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How To Enter a Foreign University on a Scholarship

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Foreign education opens access to new labor markets, professions and people. However, entering prestigious universities is not easy and costs a lot of effort and money. Fortunately, they have practices that allow them to accept students on a budgetary basis.

Benefit of studying abroad

There are several reasons why many students seek an education abroad:

New job markets

A graduate from a foreign university at least gets access to the labor market of the country where he got his education; and at maximum – the opportunity to get a job anywhere in the world. For example, graduates of Harvard and Oxford Universities are welcomed by employers all over the world.

While studying, a student can learn the local language, understand the cultural code, enter the local community, and find his or her first job. Many countries extend the student visa after graduation for one year so that the graduate has time to find an internship or a job with a company.

Internship-focused training

Universities and business schools usually work with a wide network of for-profit companies and non-profit organizations. Employees of such companies often participate in the learning process, while top managers and owners teach. Students learn from practitioners, so they get the most up-to-date knowledge possible.

In partner companies it is possible to have an internship during or after graduation, and student recruitment starts already at the university.

Rare programs and specialties

Many universities outside of America still don’t have or lack programs in specific business specialties, sustainable development and alternative energy, game design and multimedia, and artificial intelligence.

International network of professional contacts

These are not only classmates from different countries, but also teachers, school administration, career center, corporate partners. If a student proactively builds and maintains his or her network of contacts, it will give great prospects in the future, both for academic and corporate careers, and for starting his or her own project.

Experience living in another country with people from different cultures

One of the criteria for ranking universities and programs is the diversity of students in the class in terms of education, professional experience, national origin, and other characteristics. A diverse class in a program gives each student a more complete experience. It is in study abroad programs that students regularly work in teams with people of different nationalities and cultures, developing the skill of working in a multicultural environment – one of the main skills of a modern manager.

How to get a scholarship to study abroad

Possibilities for athletes

Education in the United States is not free and is one of the most expensive in the world. However, almost every university has its own foundation, which sponsors talented and outstanding students, as well as those who have difficulties with finances.

The biggest weight in all this business (and there is no other way to put it) are sports teams with tons of sponsors who participate in competitions and bring fame and even more money to the university. So if you are a promising athlete who is confident in your abilities, there is every chance to study with a scholarship that pays for tuition, room and board.

Keep in mind the specifics of sports in this country. Choose sports that are popular in American schools – basketball, baseball, gymnastics, and volleyball – to increase your chances. Many people go to high school or college because it is easier to get in – the requirements for athletic talent are lower than for university admission, and the chance of a scholarship is higher.

To get noticed by a college coach, present yourself. It is best to record a short video clip of your games/stunts and put together a resume with your athletic and academic accomplishments.  High academic achievement is a huge advantage not only for regular students, but also for athletes.

The largest athletic association with more than a thousand member institutions in the United States is the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Ivy League universities are also members. More often than not, it is this league’s athletes who go on to become world-renowned. On this website, you can choose a college or university from among those that are members of the NCAA. All member universities are divided into three divisions. International students can apply for scholarships from Division I and II universities.

Universities in Great Britain also support young athletes. For example, Oxford Brookes University offers a sports scholarship to the best student-athletes with the best academic record. The scholarship is intended for one academic year with the possibility of extension, so during the year you have to perform well in all areas of student life.

Possibilities for smarts

If you are not sure that athletic achievement will help you in the admissions process, look to your other strengths. For example, if you have taken part in competitions in literature or computer science, you may even have won prizes. This should certainly be mentioned in a motivation letter, which is expected of you somewhere in Oxford. Writing a motivational letter is your chance to show off the skills and feats you are proud of. If you need help creating an essay that leaves a lasting impression on your admissions board, consider It can provide top quality assistance in crafting an original and persuasive motivation letter with ease.

But, as they say in the admissions office, there are enough smart people here as it is. Your essay should “hook” the committee, which means that you must have some extracurricular activities that distinguish you from the other honors students. They look for talents – excellent musicians, artists, speakers, athletes.

Students at Cambridge University tell that the most important thing when they apply is the personal interview, after which they drop 70% of applicants. No medals and Olympiads will help you to pass the interview if you can not prove here and now that you are worthy to study at Cambridge. Scholarships for international students are very few, and they only cover part of your studies.

If you are a volunteer

When applying to U.S. universities local applicants are always checked for volunteer experience. For them it is a point. It is impossible to get a high school diploma if a student has not had 20 hours of volunteer experience. So it can be an advantage for international students, especially if the volunteer work was different from your major.

For musicians

In Germany, talented young musicians are encouraged by the Oskar and Vera Ritter Foundation. To get into a conservatory and receive a scholarship, you need to have experience performing at music festivals (and even better at international festivals). Describe your victories at music competitions. Interest the foundation by playing a rare and unusual instrument.

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