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National Floors Direct Explains Why Carpeting is Ideal for Homes in Cold Climates

Written by Jimmy Rustling

National Floors Direct specializes in offering top-tier yet affordable flooring options to home and business owners throughout the Northeastern United States. The firm explains why carpeting is an ideal flooring option for homes in the northeastern United States and offers advice on how to pick the best one for any residential or commercial setting.

Thick carpeting creates a warm ambiance and offers some insulation from the cold weather. Even so, National Floors Direct cautions that the padding under the carpet is what really makes a difference when the temperatures plummet. Urethane, fiber, and rubber padding all significantly improve a home’s or business’ insulation to keep temperatures warm indoors and lower heating costs. This is why the flooring giant offers free premium carpet padding to suit the exact type of carpet a customer chooses, thus ensuring the new carpet keeps the inside of a building warm and looks good long-term.

Another good reason to pick carpet is that, unlike hardwood flooring, it will not be scratched or dented by small grains of rock salt tracked into the building by a person or pet. Carpets can also be dried fairly easily if melted snow is tracked into the home, although it is always best to use a mat at the front entrance to prevent unsightly water puddles. What’s more, carpeting can even be used in conjunction with a radiant floor heating system, although one will want to pick a thin, low-pile carpet type for such an arrangement. Another advantage of low-pile carpeting is that it is ideal for pet owners, as indoor dogs and cats cannot get their claws stuck in it.

National Floors Direct explains that homes and businesses that get a lot of foot traffic in the cold winter months will likely want to choose a patterned, dark-colored carpet that hides mud and stains. Even homes with an indoor and outdoor shoe rule can benefit from carpeting that hides unsightly specks of dirt and mud marks. On the other hand, light-colored carpeting can be ideal for small, enclosed areas as light colors give a room a spacious vibe and ambiance.

Each type of flooring has its own pros and cons, National Floors Direct points out. While carpeting can be hard to keep clean, it is a warm and durable option for homes that get snow every winter. It looks good in just about any homeroom, helps keep energy bills low, and can even significantly increase a home’s market value. This is especially true for those who work with an expert to choose the right type of carpeting. National Floors Direct reviews praise the flooring giant for providing multiple premium carpeting options, on-site assistance with choosing the right color and type of carpet, and services such as free padding and stair carpeting. With professional assistance, one can rest assured that carpeting will improve the home’s ambiance during the winter and throughout the year.

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