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Foods Bad for Gut Health and Some Healthier Alternatives

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Addiction to unhealthy foods can give you momentary pleasure, but it can ruin your gut health. Stocking up on foods that provide you with wholesome nutrition is the way to improve your gut health. Neglecting your health by eating unhealthily can cause diarrhea, constipation, bloating or even stomach ulcer.

If you want to eliminate unhealthy food addiction, you are on the right platform. Today, we are letting you know some healthy alternatives that can benefit your health significantly. If you are beginning to take your health seriously, here are some foods to try!

Healthier Food Alternatives that Can Improve your Gut Health

Some foods can ruin your gut health, making your digestive system slower. However, there are healthier alternatives to foods you enjoy, but they aren’t as bad for your gut health. If you are looking for a healthier food alternative, look down below:

1 Cold Press or Vegetable Oil Over Refined Oil

In Asian countries, we mostly have refined oil, which is easily available. However, we don’t understand that refined oil can lead to heart issues and diabetes. Regularly switch to cold press oils if you use them for cooking food.

Olive oil, sesame seed oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc., are much healthier alternatives. They have healthy trans fats that are great for your gut health. On the other hand, vegetable oils are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that are less likely to give you health issues.

2 Warm Water Over Chilled Water

Many people ask: is elderberry good for you? Like raw elderberries can be poisonous, cold water can be dangerous for your body. Many of us are guilty of having extremely cold water, as warm water is hard to swallow. However, cold water does not properly hydrate you, slows your metabolism and thickens your mucus.

Switch to warm water to increase your gut health and fasten your metabolism. Warm water helps in breaking down a fat deposit and activating your gut. It improves your bowel movements releasing constipation. You can mix apple cider vinegar, lemon and honey in warm water to further activate your digestive system.

3 White Bread Over Whole Wheat Bread

We all love bread with soup, eggs, gravy, etc. As much as we enjoy white bread, we know it is not great for our digestive system. Processed foods and complex carbs can stress our digestive system causing bloating and indigestion.

If you are a bread lover, try switching to whole wheat or multigrain bread. Whole wheat bread is easier to digest and stays in your stomach longer. They have vitamins, minerals and overall, great nutritional value making them healthier for our gut.

4 Kombucha Over Soft Drinks

Most people have one to two bottles of soft drinks every day. Soft drinks are full of sugar and carbs, making them bad for our gut health. We all enjoy drinks after a heavy meal, and a fizzy drink seems the right thing to grab.

Instead of having soft drinks, you can have kombucha as it is exceptional for our gut health. It is a fermented tea with good bacteria, acetic acid and lactic acid promoting digestion. Doctors recommend kombucha if you experience constipation or diarrhea often. It is a great probiotic drink providing your digestive system with enough support to work faster.

5 Smoothies Over Juices

One mistake that most people make is they have fruit juices. Juices are full of sugar, making them harmful rather than beneficial for our health. If you like something to drink, smoothies are the best thing to opt for. Elderberry for gut health is great; you can make its smoothie by combining it with other fruits and vegetables.

Make sure you add a lot of greens to your smoothies because they are full of fiber. Fiber is great for your gut health as it helps in reducing bloating and eliminating constipation. Berries are also great in smoothies; they are a rich source of antioxidants speeding up your metabolism.

Final Verdict

Eating random foods and junk may give us momentary pleasure, but your gut health will eventually suffer. If you like to eat something unhealthy, find a healthier alternative. Add lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains to your diet to promote faster digestion.

On the other hand, ensure foods with high probiotics and dietary fiber content. In the end, never forget to hydrate yourself, as it resolves most digestion issues.

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