiliate marketing and influencer marketing are relatively new things that can really help you get some money for your efforts.

However, do not agree to advertise goods and services that you do not feel like buying. Your audience trusts you, do not let them down by recommending things you’d never buy.

Textbook Sharing/Reselling

Another college-related eco-friendly business idea is to organize a website allowing students to share or resell used textbooks. We often spend a lot on new books and library accounts. However, this is something we can really save on.

Your website will be an infrastructure to connect people who have a textbook they do not need and those who are about to buy it. You can charge a commission to maintain the website and earn a little from every successful operation. The more people meet and agree on selling/sharing, the more money you earn.

App Development

If you are a Software Development or Engineering student, or a person keen on programming, you can try to create a new app that will help students with some pressing issues. You as a student know exactly what other students would benefit from. If you can design a universal standardized solution, that will definitely work for you.

As soon as your app becomes popular among students at your college, you can try selling it to others. Most importantly, you need to develop a reasonable pricing scheme so that students find it reasonable to pay for your product.


Event Planning

Some events need planning, and students are eager to pay someone to organize them. Of course, such a business means a great deal of responsibility. However, if you are sure that vendor management and planning are your strengths, go ahead.

You can’t charge your clients as if you were an agency, but their orders are likely to be easy to manage. However, when you learn this business working on such small orders, you will surely rock when you establish your agency.

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