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Ways to Make Sure You’re French Press Is in Tip-Top Shape

Written by Jimmy Rustling

If you’re already an avid French press coffee maker, you’re probably aware of the damage that can happen to your press if you don’t properly care for it or use it properly. If you’re new to this method of brewing, or you just got yours from, then you need to be sure that your press stays in tip-top shape so you can enjoy fresh, flavorful coffee every time! Follow these tips to make sure your French press stays in good shape and performs well for many years to come.

Rinse It Out Right Away

The first step in keeping your coffee maker clean is simple—make sure you rinse it out right away. If you let your freshly pressed coffee sit in your press for more than a few minutes, you’re going to wind up with a very dirty machine that’s hard to clean later on. And since nobody likes scrubbing a coffee grinder, make sure you do a good job rinsing out your grinder immediately after use.

Store it Properly

Every single time you use your press, be sure to clean it immediately afterward. Once you’ve cleaned your press and allowed it to dry completely, leave it out in an open space so that fresh air can circulate around it. By leaving it out at room temperature, you’ll lower the chance of mold from growing in your coffee maker.

Get the Filter Size Right

If you’re using a press made which use a #4 Melitta filter, your coffee grounds should be about medium or coarse. If you’re using a press from another brand (even one that looks like it uses #4 filters), double check to make sure you have enough coffee for your amount of water—it will still work if it’s slightly too little, but your coffee won’t come out right if there isn’t enough.

Grind Coarsely

A coarse grind is essential when using a press, as finer grinds can clog up your press’s mesh filter. You also don’t want to grind too finely, because doing so will result in an overly bitter brew. Keep your grinder on its coarsest setting and use a slightly higher ratio of coffee to water than you would with other methods (typically around 17 grams of coffee per eight ounces of water).

Use Filtered Water

If you’re using your French press to make coffee, use filtered water rather than tap water. Filtered water tastes better and is much safer for your coffee maker. If you don’t have a filter or prefer drinking unfiltered tap water, then at least run it through a Brita or another type of cheap filter before pouring it into your coffee maker.

Let it Cool

Be careful not to touch your French coffee press when it’s hot, as you could potentially burn yourself. Not only that, but touching a hot carafe can lead to condensation and moisture on your glass. Both of these issues will affect how much coffee you’re actually getting in your cup—not cool!

Stir before pressing down

Before you press down, be sure to stir your grounds and water mixture so that all of your coffee grounds get thoroughly wet. Stirring will ensure that all of your coffee grounds are evenly saturated with water—which will yield a more consistent brew. The majority of foul, bitter, or sour tastes in fresh press coffee maker comes from large clumps of undissolved coffee grounds getting into our cups.

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