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Why NFL Betting is So Much Fun

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Of all the major sports, NFL football might inspire the most fanatic betting action. The league’s immense popularity across America leads to massive public betting interest. Beyond that, several key factors make wagering on pro football at a uniquely fun experience:


Action Every Week

The NFL schedule from September through February provides bettors action aplenty. With games primarily on Sundays, bettors have a routine weekly dose of wagering opportunities. The expanded 17-game regular season calendar means even more chances to get down in the NFL.

Betting Variety

You can bet on pretty much any angle of NFL games. Straight up picks, point spreads, over/unders, prop bets, live betting, parlays, teaser, futures; anything you want is on the board. Compared to a sport like baseball where your options are more limited. Football provides a diverse betting smorgasbord. 

Upsets Galore

The NFL has a lot of parity from top to bottom. Perennial contenders can suddenly become bottom feeders and vice versa in just a year or two. Any team can beat any team on any given Sunday. This unpredictability leads to frequent upsets and underdogs covering spreads, which makes for exhilarating betting.

Fantasy Football Crossover

Millions of people play fantasy football, which naturally lends itself to betting crossover. Those already engaged by having fantasy rosters tend to be more interested in betting real money on games. The fantasy angle provides another level of fandom and stake in each week’s results.

Primetime Drama

There’s nothing quite like an NFL Sunday night or Monday night game in front of a national primetime audience. Under the bright lights, the action seems to go up a notch. Primetime provides the most exciting atmosphere for bettors to have action. It’s no coincidence that Sportsbooks see a big spike in handle on Sunday and Monday nights.

Non-Stop Action

An average NFL game lasts over three hours but only has 11 minutes of actual gameplay. The 60 minutes of clock time is stretched out over countless commercials, replays, challenges, penalties, and downtime. Sportsbooks keep games interesting by offering live, in-game betting on each drive and play. There’s never a dull moment with NFL in-play wagering.

NFL Personality

Big personalities like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady help drive interest. Fans love not just the on-field play but all the off-field drama and storylines. News cycles like free agency, the Draft, training camp, and preseason build anticipation through the offseason. Coaching changes and front office drama keep things spicy even when games aren’t happening.

Huge Events

The NFL provides the betting calendar’s biggest events. The season kicks off with opening week, goes into the Thanksgiving games, Christmas contests, then the playoffs and Super Bowl. These are can’t-miss gambling action. Bettors can spend an entire NFL season building up bankrolls just to splurge on the postseason. 

Office Pools

Every workplace or friend group seems to have NFL pick ’em pools and survivor pools. Betting with buddies in an office, tailgate or online forum is a fun social experience. Even people who don’t normally bet will get in on the action just for their pool.

Las Vegas Atmosphere

Watching football in a Sportsbook with other bettors creates energy. Cheering together after a big play that covers a spread can’t be replicated at home. Some bettors travel each year just to experience the electricity of Las Vegas for marquee NFL events like the Super Bowl.

In short, the tremendous engagement from NFL fans transfers directly to massive betting interest. The league’s rising popularity shows no signs of slowing down, which should mean football betting continues its upward trajectory. As far as American sports go, the NFL reigns supreme for bettors’ attention and dollars.

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