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Onlinesim for private registration on various websites

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Some sites require too much personal information from the user, which can be quite suspicious, if you think about that. It is not always clear how they are going to use it further. The most obvious is the distribution of promotional notices. This kind of action is not always convinient for modern time people, since it can bring some unpleasant feelings, need to “clean out” all unnecessary messages from various add companies. That is why the virtual sim for sms service has become popular, which helps users register where they need to, while keeping secret that information about themselves, which for various reasons they are not going to disclose. Such service is OnlineSIM. It helps to use products and services on the Internet by registering with a temporary number, available one-time or for a period of time that is convenient for the user to pay for.

Why is it dangerous to leave your real phone number on websites?

You don’t have to be obsessed with anonymity, security, and privacy to gravitate towards privacy and maximum protection of personal data. If earlier thieves broke into houses, breaking locks or windows, now instead of a house there are our digital savings (including money), and instead of doors and windows: passwords, email and mobile phone numbers. Protection of this valuables is necessary today. Amount of information, that criminals or other individual can get from simple email, even protected, is hard to stress enough. This is why people start to take an interest in alternative ways to protect their privacy from never sleeping fraud community.

How many times do public figures suffer from leaking their personal data to the Internet? It is unlikely that anyone would want to be in their place, so it is absolutely normal to use a virtual number for verification instead of leaving so much information about yourself to unfamiliar sites and apps.

How to use a temporary phone number to register on sites?

Getting temporary phone number is quite simple:

  1. Create an account in the OnlineSIM service.
  2. Select the type of virtual number (for calls and SMS, only for incoming SMS from different sites, for one-time use only on one website, etc.).
  3. Choose a convenient rate. To receive sms online from one site, you can use the available free numbers. In case you are going to use a virtual number for a longer time, you should choose a tariff with a subscription fee for a particular period.

After that, you can select the number of any country or region that you need and instead of your personal one, indicate it. You can buy virtual sms number with the possibility of renewal, and then the OnlineSIM personal account will become the repository of all SMS codes and other notifications that come from such sites.

A distinctive feature of the OnlineSIM service is that each number is issued to customers only once. No one will try to register another account on the same number in the same place where you register. Therefore, be calm: both your account and your personal number remain safe forever!

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