Slot machines: How does the technology behind the casino classics work?

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How much does gambling have to do with luck?

So-called slots can look back on a long history. The world’s first slot machine was invented by two brothers in 1889, Adolphe and Arthur Caille, who named it “Black Cat”. Their innovation laid the foundation for an entire industry. While slot machines of that time were based on sophisticated mechanics, today’s models are completely computer-controlled.

Whether the slots are located in an arcade or played online, their basic technology is identical. The heart of these games is the random number generator. This is also referred to as RNG. This stands for “Random Number Generator”. As the term suggests, the mechanism is supposed to randomly control the slot’s switches.

But is it really chance that influences the outcome of the game? This question is asked not only by the 0.35 million players who, according to a 2021 statistic, visited the casino or arcade several times a week. To understand how slots really work, you first need to understand one thing: While you are active on it, so is the random number generator in the background. Every minute, it generates an enormous number of random numbers, which in turn are used to create games without any apparent order. Their results are not subject to any fixed structure and accordingly do not follow any pattern.

This is because the random number generator works according to an algorithm that makes use of a mathematical principle: probability theory. By the way, the fact that a slot really works according to the random principle is more than a friendly gesture of the gambling halls. It is strictly monitored by the gambling authority to protect players from fraud.

A brief explanation of the slot mechanism

Now, do you use gambling apps on your smartphone or visit the nearest casino – the random slot generator works on a similar scheme. The majority of slot machines have a gaming system based on three to five reels. These are usually arranged in three rows and on each reel there are certain symbols. Depending on the selected game variant, their frequency and arrangement may vary. As soon as the reels start spinning, this is called a “spin”. Here, the algorithm already described decides which images the gamer will see on the reels.

Once a game is triggered, the computer generates 100 random numbers for the purpose. The generator randomly selects a combination and “translates” it. That is, it visually puts the images that the numbers stand for on the reel. Special slots fields work on the same principle, as well as combinations that unlock free spins or double winnings.

INFO: The computer that programs the algorithm must not have any memory. Otherwise, stored combinations would be included in the mathematical calculation and influence the random result.

The algorithm on which the slots are based thus functions as a programming basis for any random number generator. As a mathematical concept, it works independently and displays random results. The gimmick that is inherent to the popular video slots does not influence its functioning. This means gamers can play classic slot games or jackpot slots and always benefit from the same chances of winning.

Graphics, sounds and other “externals” are also only superficial distinctions of the slot games. Whether themes like “Wild West”, “Ancient Egypt” or “Fantasy” are chosen, the preferences of the players decide.


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