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Role of Qualified Nurses in Modern Healthcare Facilities

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The healthcare industry is one of the oldest sectors of the world, but its functioning has transformed massively. Modern world healthcare is vastly different from previous years as technology advancements, new studies findings, and other discoveries continue to bring new dimensions to the forefront. The Healthcare sector has evolved by leaps and bounds, and today it has become an expansive industry, encompassing several subfields. Nursing has transformed with time, and its role has changed over the years. Still, the primary motive behind nursing remains the same; to provide patients with the best care and help them recover.

Modern healthcare facilities are equipped with the latest technology. Healthcare workers rely on advanced technical equipment to perform their tasks. Nurses also use their expertise and skills to handle the newest equipment. Qualified and experienced nurses bear more responsibilities and serve as the right hand to the doctors. They help patients deal with their medical conditions and enhance their wellbeing by incorporating few changes in their lifestyle. Nurses have always been at the frontline of the healthcare industry. With time, the role of qualified nurses has become crucial in delivering quality healthcare.

Below we are giving an insight into the role of qualified nurses in modern healthcare facilities:

  1. Continued Professional Development

Nurses’ role continues to evolve with new technological advancements and discoveries coming to the forefront. Nurses who insist on sticking to old nursing practices fail to improve their efficiency. They must stay abreast with all the latest occurrences in the healthcare sector and update their knowledge of nursing frequently. Enrolling in courses, attending seminars or webinars, volunteering in different healthcare settings are few ways of expanding horizons and learning other nursing practices. Continual professional development is a crucial aspect of modern-day nursing. Nurses can register themselves in an online master of science in nursing program as e-education offers flexibility. They can set their schedules and fulfill other responsibilities while pursuing an advanced degree.

  1. Patients’ Advocate

While many nursing practices have changed with time, some stay the same. Patients have always been the center of attention for nurses and their priority. Nurses advocate for their best interests and ensure to maintain their dignity throughout their treatment procedure. They understand patient’s conditions and discuss and suggest treatment plans while collaborating with other healthcare workers.

Many patients are ignorant, or sometimes they are unable to comprehend their conditions due to illness. So, they may not be able to decide what is better for them in terms of treatments. Nurses step in and educate them while keeping patients’ health above everything else.

  1. Monitoring Patients’ Health

Nurses’ job is demanding and keep them on their toes. Still, they ensure that they perform their job efficiently and leave no stone unturned to help patients recover from injuries or illnesses. Nurses need to monitor patients’ health and record their medical readings frequently. They use technical equipment to take blood pressure, pulse rate or check heart rate and sugar level and maintain a record of patients’ medical condition. Modern healthcare facilities provide them with advanced equipment. Still, the goal stays the same: to monitor patients’ medical conditions and intervene if the need arises.

  1. Administer Medication and Treatment

Doctors are generally the ones who devise treatment plans and prescribe medicines. The nurses work as per doctors’ recommendations and administer medications timely. Many patients say that they do not remember their doctors after regaining health. Still, they hardly forget the nurses who cared for them. Nurses in modern health facilities are equipped with skills that help them deal with equipment and tools used to give medicines, take medical readings or administer injections. Their role is critical in patients’ care. They are responsible for administering medications and knowing the proper dose and time. Experienced and qualified nurses understand the significance of timely medicines and do not demonstrate any negligence.

  1. Aftercare of Patients

Several patients need care even after getting discharged from hospitals, and they require proper guidance for it. Nurses walk through their patients with the appropriate care plans and educate them in handling their conditions on their own. Nurses assist patients in understanding their health, illness, and preventive measures they need to undertake. Some patients have to live with their illness, and they need to alter their lifestyles. Nurses provide them with guidance and help them become independent and stand back on their feet.

  1. Planning of Care

Nurses are generally the ones who spend the most time with patients and understand them better. They are involved in deciding treatment plans for patients as their conditions evolve. Qualified nurses also have the liberty of intervening if patients’ conditions require additional support. Nurses monitor patients’ health conditions on an ongoing basis. Thus, their input helps doctors plan treatments that result in patients’ favor.


The functioning of modern healthcare facilities is entirely different from the past. However, the nurses’ role still holds utmost significance in the healthcare sector. They perform their duties with diligence and help patients cope with diseases, if essential, accept the new reality and learn to live with it. Nurses’ role is critical, and they need to constantly update themselves with the latest happenings in the nursing field.

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