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Five opponents Messi feared confrontation at the World Cup

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Recently, Messi has made a statement about the top five teams he judged to be able to compete for the World Cup with Argentina.

Brazil are the earliest team to reach Russia after the World Cup. So in the eyes of many professionals, Selecao is the best candidate for the championship. Messi is no exception.


No longer owns the core players who won the championship four years ago. But not so Messi underestimated the Germans – the team beat his Argentine in the door to heaven in last year’s finals.

The 2010 world champion has changed a lot in recent years. Disqualification in the 2014 World Cup rounds caused the bulls to strive harder in the future.


Euro 2016 – France is also on the list of teams that Messi beat the strikers are likely to surpass Argentina in the 2018 World Cup. Bears are not old but bamboo shoots have the best description of current France, their problems just a human attachment.


Having beaten Belgium on the way to the final of the 2014 World Cup, Messi understands how strong Belgium is.

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