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Finding Where to Study Part-Time Diploma in Singapore

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Part-time diploma programs in Singapore are available for those who cannot commit to a full-time course or prefer not to take such a big step immediately seeking employment. Prospective students should do their research and be prepared to make an informed decision about which program is best for them. Below tips are some essentials you need to consider to choose where to study for a part-time diploma in Singapore.

  1. Courses offered

The size of the school and its reputation should be a factor to consider when choosing where to study for a part time diploma in Singapore. The smaller the school, the more personal attention you will get from your teacher. As such, students with a passion for their subject course would not find it difficult to acclimatise themselves in such a small setting.

  1. Academic calendar

The school academic calendar is also a factor to consider when choosing where to study for a part time diploma. It is important to know the number of courses offered and whether you can take all of these courses in the time frame you have set.

  1. Subject

Part-time diploma programs in Singapore are offered across a wide spectrum of subjects. The right program should be sought after that meets the expectation of the applicant. For example, if you want to pursue law or engineering, then you should see which institutions offer such courses that can qualify you for further study.

  1. Duration of studies

For some part-time diploma programs in Singapore, there is no fixed date for completion. A prospective student should take this into consideration as it may present him or her with difficulties in planning ahead. It would also be prudent to look at extensions or exceptions as they come along and suit your needs best.

  1. Enrolment and tuition fee

The cost of tuition fee for the part-time diploma program should be checked to ensure that it falls well within your budget. The total cost associated with your studies must be considered and ensure that you can afford the same considering all other costs incurred while in Singapore.

  1. Location of institution

The location of the institution and its proximity to train or bus routes should be considered when choosing where to study for a part time diploma in Singapore. This would ease any travel stress that you may have to contend with while attending classes and studying in Singapore.

  1. Accreditation

Some institutions may offer part-time diploma programs that are not accredited by any regulating bodies. To avoid disappointment, check whether your choice, of course, has been accredited by a known international body like the British Council, CPE, SACS CASI etc.

These tips are some essentials you need to consider when choosing where to study for a part time diploma. Your decision to enrol in any institution must be based on your personal research and evaluation of your future needs.

Bottom line

If you search online, you may find that there are many online education providers out there and it is difficult to decide. Once you have found an online education provider, one thing you can do is check the accreditation of the claims from the institution.

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