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How to Write an Argumentative Essay AP Lang

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Writing an argumentative essay requires from writers to investigate the topic, using strong logic, evidence, and other elements of argument to convey the point. Writing an AP Lang essays (Advanced Placement Language and English language composition) requires a specific approach.

The following essential elements should be present in every good argumentative essay:

  • A strong thesis. Be sure to put up an excellent thesis statement for your article. Your stance on a particular subject must be reflected in the thesis statement.
  • Provide specific evidence to support each point and any appropriate commentary for your train of thought. Every assertion must be supported by evidence from reliable sources, including facts, figures, and other information.
  • Complete comprehension of the rhetorical context. You must first investigate the intricacies of the argument. The second step is to demonstrate the consequences or constraints of your viewpoint. Thirdly, you need to be able to identify oppositional arguments and be prepared to oppose them.
  • Vivid and convincing manner. Consider your writing from the viewpoint of the reader. Is it interesting? Do your audience members find your arguments to be persuasive? Be picky: strive to dispel free response questions your readers could have.

Remember, the key to writing a successful entire essay is thoroughly researching and supporting your arguments with evidence and reasoning while considering counterarguments. You must do a rhetorical analysis of an essay to pinpoint the message the source material is attempting to get through.

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What Is the AP Language Argument Essay?

To produce an argumentative essay, authors must research the subject they will write about. Authors are expected to compile or provide data and arguments to support the claims they’ll be making. You can convince someone of your position by supporting it with solid reasoning, facts, and other argumentative components.

The most important thing to remember while writing an essay for AP Language and Composition is to clearly state your opinion on the subject at hand. Concession and refutation are your two basic positions, but how you build on them will determine how well your essay turns out. Your chronological argument will assist you in persuading your audience of the validity of your perspective.

Argumentative essays are frequently mistaken for other technical essay types. Yet, it stands out as distinct from the others. You can either validate or refute the ideas made in the source material in essays. You may bolster and support your argument with additional evidence.

On the other hand, AP Lang’s rhetorical analysis necessitates a more thorough reading of the text. Rhetorical analysis of an essay requires you to analyze the source material to focus on the message it is trying to convey. This kind of essay uses AP Lang’s rhetorical strategies to clarify the material buried inside the text realistically.

Tips for Writing the AP Language Argument Essay

Here are some important details that may help you comprehend what an argumentative essay is and how to write one for your AP Language and Composition exam:

1. Take a clear stance

As indicated above, having a clear viewpoint on the issue at hand is the fundamental feature of an argument essay. Being unwavering in your beliefs is also essential. You can’t be ambivalent about the issue you’ve chosen to advocate for because it won’t work as well as you hope it will. It would be great to present your argument such that you firmly believe that it is accurate and that other people should feel the same way.

You’re not required to persuade your readers to support your position. Argumentative essays with strong stances tend to be more successful in establishing opinions.

What you believe will also assist you in developing compelling evidence to back up your argument. A strong claim will allow you to be more specific when citing evidence and making your point.

Also, it’s crucial to state your position clearly in the opening sentence of your synthesis essay. Creating a thesis statement may let readers know you are writing an essay, AP Lang. This will also assist you in making your essay more succinct, which is one of the most well-liked AP Language and Composition advice offered by teachers and past pupils of the course.

2. Your supporting information must be accurate, convincing, and complete

To produce a strong argument essay, you must have a solid argument essay question that follows logical reasoning. Because you must provide the appropriate support for your argument, this might make or break the composition component of your AP Language test. Even if it’s simpler to voice your views, you shouldn’t.

If you’re going to write an argumentative essay, the evidence you provide to support your thesis should be well-reasoned and factual. They shouldn’t give the impression that your assertion is subjective or conditional but instead should support its veracity.

Also, you must carefully support your argument essays points with the appropriate evidence.

You may more effectively communicate your idea and convey it as a fact rather than an opinion if you have the appropriate supporting data.

Your argument will also be less persuasive to your intended audience if you use the incorrect evidence collection. This can lessen its impact even further and discourage readers from considering your assertion.

3. Organize your points first

It would be best to organize valid idea before creating your synthesis essay Ap Lang rather than writing everything down simultaneously. It will reduce the task’s overpowering nature and enable effective thought processing.

You may adequately organize and write your essay by outlining. Also, you can strengthen your arguments, which will assist you in making your case.

