Why Singapore Is So Popular Among Wealthy Tourists

Written by Jimmy Rustling

With the famous Marina Bay Sands as part of its skyline, Singapore has always attracted tourists from all around the world to its extremely developed city. However, even though Singapore has managed to attract tourists of most demographics, majority of its tourists are well-to-do. This is because while there are not many free nature spots for tourists to visit in Singapore, it has lots of world-famous urban shopping malls and celebrity restaurants to enjoy – all of which can cost you lots of money to fully appreciate.

Here are some of the reasons why many wealthy people travel to Singapore yearly.

First of all, Singapore is well known to be very safe and have one of the, if not the, lowest crime rates in the world. With strict laws and enforcements, you will feel safe throughout the day and night while visiting Singapore, and even if you are on the flashier end with your dressing. It is one of the few countries in the world that you can travel to and not worry about potentially being robbed or pick-pocketed. This gives many people a peace of mind, and in particular those who wear lots of luxury goods.

Second of all, being a business and financial hub, Singapore attracts lots of high-powered business executives to its shores. This happens due to business conventions and events held throughout the year in Singapore, and also because Singapore is a corporate headquarter for many major companies in the region and globally too. Many of these wealthy visiting business executives also look for and date a local Singapore escort while in Singapore for companionship. While you could find social escorts from other neighbouring countries around Singapore in South East Asia for cheaper, most of the call girls there would not be able to converse with you in English, or are unable to hold intellectually stimulating conversations with you. The girls may be pretty to look at, but not so nice to associate with. On the other hand, while the services of escort girls in Singapore often comes at much higher rates, the local escorts in Singapore are mostly university educated as well as run their own business or work a professional office job during the day. This makes Singaporean escort girls much more interesting companions for these wealthy business executives to meet while in Singapore as they will be able to better connect in terms of conversations too. That is definitely one of the reasons why escorts are very popular here in SG among business tourists and travelers.

Third of all, Singapore is known to be a luxury playground, and attracts lots of wealthy tourists. As a result of that reputation, many luxury retailers from all around the world has set up shop in SG. This has resulted in a further self-fulfilling prophecy and pulls even more wealthy travelers to Singapore. There are mainly two districts in Singapore for shopping at luxury retailers – one would be Orchard Road, and the other would be at Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands resort. Both are great places for you to shop at, but if you travel to SG often, you may prefer opting for Marina Bay Sands shopping instead, as they also offer a membership card called Sands Rewards Lifestyle card which provides you with rebates. That can be beneficial for you if you travel to Singapore often and like shopping at luxury retailers each time.

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