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Analyzing Each Player of the Nets’ “Big Three” Squad

The Brooklyn Nets have not won a Championship title since 1976, but that may all change in 2021 

The Brooklyn Nets are more than familiar with long-term post-season droughts. The franchise, which was founded all the way back in 1967 as a New Jersey team called the New Jersey Americans, have only clinched Finals victory twice in ‘74 and ‘76, and at a time when the league was not known as the NBA, but rather the ABA.

However, the organization’s entire playing climate transformed in January of this year when a landmark trade deal brought star scoring champ and former Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden to Brooklyn.

Ever since this momentous move, fans have experienced a renewed hope in the New York-based team and their ability to snag a Larry O’Brian trophy, leaving their 45-year-old Finals losing streak behind once and for all. The main men who are poised to make this happen are undoubtedly Brooklyn’s self-entitled “Big Three”: Durant, Harden, and Irving.

The abilities of these talented playmakers can explain why expert pundits are favoring the Nets under this year’s NBA Championship Winner Betting Odds as opposed to last season’s victors, the L.A. Lakers. In this article we take a closer look at each athlete’s profile, analyzing how exactly they will contribute individually and together as the Nets begin their highly anticipated 2021 playoff race.

Kevin Durant

In a recent post-game interview, Kevin Durant expressed that he sees the playoffs as a “new season” that must be approached as such. He stated that the team’s previous regular season successes should be thrown out the window so his team can focus on the challenges before them with fresh eyes.

Aside from this intelligent philosophy, the 4-time NBA scoring champion will bring his elite offensive mentality onto the court to assist Harden and Irving in the fight for victory. Additionally, perhaps the small forward’s biggest strength is his massive 7-foot-5 wingspan which allows him to have one of the best shooting touches in the entire league.

In the few games that they were present together in the post-season, Durant showed a great amount of chemistry when playing alongside Harden, a practice they must keep up as the playoffs tread forward.

James Harden

Speaking of Harden, number 13 has the potential to influence the Net’s Finals future greatly, depending on his playing performance following a hamstring strain injury which he acquired back in April. However, the last thing many fans are worried about his Harden’s ability to prove himself on the court.

After all, when he returned on May 12th after being out for more than a month, he scored 18 points and helped the Nets clinch an important match win over the Sant Antoni Spurs. Since arriving to the franchise, Harden has logged career high stats and continues to show off his leadership skills as one of the NBA’s top-performing basketball stars.

Nets fans are hopeful that the Big Three can help bring a long awaited victory to Brooklyn this year

Kyle Irving

Similarly to Durant, Nets point guard Kyle Irving has already commented on his outlook for the 2021 playoff season, stating that he wants to enjoy it as if it is his last. With this mindset, it’s clear that Irving is set to contribute in Brooklyn as best as he possibly can. The athlete’s main strengths are his on-court shooting percentages that are some of the best in the league. He is able to rack up points masterfully, and with Durant and Harden supporting him, the sky truly is the limit, even if he must take on Lebron James.

Additionally, Irving began a plant-based diet during the 2016-17 season which he is still committed to today. He has mentioned how much extra energy his new eating habits have given him on and off the court. After all, eating lots of veggies and fruits ensures players are getting the nutrients they need for gameday.

Overall, each member of the Big Three possesses great basketball knowledge, commitment to health upkeep, an intimidating set of skills, and a long list of accolades to prove it. When they are all together on the court, there’s nothing they can’t do, especially with a Finals series on the horizon.

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