5 Sexy Games for Couples to Try Out in the Bedroom

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Need some sexy new ideas for the bedroom? We have some simple, fun ideas that will help bring your intimacy to the next level!

Here are 5 sexy games you and your partner can try out in the bedroom:

1. Guess This Item

Blindfold your partner while they’re laying down, and grab a few random items (ice cube, belt, feather, etc.). Slowly trace the item lightly over their skin, making your way further south as they try to guess what it is!

2. Truth or Dare – Minus The Truth

Welcome to Truth or Dare—the adult version! Take turns daring each other to do fun, sexy things and increase the stakes each time. Here are some examples:

  • I dare you to wear handcuffs for an hour
  • I dare you to fake an orgasm (a convincing one)
  • I dare you to lick whipped cream off [insert body part here]
  • I dare you to remove my underwear—with no hands

Make sure you communicate any limits you have beforehand – other than that, let your imagination take control!

3. Aural Sex

This game engages your auditory senses while getting you in the mood! Find an erotic excerpt from a book or online source and read it out loud to your partner. Research has shown that reading or listening to erotic fiction can actually be more arousing than watching porn, so…enough said.

4. Spin The Bottle… With A Twist

A sexy spin (pun intended) on a classic! Cut one piece of paper into 4 squares, then do the same for your partner. Write down 4 sexy things you’d like the other person to do for you, or to you. Spread out the 8 slips of paper in a circle, and take turns spinning. Think you can make it through all of them without getting too distracted? (Wink wink.)

5. Role Play

There’s a reason role-playing is a popular bedroom activity. It’s exciting stepping into a new character, especially one that’s the opposite of your personality. Think of a sexy scenario for the two of you to act out, and let the improv begin! (No acting lessons needed.)

Whether you try one of the above games or come up with something different, remember to keep it creative and fun! Introducing new, sexy bedroom ideas is a simple yet effective way to improve your relationship—in and out of the sheets.


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