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Top Things to Research Before Travelling to Spain

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Travelling to a new country is always exhilarating. Visiting Spain is a major travel dream for thousands of people, and if you’re lucky enough to be planning a visit, there are a few things you need to know.

Spain is known for its bold, flavourful food, endless siestas and dancing, beautiful beaches and music that just makes you want to move. It’s a party like no other, and there’s so much rich culture embedded in the country. Before you go, research these four things to better understand what you can expect from your trip.

The Culture

Getting to know a little about the culture of any new country is important, especially if you live in a Westernised society. Some people’s cultures, customs, food, languages, etc. are vastly different from what you know, and it’s good to see what you have to look forward to experiencing, and perhaps be a little clued up before visiting.

If you’re familiar with the language, it makes things easier and more immersive too. For example, those visiting Spain might be able to invest in a copy of the bible in Spanish and even visit a church while travelling for a different spiritual experience.

The Law

You should always research the laws of a country you’re planning on travelling to. While you might come across some strange laws to abide by, you only really need to know the important stuff.

Make sure you understand the travel laws especially – Visas and other entry requirements, the documents you’ll need to provide, the legal drinking age and their laws around alcohol and drug use, any regulations on dress, etc. Those who are members of the LGBTQ+ community should always be extra cautious to check out the laws and social attitudes that might negatively impact them.

The Travel Info

Naturally, you need to plan your travels carefully. Find out your route to arrive in Spain – will you have a stop-over anywhere that might require an additional Visa? Luxury Villas in Spain which cities and areas will you be staying in? What’s the estimated cost of your trip? How and where will you be able to exchange your currency?

You’d also be wise to look into the weather in Spain around the time of your vacation. Organising your trip carefully around this information will make your budget, itinerary and other planning elements far easier to manage.

Things to Do

Finally, you can spend some time researching the fun stuff – what you can do, see and eat on your holiday. Once you’re clear on which areas you’ll be visiting, you can look out for fun activities, restaurants and sights to visit.

If you’re after the sunshine, waves, and a little peace and quiet, research the best hideaway beaches in Spain instead of visiting major tourist areas. However, if you enjoy the hustle and bustle, you can look for the major tourist attractions and big parties to attend while you’re in Spain and have a crazy, loud, unforgettable adventure.

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