Alchemy of money management

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Blackjack is also known as twenty-one. The basic of the game is simple to learn, the game is thrilling, and lays ample opportunity with moderate stakes. An expert player; with the alert mind can count the cards, which gives him an edge and tilts odds in favor of him. It is one of the casino games with a low house edge; even an armature player with reasonable skill can win a hand. This card game originated in France and gained popularity during World War I. It is difficult to find a casino, whether online or territorial which does not feature blackjack.

The Deck

Blackjack is played with regular 52 card pack, but many cards are shuffled and mixed in most casinos. Mostly six decks (312) cards are used in casinos for blackjack. Another blank card is used as an indicator and never used for playing. From the shoe, the dealer disturbed cards face down one at a time. Each player wants to score near 21, not surpassing it to win the game.

Card Values

Each face card denotes ten values; there are 12 face cards: the king, queen, jack of each series. Aces are not considered to be face card; it is up to the individual player to treat as 1 or 11. Before the game starts, each player put a stake in the specific area in front of them, the minimum and maximum is around $2 to $500.The shuffles the card thoroughly, a player has randomly chosen is asked to cut, the blank plastic card is inserted, so the last stacks are not used. This part makes card counting tricky even for professional players.

The game begins

After the bets are placed, the dealer starting clockwise gives card face up, followed by one card face up to him. Another round is dealt face-up, but the card for him is reverse. Two cards face up is given to players, and the dealer gets one face up and another face down.

Know the table

Many online เว็บพนัน offer different variants of blackjack. Observe the game before you put the stake. The information the table provides helps you to make a judicious decision. A 3 to 2 blackjack table is more rewarding in the long run than an alluring 6 to 5. A dealer with a soft 17 hand gives more edge to the house, so play cautiously in this situation. If the playing variant allows surrendering of hand, then do so, take a few steps backwards to win the war. Practice one variant, and grasp the rules profoundly, and stick to that variant.

Money management

Money management and gambling seem to be far apart, but a perfect blend is alchemy for success. If you have not applied proper money management, it is time to implement it. One most-followed system is when you are winning increase the bet by one chip; in case you are losing do not increase the stake. If you have made a moderate profit, withdraw the amount and quit for the day. The crux of the strategy is to limit your loss, not to chase it into gain which may lead to blunder. Do not bet the winning amount, take it home.


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