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301 Redirect: What Is It?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Search engine optimization has become complicated and confusing. But just a few years ago, up to 10 links might have been enough to promote your site and attract an organic audience, but today it’s unrealistic. Today, the reality is that to get to your site a potential client, you have to think through all the details and diligently engage in link building. You should build up your site perfectly, so there was nothing to complain about.

On-Page SEO has become very important to win the sites` race and be on the top, and backlinks, experts from PRposting say, will be the main factor influencing the ranking of the searching engine for different resources.

To maintain the quality and quantity of backlinks and the popularity of the site, webmasters spend hours at their computers, doing analysis and link building, while sometimes fighting with Google bots. But sneakier SEO optimizers have found a working strategy that allows sticking the domain to the main site, adding quality link weight. They use 301 redirect tools.

301 Redirect: What Is It?

Working on the Internet, anything can happen. One day you will need to change or transfer the URL, delete pages from your website, or, completely transfer your project to a new address. And believe us, it makes no difference what your resource is about, whether it’s about knitting or cryptocurrencies. If you just make such a maneuver, without preparing for that, then you will notice a sharp deterioration in traffic, and the link weight of your site will be significantly spoiled. To avoid this happening, make sure to use 301 Redirect tools. These are specially designed tools to safely redirect users and search engines to a new URL, which is different from the initial search.

Simply put, by using a 301 redirect you tell the browser that your old page has been moved permanently. Then you specify its new location and ask it to forget the old one. To which the browser agrees and starts sending all users who clicked on the old link to your new URL. Read  PRposting to find out more information.

How To Link a Domain to a Site?

There are several ways to do 301 redirects from expired domains:

  • through plug-ins or the control panel of the corresponding CMS;
  • by using HTML;
  • by special scripts (programs);
  • by means of PHP;
  • on the level of the hosting provider;
  • making appropriate entries in the htaccess files for the web config for IIS or the Apache server.

There are many more ways to link your domain, but the most popular and one of the easiest is to edit your website’s .htaccess file.

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