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Jumping off the cliff at the ‘paradise island’ of the Philippines

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Boracay is known as the paradise island in the Philippines with its clear blue water, bottomless sand and fine sand, perfect services, rich and varied beach games.

Jumping off the cliff at Boracay’s ‘paradise island’

Ariel’s Point – Photo: Duong Quan Ha

Jumping go, do not be afraid!

Boracay Island is considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Asia. And the # 1 destination on the island of Boracay is Ariel’s Point – where you can conquer your fear of jumping from the cliffs upright up to 15 meters into the sea.

Ariel’s Point is a small island about 45 minutes by boat from Boracay in Aklan province in the Philippines. In addition to swimming, snorkeling watching the flock of fish swimming in the clear water, this place is also ideal for outdoor activities. At Ariel’s Point, there are 5 jump levels from low to high 3m, 5m, 11m, 13m and 15m respectively.

Those who have not played before, or afraid of heights or who do not know how to swim, then wear a life jacket and then try to jump to the bottom of the sea from a height of 3m then rise gradually.

Do not be afraid because when you jump down, there will be staff at Ariel’s Point in the sea to help you or support if something goes wrong.

When conquering the highest levels, you should definitely jump and try to contact the water in a vertical position with the tip of your foot.

Passenger boat to Ariel’s Point – Photo: Duong Quan Ha

Elegant sitting in the sea and drinking beer – Photo: Duong Quan Ha

Other activities at Ariel’s Point – Photo: Duong Quan Ha

Enjoying the lake, having fun

For the first time, you may be afraid, do not dare jump, go out on the stairs for several dozen minutes, but this is also the time you will struggle to overcome your fear and conquer the jump.

When you have overcome your fears and fallen into the blue water you will be extremely excited, bursting with joy, a very screaming feeling that I have conquered and you will want to dance more. many times.

Ariel’s Point Tours is easy and convenient, you can easily book your own hotel reception or register directly at Boracay Beach Club, about 10 minutes from the center of D’Mall on Boracay Island. along the coast.

The tour price is 2,500 PHP (equivalent to 1.2 million) per person, the tour includes a shuttle boat from the center of Boracay to Ariel’s Point, kayak, diving equipment, life jackets, insurance and an extreme lunch. Delicious with fresh seafood and drinks in unlimited quantities.

In addition to the thrilling game of jumping off the cliffs, at Ariel’s Point there are plenty of other exciting games to explore and experience such as nearby kayaking nearby, barbecue parties, snorkeling and Do not overlook the tropical sea creatures or simply hold your beer, lie on the sun, and watch the people cheering, cheering, talking on cliffs.

This is truly a unique experience in Boracay and you should try it at least once, I believe you will want to return to Ariel’s Point many more times to conquer the higher levels and to challenge it. Dear.

3m jump – Photo: Duong Quan Ha

5m jump – Photo: Duong Quan Ha

13m jump – Photo: Duong Quan Ha

15m jump – Photo: Duong Quan Ha


According to Duong Quan Ha /

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