Compartment Syndrome: Causes, Effects And Dangers

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Compartment syndrome effects 20,000 people every year. It causes extreme pain, temporary or permanent loss of movement of fingers, toes and limbs. In severe cases it is necessary for amputation and in extremely severe cases, compartment syndrome will cause death. In my case, my kidneys failed and was put on dialysis for four days, which is quite common with compartment syndrome. My kidneys are now 100% healed! I still have limited movement in my left foot and toes, but everything else, from my left leg to left arm and hand along with my fingers are 95% – 100% healed. This is my personally story of how I got compartment syndrome and how I was able to overcome it (check back soon for that full story).

The following pics are all of the early pics, I haven’t yet posted the ones showing the healing process. I sill have more healing to do, but I’m getting there. Probably another 30-60 days. The human body is an amazing thing for sure! How it can heal and the amount of pain it can endure is incredible.

2Day 4

My new skin from a skin graft. This nightmare looking thing is now 80% healed up and getting better each day.

Where they took my skin for my skin graft.

Being laid up and not able to move made cute nurses stoked on my bowel movements.


(This is a work in progress)

Since my left leg became almost impossible to walk on for a while, it forced me to hop on my right leg to get around, adding lots of muscle.

My left arm is healing up great!

My left leg where they got the skin for my left arm skin graft is looking better and better each day.

My left leg where they cut open is healing up so fast!

75 Days ago I weighed 174lbs (I am 5’10”). The lowest my weight got down to with compartment syndrome was 138lbs.

75 days ago I could not move any of my fingers even the slightest; here they are today!

Acute compartment syndrome

Acute Compartment Syndrome with blister formation in the arm of a child

The first signs of compartment syndrome are numbness, tingling and paresthesia. Loss of function and decreased pulses or pulselessness, however, are late signs. According to Shears paresthesia in the distribution of the nerves transversing the affected compartment has also been described as relatively early sign of compartment syndrome, and later is followed by anesthesia (Shears, 2006).

  • Pain is often reported early and almost universally. The description is usually of deep, constant, and poorly localized pain out of proportion with the findings on physical examination (often incorrectly described as pain out of proportion to the injury). The pain is aggravated by passively stretching the muscle group within the compartment or actively flexing it (though this finding is not specific to compartment syndrome alone) and is not relieved by analgesia up to and including morphine.
  • Paresthesia (altered sensation e.g., “pins & needles”) in the cutaneous nerves of the affected compartment is another typical sign.
  • Paralysis of the limb is usually a late finding. The compartment may also feel very tense and firm (pressure). Some find that their feet and even legs fall asleep. This is because compartment syndrome prevents adequate blood flow to the rest of the leg.
  • A lack of pulse rarely occurs in patients, as pressures that cause compartment syndrome are often well below arterial pressures and pulse is only affected if the relevant artery is contained within the affected compartment.
  • Tense and swollen shiny skin, sometimes with obvious bruising of the skin.
  • Congestion of the digits with prolonged capillary refill time.Looking to come off opiates? Use Kratom or Ketamine. Kratom you can get at any head shop and you’ll have minimal withdrawals. Ketamine is harder to find. You can get them online with TOR, the darknetmarkets on Reddit and by using Bitcoins.Read more about compartment syndrome here.

I hope you enjoyed my story about how I got compartment syndrome, my pics, detailed information and how I overcame it. Please keep checking back as I will continue to update this page until this is done. If you are reading this right now, this page is not yet done.

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