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8 Amazing Tips to Travel on a Budget

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Stop drooling over social media travel posts when you can plan on your own. After all, why should anyone let money get in the way of doing things they love? It’s true that traveling is a life-changing experience and everyone should do it once in a while. In fact, many travelers around the world are inspiring people to travel on a tight budget, which means that you can, too.

Here are some tips to travel on a budget.

1.    Plan in advance

The primary rule to budget traveling is planning ahead. To make the most of your vacation, research budget-friendly destinations, hotels, food, and even travel tickets in advance. Your primary motive should be an adventure-packed escapade with minimal shopping and high-end dining.

Search for street food, night bazaars, and food stalls that locals enjoy. Choose areas that are budget friendly for night stays. Check out the lesser-known destinations that have fewer fares and cheaper food on the sidewalks.

2.    Travel off-season

Traveling during peak season is an absolute no-go for budget travelers. Peak season is the most preferred time to travel because of ideal weather conditions, which means prices are sky-high. In turn, airfares and accommodation increase by more than double. This fact is especially true now that the pandemic is over and people are traveling again.

The solution? Travel off-season. Off-seasons have smaller crowds, better services, and cheaper fares, thanks to a limited amount of people traveling. This season is often the best time to travel if you want the destinations to be less crowded and more personalized.

If you plan on travelling to Georgia, you can see here the list of best weekend getaways in Georgia that you will surely enjoy.

3.    Go for advance booking

Last-minute bookings always cost more. It’s not recommended as you are likely to miss out on pre-booking discounts and various packages that airlines or hotels may offer. Try to book return flights, accommodation, and transport in advance to save yourself from peak fares.

Many airlines also cost you cheaper if you book months or weeks before your flight. Also, you get to save yourself from long lines waiting to get that room or ticket booked.

4.    Stay in hostels

Hotels, resorts, and guest rooms can cost you all your savings. Instead, look for cheaper accommodation options such as a hostel.

Hostels are not only a cheaper option for budget travel but also offer an amazing experience with new people around. Who knows, you might even find someone to share your travel expenses with like dinner and transportation.

5.    Go camping

If you don’t fancy staying in hostels, then camping is another great option for your stay. You can consider reserving a nearby campground such as an RV park since they’re economical and offer you a comfortable stay while you get a chance to experience the peace and quiet. Most campgrounds also offer facilities like laundry, showering, food, and more.

You can find a nearby campsite online. For example, if you are looking for a campsite in Colorado Springs then Google something like “campgrounds near Colorado Springs” or “booking campgrounds in Colorado Springs,” and you’ll get a lot of options. Pick one that fits your budget and unique needs.

6.    Get a travel insurance

Travel insurance may seem like an additional expense but it’s a lifesaver. This hack is one of the most important in budget traveling for unexpected situations like ticket cancellations, illnesses, or even lost baggage.

You don’t have to worry about unforeseen events if you have your travel insurance in place. For instance, medical expenses are not cheap in most countries. Your travel insurance will ensure your experience is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

7.    Use public transportation

Save up big by skipping on private transportation services such as cabs and car rentals. Public transport is much cheaper and locals can guide you better about their area. This way, you can get to know about the city life, places that are a must-visit, and the local cuisine to try out before you head home. Lastly, try carpooling if you have some vacant seats to go to your destination.

8.    Keep a check on discounts and offers

Always keep a check on discounts and special offers offered by hotels and entertainment facilities at the destination you’re flying to. Many airlines also offer big discounts that grant huge savings. Keeping a check on these can help you save some extra cash.

What’s more, many hotels and restaurants offer on-the-house food and drinks on special occasions or based on competitions. Check out which ones you are eligible for and participate to get a load of savings.

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