4 Best Sports Bettors And Poker Players In The World

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Winning casino games can never be guaranteed because it solely relies on luck. However, some people have been luckier than others. Many professional gamblers have proven that if you understand the game, you can win every time.

The question in every player’s mind is, “how do professional gamblers make money?”. Well, due to the diversity of the gaming world, many famous professional gamblers have many games to play. In this article, we’ll be looking at the stories of some of the best players in the world. Let’s begin.

The Top 4 Bettors in The World

Some individuals make a living from sports betting and have successfully turned it into an entire career. With a $5 deposit online casino games can be open to anyone. They are many significant figures that are good examples of how far players can go with this entertaining activity.

Would you like to read professional gamblers’ stories? Do you want to know the best sportsman you can follow when it comes to betting? Well, based on the records from several sources in the last five years, here are some of the best sports bettors in the world:

1.    William T. “Billy” Walters

The first person on our list is Mr. William T. “Billy” Walters. In history, he is known for betting the highest sum of money. And he doesn’t talk much about it. The rave and rumor of high-stakes punting don’t fascinate Walters.

He usually has “runners” in the sports betting world to place his bets remotely. The main reason for this was that several genuine sportsbooks refused to have any transaction with him. However, the isolation made him better at the game.

2.    John Price

John Price has a solid background in statistics as well as a Mathematics degree from NYU. He is known for betting a million dollars on Super Bowl XLIX. The sports bettor is an on-air radio personality providing free analysis and picks on sports betting shows in the country.

3.    Haralabos ‘Bob’ Voulgaris

This is the most successful and proficient NBA bettor in the world based on all contemporary accounts. Bob Voulgaris was reported to be flipping a million dollars every day on basketball tournaments.

His advantageous and most popular leverage was explaining how the NBA sportsbooks of that time predicted halftime scores. It became easy for Voulgaris to exploit the predictions, and there are claims that he earned tens of millions of dollars at the peak of his betting spree.

It’s no surprise that he used his game strategy in poker, where he accumulated more than $3 million in profit.

4.    Steve Fezzik

Steve Fezzik is a top-level chess player and mathematics wizard that started sports betting in the 1990s. He moved to Las Vegas permanently in 2001 and won about six top-profile games, thereby winning almost half a million bucks.

Unlike other sports bettors that shy away from media publicity, Fezzik uses the limelight to promote his business.

The 4 Best Poker Players in The World

You can earn a lot of money by betting on poker. Many of the best poker players have scaled this career ladder and made thousands (if not millions) of dollars through virtual and live poker matches.

Let’s talk about the best poker players, their most notable wins, and career highlights. They were selected based on their tournament earning metrics.

1.    Bryn Kenney

The US-based poker player’s consistent winning streaks have placed him at Number 1 on our list. His most significant career earning was in August, where he finished third at the Triton Million for $20,563,324.

Bryn Kenney made his first live cash winning in 2017 and has been winning impressively since then. He made the most significant single cash stake of about 2 million dollars at the PokerStars Championship in April 2017.

2.    Phil Hellmuth Jr.

Phil Hellmuth is based in the United States. He has a record of winning a career in a poker game of over $25 million. His sojourn into the World Series of Poker started in 1988, where he finished in the 33rd position.

He emerged as the youngest champion ever of the World Series of Poker at 24 and was given “Poker brat” as his nickname due to his unstable personality when he takes terrible beats.

3.    Erik Seidel

Erik Seidel is a 61-year-old poker player. He is one of the pioneer players from the Mayfair clu0b in New York City, including stars like Howard Lederer, Stu Ungar, and Dan Harrington.

Seidel got his most significant win at the Aussie Millions Poker Championship, valued to be about $2.5 million. In 2010 he was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.

4.    Doug Polk

Doug Polk, from the United States, is one of the most intelligent individuals when it comes to playing poker. His poker training site has trained so many poker players towards bettering their game and turning out a more professional player.

He was a graduate from UNC before he dropped out to take poker as a full-time career. Gradually, Doug Polk was able to turn a $2 stake to $10,000 or more. A few years later, Doug Polk was believed to be one of the best cash players online.

The poker player had a lengthy feud with Daniel Negreanu, another top-profile poker player. One thing that you can’t neglect about Doug Polk is his funny personality. On another note, the professional gamblers tips have earned him more than $10 million in revenue.


These are some of the best players in the world of poker and sports betting. These professional gamblers have raised the standards in gaming and have inspired others with their winnings. We hope you’ve been able to learn a thing or two.

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