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Mourinho predicts four strongest teams in the 2018 World Cup

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British media reported yesterday that coach Jose Mourinho had predicted four men in the 2018 World Cup semi-finals. Notable among them, the manager is leading the MU bricks off the semi-finals. , instead of Portugal’s hometown of Mourinho.

The strongest team of the 2018 World Cup, according to Mourinho is Brazil, Germany, Argentina and Portugal. Of these, the first three teams mentioned above are the world’s leading powers of football, traditionally at the World Cup.

Coach Mourinho predicts 2018 World Cup results

The rest of Portugal is likely to be slightly favored by Mourinho, as it is his hometown, even though Portugal has no tradition at the World Cup. Appreciated ahead of this year’s World Cup.

In the semi-finals, Mourinho said Argentina would re-emerge from Germany, reappear for the 2014 World Cup final, while the semi-finalists would be a clash between Brazil and “Brazil of Europe”. is Portugal.

According to the England manager, Manchester United will beat Spain in the quarter-finals, Germany will play in Belgium, Portugal will win France, and Brazil will beat England’s home team. .

Mourinho also has Uruguay, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, hosts Russia, Switzerland, Australia and Senegal.

However, the “special person” did not say which two teams will be in the final and who will be the champions of the tournament. Maybe Mourinho is still waiting for the final from the European champions, also his home team, Portugal.

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