Exploring Arizona: How to Organize the Ultimate Vacation

It’s coming to that time of year where everyone is starting to think about or even book their summer vacations. While many of you might think that jetting off to a new country is the ideal vacation, staycations are becoming a popular choice for many travelers. Exploring other states in your own country allows for a lot more freedom and lets you see the country you call home from a different perspective. There are a whopping 50 different states to choose from (as nothing is stopping you from taking a vacation right in your home state if you want), but if you need inspiration, this guide aims to assist you in narrowing down your options. Arizona spans a huge 114,000 sq miles of land just waiting to be explored (in fact, it is the 6th largest state) and with so much on offer to see, do, and experience, this makes this location the perfect spot for your vacation this summer. Let’s see just what the popular destination has on offer.

Why Arizona?

So, why choose Arizona? The simple answer is that this area of America has everything you could ever want from a vacation in the form of stunning landscapes and mountains, sunshine, National Parks, and history, not to mention it is also the home of some world-famous tourist attractions, such as the Grand Canyon!

Now you know why you should explore Arizona, how can you go about organizing the ultimate vacation?

Choose from stunning destinations

Arizona has more than 91 cities and towns waiting to be explored, and each one offers something unique that will shape the entire vacation. Want to take a step back in history and learn all about the old wild west? Then check out Benson, as this is the home to Gammons Gulch, also known as the ghost town that now serves Hollywood movies and television as the backdrop of westerns. Maybe you want to make the most of the stunning locations and landscapes that the state boasts? If so, then dig out your walking boots and travel to the Grand Canyon National Park, located in northwestern Arizona, and hike along the many trails.

Or perhaps you want to embrace the hustle and bustle of Arizona’s capital city, Phoenix? With a mix of sophistication surrounded by beautiful deserts, and not too far from some of the main attractions, including the Grand Canyon, your vacation to a city such as Phoenix will provide you with plenty to keep yourself busy.

However, who says you even have to choose just one location. The size of the country makes this the perfect place for a road trip. As there is so much to see and do in the state, with a road trip, you get the opportunity to discover busy cities one day and then travel onto serene deserts filled with wonder and awe the next. Going on a road trip, however, will require a bit of organization.

  • How long can you travel for?

Exactly how long you have booked off for your vacation will determine how far you can go. The less time you have booked, however, will affect how many places you can see. If you have the time to do so, an extended trip that lasts between 3 to 4 weeks will allow you to drive at your own pace and stay in cities, towns, or campsites for days if you wanted, which truly allows you to explore your new destination.

  • Where will you start your road trip?

A spontaneous road trip might sound fun, and while it is essential to stay open to changes, you should plan an outline and itinerary of the direction the journey will take. This will keep the vacation as stress-free as possible. Where you start the road trip can be determined by the places that you would like to visit along the way. For example, if you really want to see the Grand Canyon, Lake Montezuma, Sedona, and Black Canyon City, then you should start your trip in Peoria. The entire trip will last just over three hours but will be broken up by stays in four different places, which will provide you with enough time to make the most of each location. You could even explore what Peoria has to offer to kick off your trip.

  • How will you travel?

While many people will opt for driving in their car and staying in motels or stopping at campsites along the way, this isn’t your only option when it comes to travel. Instead of being cramped due to lack of space and long journeys, travel in style and rent an RV. Book this in advance with a company based in the chosen starting location.

Generally the accommodation options are lacking, so If you starting your trip around Phoenix metro area such as Mesa/Peoria/Glendale/Scottsdale and traveling to the Grand Canyon, opt to rent an RV in Peoria or other suburbs or other suburbs to truly make the most of your experience as it will provide the best possible accommodation for your long trip. But for the solos traveler, especially for solo travelers who like to travel in style, you might want to consider the Harley-Davidson Sportster S21, as it has a comfortable feel on the road with better handling as well as a sleek and classic “bobber” look.

Also, to make the most of your travel experience, learn more about driving permits on International Driver’s Association so that you can drive confidently anywhere you want to go.


  • Pack light

Although you will be going for an extended period, you should still aim to pack light. When you set up your RV at camping locations, many sites house washing machines that allow you to wash your dirty clothes, which removes the need to overpack.

Things to do in Arizona

Once you have chosen your destination, or several, that you want to explore, you should decide on what you want to do during your time away. Fortunately, no matter which destination you have chosen, there will be something for everyone. However, here are some of the most popular things you can experience while you are in Arizona that cannot be missed. Make sure to book in advance, if possible, to avoid disappointment.

  • Culture: Arizona is bursting with history around every corner, but ensure that you head over to Heard Museum, Pheonix Art Museum, and Desert Cabelleros Western Museum to make the most of your time.
  • Entertainment: If you are after excitement in the form of water and amusement parks, then make sure to check out Oasis Water Park based in the capital city.
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  • Sights and Landmarks: Don’t just check out the Grand Canyon; be sure to discover the wonders of Havasu Falls, the Sunset Sonoran Desert, and Horseshoe Bend for a truly uplighting experience. Arizona is home to several national parks, and each one offers something different.

Make memories that last

Having the ultimate vacation means making the most of every moment so that memories stay with you, and by organizing a trip with the above guide, you are sure to do just that!

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