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How to Maximise Your Sports Performance

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Athletes can sometimes feel like superheroes with incredible fitness and what they can achieve with their bodies. When people watch them during the Olympics, they can only stare in awe. If you want to aim high and boost your sports performance, perhaps even to a professional athlete level, then there are steps you need to take.

Maximising your performance takes a lot of time, effort, and discipline. Some prominent athletes, like LeBron James, dedicate everything they have to keep their bodies in shape, with James spending around 1.5 million dollars a year. This money will buy him the best of everything, and it pays off every season. You might not have this luxury, but you can take inspiration. Follow these top tips and see your performance skyrocket.

The Right Shoes

Start with the basics and invest in good quality, supportive shoes. There are many brands you can buy from, so do your research to find what trainer will suit your feet best. If you have any issues, like overpronation (where your feet turn inwards), you must get shoes that support this. If in any doubt, speak to a podiatrist who can assess your feet and guide you toward the most supportive shoes.

The Right Mind Frame and Attitude

A lot of the time, success comes down to your attitude. Whilst your body needs to be in top shape, so does your mind. Mental strength can be the make or break, so many athletes will have a coach to help keep them in the right state of mind and focused on becoming a champion. If you can find a coach to support you, fantastic. Let them know your goals, and they’ll help you on your way. Otherwise, you could find a friend to join you on your athletic journey, follow an athlete on social media for inspiration, or read books about mental strength and athletics.

Mindfulness is also an essential skill to master. Learning to stay present and focused will keep your head in the game and make you stand out as a true champion.

The Right Training Ground

Finding the right places to train is another crucial element to maximising your performance. Depending on your sport of choice, find a local gym or sports centre that can provide you with the space you need. Each space, whether a swimming pool, Basketball Court Surfaces, rugby ground, or a smooth running track, will provide you with the surfacing you need to play your sport to the best ability.

The Right Nutrition

Eating healthily and ensuring you get the proper nutrition is vital, which is why there are nutritionists who specialise in working with athletes. Make sure you consume plenty of carbohydrates. Carbs are an essential fuel source for athletes and active people, providing energy via glucose. Protein is also very important. It can boost your glycogen storage, help repair muscles, and even reduce muscle soreness. Professionals recommend eating a portion of protein at each meal if you’re regularly active. To help your body compete at its best, also make sure you stay hydrated.

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