4. Use the right language

An effective argumentative essay is self-assured in its arguments. Because of this, the language you choose to employ will also greatly impact the piece’s overall impact. Professionals advise utilizing strong language to demonstrate that you are making a strong case rather than expressing an opinion in your essay.

Be direct and express the facts as you have determined them from your acquired evidence. Avoid qualifying terms that might be seen as subjectivity on your side. You shouldn’t say that your position is based on how you feel, think, or believe because it shouldn’t be based on such things. You should be certain of your position to provide a stronger case.

5. Wrap up your essay nicely

You should also know the appropriate way to end an argumentative essay. Having a backup plan in place is a good idea, especially if you’re traveling a lot. It might provide additional support for your accomplishments throughout your essay and give it a pleasant touch.

It should be brief and uncomplicated. It shouldn’t restate what you said in the essay’s body. It should, however, re-state your assertion to demonstrate your case further.

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Handling Argumentative Essay Prompts

Handling AP essays can be challenging, but here are some tips to help you:

  • Read the prompt carefully: Make sure you understand it and its requirements before writing. Identify the task verbs (e.g., analyze, evaluate, compare) to understand what you need to do.
  • Choose a position: Take a clear stance on the topic and identify your position. Your position should be supported by evidence and reasoning.
  • Brainstorm: Develop ideas for arguments and evidence to support your position. Consider different perspectives, counterarguments, and possible solutions.
  • Research: Conduct research and gather evidence to support your position. Use credible sources such as academic journals, books, and reputable websites.
  • Write the essay: Begin by writing the introduction, which should include background information, a clear thesis statement, and an overview of your arguments. Then, write the body paragraphs, each of which should begin with a topic sentence that states the argument and is supported by evidence. Finally, write the conclusion, summarizing your arguments and restating your thesis statement.
  • Revise and edit: Review your essay for clarity, coherence, and effectiveness. Edit for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

The key to writing a successful AP well developed essay is thoroughly researching and supporting your arguments with evidence and reasoning while also considering counterarguments. Be sure to address the prompt requirements and demonstrate your understanding of the topic. A rhetorical analysis of an essay is required to determine the message the source material aims to convey.

AP English Language Argument Essay Outline

Here is an outline for an AP English Language argument essay:


  • Background information on the topic.
  • The thesis statement presents your position and your main arguments.

Body paragraphs

  • Each body paragraph should focus on a specific argument and provide supporting evidence.
  • Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that clearly states the argument.
  • Provide evidence and concrete examples to support your argument using credible sources.
  • Use transitional phrases to connect each paragraph and demonstrate the relationship between arguments.


  • Address counterarguments and demonstrate why your position is more compelling.
  • Provide evidence and reasoning to refute opposing viewpoints.
  • Acknowledge valid points made by opposing viewpoints.


  • Summarize your main arguments and restate your thesis statement.
  • Provide a final thought or call to action that leaves a lasting impression on the reader.

How Will AP Scores Impact My College Chances?

AP (Advanced Placement) scores can impact your college chances in a few different ways:

  1. College credit: Depending on the college or university you plan to attend, you may receive credit for AP English language exams you score well on. This can allow you to skip introductory courses and move on to more advanced classes, potentially shortening the time it takes to complete your degree.
  2. Admissions: Admissions officers may consider your AP scores when evaluating your application. Scoring well on AP exams can demonstrate your academic ability and dedication and may help you stand out in a competitive applicant pool.
  3. Course placement: Even if you don’t receive credit for your AP scores, they can still impact your course placement. Scoring well on an AP English language exam can demonstrate that you have already mastered the material and may allow you to skip prerequisite courses or take more advanced classes in that subject area.

Colleges evaluate applicants in many different ways, including AP scores. Usually, they are taken into account together with other criteria including AP English language essays, extracurricular activities, test scores, and grades. You may always employ the expert services offered by BuyEssay review if you believe you are unable to write an essay.


The key to writing an effective AP English Language argument essay is extensive research, backing up your claims with facts and logic, and considering opposing viewpoints. Use clear, short sentences to keep your terminology simple and formal throughout the article. Also, show your grasp of the subject by following the prompt’s synthesis essay format and instructions.

By showcasing your intellectual aptitude and commitment to AP examinations, you can increase your chances of getting into college and earning college credit or admission to more challenging courses. However, it’s important to remember that AP scores are just one factor among many and that college admissions have no guaranteed outcome.

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