Why Relaunching Valiant’s Shadowman Is A Great Idea

It was February of 2020 when the news broke out that Shadowman #1 will be released in May of the same year. Made by the New York Times bestselling author Cullen Bunn and Jon David-Hunt, this comic series has made fans excitedly anticipate the upcoming series.

With a lot of series under its belt, the revamp of the Valiant Comics Database comes with the re-energizing of its more-popular characters such as Shadowman. Although sinister and dark its nature, this comic-series is unique on its own, having a grounded plot that reflects the struggles and victories of not just its readers, but mankind as well.

If you’ve been a long-time fan of the Shadowman franchise, or you just need more convincing, here are some reasons why you should look out for the comic-series’ relaunching:


Why Relaunching Valiant’s Shadowman Is A Great Idea: Things To Know

Celebrating Diversity In Comics

The timing of revamping Shadowman could never be more perfect. The background of this superhero is a young man named Jack Boniface, a young man of color living in New Orleans. With much of media now gearing towards diversity, Shadowman will break the superhero stereotypes and be included as one of the ways people can celebrate their unique heritage.

Integrating The Timeless Topic Of Supernatural Powers

Supernatural doesn’t just mean the cliche extraordinary strength or laser vision. Shadowman touches the supernatural side which is more in touch with reality. Perhaps some of us had these experiences ourselves, which is why it makes the comic’s plot more relatable.

Shadowman’s powers come from its symbiotic relationship with the Shadow Loa, giving him reduced fear, night vision, regeneration, and passage to the Dead Side. Supernatural powers and experiences always keep us on our toes, and it is a timeless topic that everyone can truly enjoy.

A Sober Reminder Of Life And Death

Current events may make us think of how fragile our life is, but these reminders are often grim and laced with anxiety. However, the comic-series Shadowman gives us a striking yet entertaining reminders between the lines of life and death. As a superhero who fights “in-between”, Shadowman gives us the opportunity to value life and the people around us.

At the same time, the series also touches upon the darkness that could lie behind, away from the trenches of the living. It makes us treasure the good things we have now, and the acts of nature (and possibly, people) that keep us safe in this dimension.

Helping Value Life Purpose Regardless Of Background

The best of the superheroes don’t come from the A-list. In fact, they come from the deepest, underrepresented crevices of society. That is the story of Jack Boniface: As his mother was forced to leave him in foster care, he started out in his early years without any recollection of his innate power.

This touches the social issue of children growing up in foster care, and how many of them experience neglect while being transferred from one facility to another. Despite this background, Jack Boniface found purpose and meaning by harnessing his superpowers and protecting the living from the dead.

This sends a great message to the youth who are now presently facing identity issues and mental health struggles. When you discover your purpose and find ways to fulfill it, your background becomes your source of strength rather than a weakness. Your previous experiences and lessons learned may just be what you need in order to succeed and help others.

Success In Other Forms Of Media

Shadowman is titled a classic on other platforms as well, such as in video games. By relaunching the comic series, there will be more opportunities for fans to enjoy the character and new angles of the plot in different forms of media, such as comic, games, TV series, and even movies–who knows?

The great thing about Shadowman franchise is its success both in the financial and critical side of things. It presents so many great possibilities for new and old fans alike.

Thankfully, there are plans in the future to remaster the video game version of Shadowman in several consoles. With the revamp of the comic-series, there will surely be more releases in the following years.

Coming Out Of The Shadows

Based on this interview with the new owner of Valiant Comics Dan Mintz from DMG Entertainment, Shadowman will quite possible be making appearances on the big screen soon. Like coming out of the shadows, this horror, supernatural themed comic-series are sure to make fans ‘feel the chills’ with the entertaining value it provides.

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