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Straight Forecast Football Bets What Are They And When Do You Use Them

Written by Jimmy Rustling

You’d think betting on football would be getting easier as time goes on and you get your head round the huge market week on week, but the market just keeps on expanding. For novices it can be hard to start betting as the swathes of different types and styles of betting can be overwhelming but with some helpful guides and a good bit of research you should be up to scratch in no time. In this article we aim to look at straight forecast football bets. Let’s find out just what they are and when do you use them?

Forecast betting explained

Let’s start by explaining what forecast betting actually is. Most popular in racing style sports, but also applicable to many other sports, forecast betting is essential using your bet to wager who will come both first and second in a given contest. You will need to not only decide the right contestants for the top two spots but also accurately predict the positions in which they finish, whether that be first or second. These types of bets can handsomely reward you selections which is part of the allure but it also has a low level of probability due to having to accurately choose both a winner and a second place finisher and the order in which they finish to be correct as well.

Example of forecast betting

A quick example of a forecast bet would be looking at F1 racing. The British Grand Prix has 20 participants. You plan on placing a forecast bet on Lewis Hamilton to come first and Sebastian Vettel to come 2nd. If Hamilton wins and Vettel comes 2nd you win the race. If Hamilton does not win or Vettel does not come second, you lose your bet. Likewise, if Vettel wins and Hamilton comes second you still lose your bet as you have failed to accurately predict the position.

Use in football

Whilst forecasting is a great way of betting in other sports, it may be harder to implement in football due to the nature of the sport. What forecasting is great for in football is during tournaments or season long bets. Forecast betting on the placing of football teams is a great way of expanding your betting portfolio. This might mean betting on Manchester City and Liverpool outright at the start of the Premier League to win and come second, respectively. Or, alternatively, it could mean accurately predicting who is going to top and come runner up in the upcoming World Cup International qualifiers.

Things to consider

Generally, bookies will only offer forecast betting on groups or tournaments or races bigger than 3 participants. Your odds will multiply the further away from the bookies favourite you go but regardless, the majority of these bets are fixed odds. It’s important to remember that sometimes these bets are not fixed odds and this is something worth checking out before you wager money on it.


When betting on football matches, there is almost too much choice nowadays. Despite this, we are always looking at new ways, instead of the bog standard over 2.5 goals a match accas, in which we can help punters bash the bookies and take home some well earned profit. Straight forecast football bets are a newer, good way of doing so. Why not try it next time you are having a bet?


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