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Interesting statistics on the 2018 World Cup

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The numbers on the margins around the name, height, weight or age are always the subject of interest for fans of round balls.

Of the 32 teams competing in the 2018 World Cup finals, there are probably many people who are still in favor of Germany, Brazil, Spain, France, England, Belgium and Argentina. last of the prize. Here are some interesting statistics about the individuals of these teams.

First, look at the Argentine team, we still know Lionel Messi is a “little guy” compared to the general level of football peak. The player who is playing for Barcelona has a height of 1m70 and weighs about 72kg, however, at this year’s World Cup, he is not the “small” of the Tango team. The player with the worst fitness stats is midfielder Cristian Pavon, who is only 1m67 and weighs 65kg.

Pavon (# 7) may be even lower than superstar Messi.

The same thing happened in the Belgian team, Eden Hazard, who had no physical advantage because he was only 73 feet tall and weighed 76kg, but that was too much compared to Dries Mertens 1m69 and weighs 61kg.

We can see in the England squad include some “guardians” such as Jack Butland or Harry Maguire with athletic body as well as a height of over 1m90. However, Harry Kane is the most “meat guy” with the number 98kg even though he is only 1m83.

Kane has the highest weight in England according to the list submitted to FIFA.

Spain is the average weight of 74.7 kg, the softest of the eight teams mentioned above, it is not too difficult to understand when the stars in this team is a collection of many. Individuals with no physical advantage such as Andres Iniesta, David Silva, Koke, Lucas Vazquez …

However, there was a lot of information about the weight of Maguire is 100kg, but according to the list sent to FIFA, Kane is the heaviest. In addition, their oldest player was 33 years old, but this one was named Ashley “Young”.

Young means “young”, but that does not apply to his age.

Coach Didier Deschamps brings to Russia a fresh young squad and their average age is the lowest of the eight teams with just under 26 years of age. They are similar in age, but Les Bleu is the leading figure when calculating the date of birth.

Brazil will have a “world championship”, as if the Neymar and Philippe Coutinho transfers alone amount to about £ 350m , so Brazil will not have a match in terms of this aspect.

Brazil are the earliest team to reach Russia after the World Cup. So in the eyes of many professionals, Selecao is the best candidate for the championship. Messi is no exception.

The triple attack is the most expensive in the world at present.

Finally, we need to mention Marco Reus in Germany, who is relatively tall in football (1m80) but he is the least weight in this team with only 69kg.

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