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CBSE 6th Exam Tips from Topper: Study NCERT Books

Class 6th is a new milestone for students. The range of subjects and the level of education go a notch up. Students are required to stay active and diligent in the classrooms to grasp the concepts, new and old. They must plan their studies from the very beginning of the session to obtain a perfect score in the term examinations as well as class tests. For this, they are provided with the best textbooks and coursebooks. Sometimes, NCERT books are prescribed by the schools. In other cases, students can refer to the NCERT solutions for class 6 Maths, English, Science, and other subjects, along with their school textbooks. The NCERT books are an easy and approved source of study, compiled by the team of the CBSE board. Here are a few tips, given by CBSE toppers on how to prepare for your class 6 exams using NCERT books –

    1. Know the exam pattern – NCERT books provide sample papers as well as previous year’s question papers. Solving these can help you acquire an idea about the kind of questions that may be asked in the examination. It can also help you with the pattern of questions that are asked and know about a few topics from which questions have been asked repeatedly, for a few consecutive years. There are certain types of questions that are mostly asked every year. They may be very few but you can find them by scanning the question paper’s pattern thoroughly.
    2. Plan the best study strategy – Once you have gone through the pattern of the paper, you can make a study schedule for yourself. There are various apps available online that can be used to prepare a schedule. You can also make it on paper. NCERT books cover the entire syllabus of the terms and also provide you with more questions to practice. Go through the syllabus while making your schedule. Allot a significant time to Maths as it is relatively more important and needs regular practise to excel in it. Give proper time to each subject. While you plan and schedule, make sure you are not rushing with any subject just to complete it quickly. Covering the syllabus like this will only cause a problem at the end of the term.
    3. Manage your time properly – As the NCERT books cover the entire syllabus, you can estimate how much time you need to cover the syllabus. These books can help you manage your time well. You should plan your study schedule such that you have time to revise as well as solve and practise sample papers. If you manage your time properly, you will get time in the end to clear your doubts and confusion. It will also help you get ready for your examinations well beforehand.
    4. Be diligent with your schedule  – Planning, managing, and the availability of the best books will be of no help if you are not sincere about your studies. You should study diligently to get the best results.
    5. Read the material available – NCERT books provide a wide range of study material. Make sure that you utilize it wisely and accurately. The material provided by the NCERT books is easy and simple to understand. Hence, it should be used to obtain a perfect score in your class tests and end-term examinations.
    6. Clear your doubts – It is normal to find certain sections of your syllabus difficult to understand. Go through the text again and watch the modules provided online. If the text from the coursebook is not clear and you are still not able to understand, use the NCERT books for simpler and multiple explanations. NCERT books prove to be more helpful in such situations than your coursebooks.
    7. Understand the concepts and avoid cramming – The answers and explanations provided in the NCERT books are simpler than the ones provided in other books. Therefore, make it a point to understand the explanations and concepts rather than memorizing them without understanding. After you’ve understood the meaning of the text, you can move forward with learning the answers. Avoid mugging up the answers as it will lead to the concept being retained in your mind for a shorter duration.
    8. Make notes – You can make your notes using the NCERT books as making notes in your handwriting makes it easier to understand and learn the concepts and is also beneficial during revision.
    9. Solve the sample papers and tests – The NCERT books provide you with sample papers. Solve these tests and sample papers to check your progress. This will make you feel confident and ready for your examinations.
    10. Revise regularly – You must revise what you’ve covered daily. This will make concepts more clear and understandable. You can use the NCERT books and the notes provided along with it as well as your notes for an honest revision

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