Ruletka Live Online Vs Roulette In A Land-Based Casino – What Is the Difference In Poland?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The gambling law in Poland is very strict and restrictive. According to the law, land-based gambling should take place only in specific venues that have a valid license and permit over here. Currently, Poland has 50 licenses that cover land-based casinos.

The situation with casinos online is even more severe. All forms of gambling except for sports betting and promotional lotteries are prohibited in Poland.

Despite the restrictions, Polish players can always find a way to play roulette online or in land-based casinos. Now, let’s compare these two forms of roulette and discuss their advantages.

Advantages of Ruleka Live Online

1 No Physical Traveling Required for Online Roulette

Like anywhere in the world, Polish online casinos also do not require traveling. Players can stay at home and play online roulette anytime from their PCs, smartphones, or tablets. Or they might gamble while stuck in traffic, bored on the bus, or walking in the park. The only requirement is a stable internet connection. Thus, players reduce the cost of transport, hotel, and dinner by playing roulette online.

2 Bonuses Available for Ruletka Live Online

Usually, online casinos offer different bonus programs and promotions that engage the current players and attract new ones. For example, the live roulette games promise welcome prizes, no deposit bonuses, cashback, or free spins. It’s easy to claim these bonuses but using them is a bit complicated. Each bonus program has a set of rules and guidelines that players should follow. These terms include the wagering requirements, cashback conditions, deadline of the promotion, etc.

3 Move Between Tables at Online Casinos

At online casinos, you can move to another roulette table with just a few clicks. Unlike land-based casinos, you don’t have to wait in line until a vacant seat appears. Moreover, you don’t have to manually check for vacant seats as the system does it automatically for you. Also, you don’t have to worry about collecting your chips and physically moving them with you to the other table. At online casinos, you can either keep them for playing later or cash them out easily.

Advantages of Roulette in Land-Based Casino

1 Deep Dive in Gambling Atmosphere at Land-Based Casinos

No online casino can create the authentic atmosphere of land-based casinos. Many players claim that after experiencing the adrenaline and drive of real casinos, online gambling sites seem too boring. It’s a real pleasure to watch the roulette wheel spinning, wait for the ball to fall into black or red pockets, or place bets on the numbers. Although online and land-based roulette games have the same rules, players claim that it is much more fun to participate in a real game.

2 Play with Real Players at Land-Based Casinos

People started to appreciate human communication and real-world experiences, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in Poland. Nothing can beat the pleasure and experience of sitting next to people, interacting with the croupier, and watching all the participants waiting anxiously for the ball to pick a pocket. Even the live ruletka where you play in real-time can’t create such a unique experience.

3 Visit the Casino and Play Roulette with Friends

You definitely can contact your friends and ask them to join the same game you play at the online casino. You can chat and discuss your games and the bets but it doesn’t give the same vibe as when you visit the gambling establishment with friends. You can watch them play, give betting advice, cheer for them when they win, or encourage them when they lose.

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