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Five Best Employee Training Softwares

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Training has a great impact on employee retention and motivation. It strengthens the bond between employees and the company. They feel that the organization is willing to invest in their growth and upskilling which leads to reduced employee turnover along with several other benefits. However, these benefits cannot be achieved solely by training your employees. You also need to keep a track of the progress and the overall result of your training program.

This can easily become a daunting task if your administrative team is required to manage it manually. That is why, nowadays most of the companies use software for training companies to automate their processes. An employee training software is a system that is used to create, assign, and manage employee training courses. It enhances the learning experience of the learners as well as makes the program easy to manage.

Choosing the right software for training is a hard task because many LMS companies offer several new and different features.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of top five training software that you can choose from.


Learnupon is an LMS that creates, manages, delivers, and tracks the progress of your training program. It is scalable, simple to use, and trusted by many organizations around the globe. It was designed particularly to resolve the problems faced by companies during employee training.


  1. Great user interface.  Manage, deliver and track your training easily.
  2. Cross-device compatibility. Enable anytime and anywhere.
  3. Create personalized portals for a different group of learners.
  4. Schedule training reports being automatically sent to users.


Skyprep is an LMS that automates training, facilitates distance learning, and improves employee productivity. There are plenty of options for customization which can help if you want to create personalized programs for your learners. It’s ability to support multiple languages makes it a widely used LMS around the globe.


  1. An easy-to-use platform means a lesser learning curve and great productivity.
  2. Easily integrate with the tools like Zoom, Strike, and Paypal.
  3. It uses SSL-certified cloud infrastructures which ensures secure data and backup.
  4. Track the progress with robust reporting and analytical tools.


Tovuti is a cloud-based employee training software. It is used to create, deliver and track the training program. You can create different types of content that are social, interactive, and gamified.


  1. Delivers engaging learning experience with tools like a virtual classroom.
  2. It Offers a storehouse of employee handbooks, videos, and other types of files your learners can access anytime and anywhere.
  3. Easy administration of the content.
  4. Ensures learners take the lessons in the correct order.

4)Proprofs LMS:

Proprofs is a cloud-based employee training software that is  Used for course creation and designing, sharing, tracking, and reporting. It offers A centralized virtual classroom with a huge course library. You can develop online courses using existing materials or start from scratch.


  1. It is a highly customizable tool with many settings and configurations.
  2. An intuitive user interface that can boost the engagement of the learners.
  3. Offers a variety of quizzes and surveys for assessments.
  4. Create courses under your brand with a custom logo, colors, and themes.


Coassemble is an LMS and employee training software that you need to formalize your team training. It offers you all the tools in one place to help consolidate employee training. Offers many templates that make building and publishing content easy.


  1. You can create courses using simple drag and drop features.
  2. The software works on laptops, mobiles, and tablets which helps the users to learn anytime and anywhere.
  3. Easily edit and update content.
  4. Track progress with real-time analytics tools and view reports on the dashboard.


Many tools can help manage your employee training. However, Before choosing an LMS software, go for a trial version and see if the features provide you any value. Choose an LMS that aligns with organization goals and adds some value to the learners.

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