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Immediate Changes Needed in Indian Education System

The Indian education system has been a very large education system in the whole world. Though lots of changes have been made in the Indian education system yet new changes are needed to be induced. Here such a vast number of youths get education on a continuous basis that relevantly renovation and induction of new researches are done on regular basis which is needed also. But still it seen that still the change which is very essential is lagging behind so what should be the changes in Indian education system are discussed as below:

  • It is a basic rule of any work that you should appreciate the hard work of the person who is giving his time and effort to accomplish your task. Therefore, it is necessary that whoever is paying his interests in the renovation of the present education system should be rewarded properly.
  • In the Indian education system students are habitual of mugging up the course which has made them get away from conceptual thesis and students are getting away from innovative studies. This should be taken care of so that students can use their imagination also.
  • The evaluation methodology of our educational system is the worst where it hardly matters to evaluators what impact their valuation will make on a student’s Their careless evaluation based on biasness pushes students towards mental pressure and depression. This whole process needs a change where evaluation should be made on the hard and smart work of students.
  • It is very shameful that still in our education system the ability of students is judged on the basis of the stream he chooses. While it should be that various other career opportunities and options should be provided to the students so that they can choose from options happily the stream of their choice instead of choosing in compulsion.
  • Still today when technologically our country has become very sound even then a large number of students are far away from technological support. Although many teachers know how to teach online & even if they don’t, they take training for how to teach online almost every student gets benefit of it; still those students who are so poor that they can’t afford an android phone, they miss their chance to get a good It should be taken into consideration and made sure that each and every student has at least one means of online education, whichever is possible to be given to them.
  • Teachers are the base of our education system. They are the bridge between good education and learners. So, it becomes essential that they should be given proper and professional training of teaching that is related to current changes and renovations so that students should get modern education and stay up-to- date. Suppose if a history teacher has to give history notes to the students, then he should add some assignments also with those history notes, which comes under activity training studied by the teacher in his teacher training program. Such activities enhance the learning capability of students.
  • New teaching trends should be introduced replacing the old and traditional teaching method where knowledge and resources were limited. Now new e-learning should be promoted as much as possible. It is so because with e-learning students will get more scope to study in a free dimensional way.
  • Reservation system should be eradicated from our education system where a student who scored 90% in the entrance of medical seat doesn’t get his desirable college to study but a student scoring 50% marks in entrance gets admission in his favourite college. This diminishes the moral of the students and also the will power to fight with such a system and they usually give up their dreams due to this. This needs to be stopped.
  • Students should be encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities where they can get a chance to bring out their hidden talents and make a career out of it which can make their life prosperous and happy.
  • This should be made very clear to the students that education is not only a medium of earning wealth and becoming rich but it is a medium to earn wisdom and knowledge which can state the difference between right and wrong, good and bad.
  • Our Indian education system emphasizes only on marks and scores. Instead, it should respect and give priority to the skillset of the students.


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