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How To Get Your Garden Ready For The Warmer Months

Written by Jimmy Rustling

With the weather slowly improving, many people will be looking to enjoy spending time in the garden again soon. There is nothing better than spending time in the backyard on a warm summer’s day whether you are relaxing and soaking up the sun by yourself or firing up the BBQ and having friends over. The colder months can leave the space looking a little worse for wear though, so keep reading for a few tips on how to get your garden ready for the warmer months of the year so that you can make the most out of the space.

Hire A Skip For Waste

First, you need to start off with a thorough spring cleaning. It is a good idea to use a skip bin hire Sutherland Shire service that can drop off a skip to your home. You can then fill this with all of your waste from a garden cleanup, which might include items from the shed, garden waste, old furniture and anything else that you want to get rid of.

Trim Everything Back

Next, you will want to trim everything back so that it looks neat and tidy. The garden can easily become overgrown and neglected during the colder months, so you will want to spend some time mowing the lawn, trimming back hedges and pruning so that the space looks neat, tidy and attractive for the warmer months.

Power Wash The Hard Surfaces

The winter months can also take their toll on the hard surfaces, which might include a decking, patio and pathways. The quickest and easiest (and most enjoyable) way to restore these surfaces is with a power washer, which can get rid of the accumulated dirt on top and restore the surfaces to their former glory. If you are power washing decking or any wooden surface, but careful not to strip the paint off of the surface by using a lower setting and testing a hidden area first.

Set Up A Social Space

Following this you will want to get your social space set up so that you can eat outside, relax and invite guests over. This may involve washing or buying new outdoor furniture, setting up exterior lighting and getting the BBQ all set up and ready to go. You may also want to think about some form of exterior heating so that you can stay warm once the sun goes down.

Finishing Touches

There are then a few finishing touches that can make the garden an attractive place for the warmer months. A few ideas include having lawn games to play, new plants and flowers, fairy lights and garden ornaments just as a few ideas.

Now is the perfect time to start getting your backyard ready for the warmer months of the year. These are a few of the best ways that you can do this, which will get your garden spruced up and allow you to make the most out of the spring and summer.

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