Top 3 Ancient Greece Themed Slot Games

Written by Jimmy Rustling

When it comes to popular themes within the world of online slot games, one which stands amongst ancient Egypt and fishing games is the Ancient Greece genre of games. These lend themselves heavily to the iconic mythology associated with this historical era, with there being many synonymous things which players would instantly recognise. From the lost city of Atlantis all the way to the smite of the powerful gods such as Zeus and Athena, there are multiple liberties that can be taken in the design phase when creating one of these games. As a result, there have been a whole host of titles that fall under this banner, and therefore, we have selected 3 of the best you could potentially check out.

Gates of Olympus

Beginning with arguably one of the most popular ancient Greece themed slot games, Gates of Olympus has certainly asserted itself as a fan favourite amongst players. This title actually stems from the renowned developers over at Pragmatic Play, the team who have built a reputation for their impressively detailed graphics and their innovative gameplay blueprints. Since its release back in early 2021, this Gates of Olympus slot has asserted itself amongst other big name titles, and this can be attributed to a number of different aspects.

One of these defining elements is the visuals this game presents, with play seemingly being set at the titular Gates of Olympus, the city of Gods far beyond the clouds. The backdrop displays various marble pillars, topped with golden accents and animated flames which stretch backwards towards the towering white buildings of Olympus itself. In front of all of this is the games central playtable with this being formatted in a slightly larger than usual 6×5 formation. The reels themselves are decorated with an intricate golden frame, but instead of adopting the typical payline system most other slots use, this specific title opts for a cluster pay mechanic. In the simplest of terms, symbols could potentially form combinations depending on the number of matching ones landed, regardless of their position on the reels.

The symbols in this title help establish this Gates of Olympus slot as one of the most unique out there, with various different colour gems decorated with golden trinkets potentially being landable in this game. Only adding to the uniqueness of the game is the remainder of the higher valued symbols, with a golden chalice, ring, hour glass and jewel encrusted crown also being present in this game.

This Gates of Olympus slot game also comes paired with a whole host of nuanced gameplay bonuses too, one of these being the cascading reels mechanic. Put simply, this bonus could potentially remove any symbols involved in prior combinations from the playtable and subsequently replace them with new symbols which fall down from above. Another of the bonuses this game comes with is the free spins round which could be triggered should you land four or more of the games Zeus scatter symbols. During these, multipliers could potentially be introduced to gameplay, which is a nice new layer to the title as a whole.

Ancient Fortunes Poseidon Megaways

Moving from one fan favourite slot to another, this Poseidon Ancient Fortune Megaways game has also proved popular amongst players since its release in May 2021. Like with the previously discussed Gates of Olympus slot, this Ancient Fortunes Poseidon Megaways title also has 6 individual reels. However, as this is a Megaways infused slot, the playtable is actually dynamic, with the number of rows changing with each and every spin. As a result of this, the game could have up to 117,649 separate paylines, with this number clearly being displayed atop the polished teal coloured reels.

The playtable is designed in a way that represents a sunken structure, fitting in with the remainder of the game’s backdrop. Behind the reels, various pillars can be seen protruding upwards, submerged under the deep blue waves of the ocean, Poseidon’s playing ground. Schools of fish manoeuvre their way throughout the submerged stone structures, all whilst beams of sunlight penetrate the water’s surface, illuminating the golden accents of the games fixed jackpot boxes which are positioned to the left of the reels.

The symbols in this Ancient Fortunes Poseidon Megaways slot are also unique solely to this slot. The lower valued symbols are made up of some pendants representing sea shells, crabs, dolphins,  bulls, horses and octopi. The higher valued symbols in this title are also unique to this release, with glowing emerald, sapphire and ruby symbols alongside a golden poseidon making up the remainder of the game’s symbols.

There are also a handful of bonus symbols that could potentially be landed in this release, with some of these including the trident wild symbol and the ‘GOLD’ scatter symbols. The first of these symbols has substituting properties, but could also contribute to the jackpot related treasure chest that is situated in the bottom left of the playscreen. Spelling the word ‘GOLD’ with the lettered scatter symbols could trigger the game’s free spins round, in which some multipliers could be introduced to this bonus round.

Wild Link Zeus

Finally, we move onto this WIld Link Zeus slot game, another title which centres itself around one of the iconic Ancient Greek gods which are synonymous withs its mythology. This title refers back to a more conventional and standardised play table layout, opting for 5 reels and 3 rows. This game features 20 individual paylines by default, however, due to the wild links feature that this game has integrated, this could potentially increase up to 50. In essence, the wild links bonus could add additional rows to gameplay, should one of the game’s Zeus wild symbols be landed on the game’s first reel. Should this occur, an additional row will appear above the reels, and this could repeat until there are 6 rows in total.

The backdrop for this game is once again positioned high above the clouds, with a white blanket covering a majority of the screen. Two grandiose marble pillars protrude through these towards the swirling winds overhead. To the left of the reels, Zeus stands, wielding a ball of lightning . The reels themselves actually feature a whole collection of distinctive symbols exclusive to this slot, with an intricate vase, a harp, a white falcon and a pegasus potentially appearing on the reels alongside the more familiar playing card symbols.

Although this game is relatively more simplistic when comparing it to the other two titles we have already discussed, its innovative Wild Link bonus mechanic helps it stand out, and offers a rather nuanced gameplay approach.


Now that we have selected 3 of the best Ancient Greece themed games in our opinion, it may be obvious why this genre only continues to grow in popularity, all whilst seeing more and more titles adopt its distinctive thematics. The power of the mythological gods is clearly a point of influence, and the ethereal graphical displays these tend to produce are some of the most impressive on the market.

However, should you choose to check out these releases or any others that are similarly themed, we must remind you about the importance of responsible gambling. As these games involve real money and stakes, the risk associated is also real. Consequently, it is vital that you only play with funds that you can afford and are willing to lose, and to set yourself limits and parameters in order to ensure control over your gameplay experience.

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