Tips to Ace Your Amazon SAA-C02 and Become an Amazon Certified Solution Architect

In this revolutionized technology-based world, a certified individual is the ideal candidate for certain certifications. The skills must be updated and revised in order to excel in this field. These certifications have numerous advantages such as solidifying the current knowledge and professional skills. These skills are enhanced and boosted with the help of these certifications. Within the era of certifications, the Amazon holds a certain space. The Amazon develops the best problem-solving skills in the candidates. The basic certification gets holds on the candidate’s certain skills for Amazon cloud enterprise. There is always revised version of the already available certifications such as Amazon SAA-C02. It is the latest version of the certification, the new AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification exam. In this article, I have composed the necessary information about Amazon SAA-C02 certification:

The basics of the Amazon SAA-C02 certification:

The first thing I would like to tell is the name of the exam is Amazon Certified Solutions Architect-Associate. The exam code for Amazon Certified Solutions Architect-Associate is SAA-C02. The time given to the candidate is 130 minutes for this proctored kind of exam. The format for the questions is basically divided into two types, first multiple choice questions and the other being multiple response based questions. The average passing marks for this exam is 70% marks. Also, another advantage of this exam is that there is no negative marking. It is interesting for you that the exam is available in English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. A candidate can choose the language according to his or her own proficiency.

General pre-requisites for Amazon SAA-C02 certification:

I would suggest you the following pre-requisites for Amazon SAA-C02 certification:

  • You should have certain experience in AWS service concepts.
  • You should be an expert in networking basics.
  • You must be familiar with AWS global infrastructure.
  • You should be familiar with AWS security services.
  • You should be familiar with AWS technology.

Ideal candidate for the Amazon SAA-C02 certification:

The best candidates for the Amazon SAA-C02 certification are the ones, who want to make their careers with expertise in the following fields:

  • The person working as an Administrator
  • The person working as an Infrastructure Architects
  • The person working as Networking developers
  • The person working as Solution developers

After how much time the Amazon SAA-C02 the certification must be renewed:

It is obvious to refresh this certification after a certain time limit. Unlike other exams, the time to re-sit is two years. The certification can let you apply for different job posts within two years of the validity of results.

Skills validated with Amazon SAA-C02 certification:                                                                                                 

With Amazon SAA-C02 certification, you can get the following skills validated with in the short span of time:

  • The candidate can be declared as an expertise in architecture concepts
  • The candidate can get the certificate for managing the AWS services
  • The candidate is called an expert in Optimization in AWS Platform
  • The candidate works best for configuring workload lifecycles
  • The candidate is considered an Expertise in AWS Enterprise Clouds

Which basic modules are to be prepared for Amazon SAA-C02 certification?

As recommended by the official Amazon, the following modules to be prepared for this certification:

  1. Configuring Security for Amazon Clouds is the major and foremost important domain while preparing for the exam. This domain deals with the security issues faced by the network organizations. The candidates can help dealing with these issues in a short time period. This domain is best prepared with the help of different online forums. There are available the best tutors to teach the tips and tricks to prepare the course within short time period.
  2. Designing AWS data protection is the next major area to be focused. The candidates learn how to design AWS data protection. The data is protected and secured in these domains. There is a major focus on AWS data security and AWS data designing. The tutors teach the techniques about preparation and also about solving the papers. The candidates get hold on the material need to prepare for the exam.
  3. Configuring AWS services is the third major idea in preparing for the AWS certification. There are the AWS services provided by candidates. The candidates prepare these domains through online platforms. The PDF files and books are available and can easily be downloaded from these forums. The books have questions practices also with respect to each domain.
  4. Troubleshooting AWS administration is the fourth major idea in preparing for the AWS certification. There are the AWS troubleshooting services provided by the best candidates. The candidates prepare these domains through different reliable online platforms. There are available different practice sessions to prepare for AWS certification on these forums.
  5. Maintaining network issues is the fifth major idea in preparing for the AWS certification. There are the AWS networking services provided by the best candidates. The candidates prepare these domains through different reliable online practice sessions. There are available tutors who give an accurate feedback after these practice sessions to prepare for AWS certification.
  6. Analyzing AWS database performance is the last major domain in AWS certification. This domain can be prepared with along with all other domains online.


To conclude, the abilities should be refreshed and reexamined to dominate in this field. These affirmations enjoy various benefits like cementing the current information and expert abilities. These abilities are upgraded and supported with the assistance of these affirmations. Inside the time of confirmations, the Amazon holds a specific space. The Amazon fosters the best critical thinking abilities in the applicants. The essential confirmation gets hangs on the applicant’s sure abilities for Amazon cloud venture. There is constantly overhauled rendition of the generally accessible affirmations like Amazon SAA-C02. It is the most recent adaptation of the certificate, the new AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification test. You can get yourself registered with CertificationsPoint and get yourself ace through Amazon SAA-C02.

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