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Where Web Developers Can Find a Wife

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Start up your computer. Sit at your desk for six to ten hours. Take a few breaks in-between to grab a snack. Rinse and repeat.

This pattern accurately describes the life of an average web developer. Yes, it’s easy to get so immersed in work that you forget about having a love life. Before you know it, you’ll be in your mid-thirties without having gone on a date in ten years.

If you’re looking to break this cycle and snag a bride, we have a few suggestions for you. Whether you’re looking for hot Brazilian women or Russian mail order brides around you, you can easily find your Ms. Right in any of these places:

Check out acquaintances within your close circle

Sometimes, the answers to our questions can be right under our noses. If you’re a web developer or SEO specialist looking to find a wife, you could start your search with people around you. Pick up those invitations you may have ignored in the past and start hanging out with your friends more often.

You may actually find some acquaintances looking to start something serious with you.

However, it’s important to be very careful when dating within your close circle. If things go sour, it could ruin the friendship you share with the lady or your mutual friends. Ensure that you really have feelings for your friend before making any bold move.

Try out online dating apps

Online dating apps are often on the receiving end of vitriol. Most people consider them unsafe and ineffective when it comes to finding a partner. However, it remains one of the best ways to find a partner in today’s world. In fact, studies show that over a third of new marriages in the US begin with online dating.

Thus, creating an online dating profile just might be what you need to add some sparkle to your love life. Sign up to any reputable dating platform, create a profile with an incredible photo and bio, and start combing for women that share the same interests as you do.

However, it’s crucial that you stay alert when using dating apps. These platforms are crawling with scammers waiting to dupe unsuspecting users of their hard-earned money. Be alert and remember not to give out your personal or credit card information to any stranger online. For all you know, you could be speaking with a middle-aged man who’s catfishing as a young Latin woman.

Weddings and engagement parties

If you’ve been looking for Cupid, chances are that he’s shooting his arrows at the nearest wedding. Weddings and engagement parties are a great place to meet someone special and fall in love. From bridesmaids to wedding guests, and even the maid of honor, you’ll most likely find a throng of beautiful women at any wedding you attend.

However, we’re not encouraging you to gatecrash random weddings. Rather, the next time you attend a wedding, pay keen attention to the women you find there. Your woman just might be lurking in the crowd.

Check within your workplace

If your workplace doesn’t have a policy against office romance, you should consider searching for a wife from amongst your female colleagues. Check out women who you don’t directly supervise and consider asking them out

Don’t hit them immediately with the “I think we’ll make a great couple” line. Instead, ask them out for lunch or a nice dinner and let Cupid work his magic.

Even if it doesn’t work out with them, they could link you with any of their single friends.

P.S: This tip should only be applied if your workplace doesn’t frown upon workplace romance. If there are policies against this, you should back out to avoid losing your job.

Expand your dating criteria

Sometimes, your dating criteria might be the secret factor holding you back from finding a wife. No matter how many dates you go on, you might keep searching if you don’t give the women you’ve met a chance.

Your unrealistic expectations will definitely make it seem like there aren’t any fishes in the river when the river is in fact teeming with fish.

As such, make your expectations more realistic and attainable. This doesn’t mean you should lower your standards. However, asking for a web developer with a great figure who can do handstands while applying eyeliner is a tad unrealistic. You’ll need to make some compromises to find and maintain love.

Final Thoughts

As a web developer with little to no social life, finding a wife can be like trying to find a pin in a haystack. Explore all these options outlined above, starting with your close circle and moving on to online dating apps. However, if online dating is too risky for you, you can skip this suggestion and try out other options.

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