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What are the tasks that a virtual assistant can perform?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The virtual assistants are skilled professionals, who offer various services like administrative work, financial assistance, strategic business planning for start-up business owners and small-scale entrepreneurs. By offering these services, the virtual assistants reduce the work pressure of business owners. Without virtual assistants, the business owners must perform all on their own, leading to cross the deadline and will not able to plan long term strategic business plans. This article discusses various tasks that a virtual assistant can perform, that promotes in growing the business, in the following sections of the article.

Virtual Assistant tasks

There are lots of opportunities for virtual assistant.You can find thousands of skill-based openings for Virtual Assistants jobs at Dormzi and other online platforms. The following section discusses various tasks performed by the Virtual Assistants.

  1. Calendar and E-mail management

With hectic work schedules, the business owners might find it difficult for calendar and E-mail management. By hiring a virtual assistant for these tasks, the business owners can save a lot of time. Virtual assistants perform the following:

  • When the business owners’ gives rough details about meetings and calls, the Vas will easily manage and schedule the calls and meetings that suits the business owner’s time and only with the people who are on the day’s meeting list.
  • When business owners provide a list of appointments or calls to be confirmed in prior, the virtual assistants will give and schedule all the confirmed appointments. They will also remind the business owners about the official calls and meetings.
  • If the business owners have other important appointments, the Vas will automatically reschedule the appointment or calls. They will also let the other people who are all involved in the meeting about the reschedule date and time.
  • They used to update the pending list to the business about no response to the calls made for confirming the meeting.
  • The Vas will also be able to handle the business owner’s official e-mail. Based on the business owners’ instructions, the VAs will respond to the e-mail, delete or flag the e-mail on behalf of the business owners.
  • If the business owners have a meeting with some officials, the Vas will add the contact as well as do updating to the contact list if necessary or can search for another detail from the e-mail.
  • Virtual Assistants also enter all the details of the company’s CRM system.
  1. Phone call management

Sometimes the business owners will not be able to attend the phone calls. In such cases, the calls will be directed by virtual assistants, who will make necessary communication on behalf of Virtual Assistant.  The voice message will also forward to the business owners through e-mail for transcription.

  1. Travel management

The business owners will have to go to various places for business-related meetings and appointments. With busy schedules, they would find it difficult to search for flights and hotels and book them. A virtual assistant will assist the business owners in booking flights and hotels. They not only book hotels and flights, but they will also book cabs to the destination, where the event occurs.

  1. Business enlargement

The virtual assistants for enhancing the communication between Business to Business, they will keep updating the LinkedIn profiles and gets more clients. The Vas also helps in taking out the e-mail id of the client, for whom the business owner needs to contact with the help of Google Assistants. They help out in creating presentation slides that are informative and attractive by adding animations.

  1. administration

The business owners might require a few reports that have to be filed and given to the clients. A virtual assistant can collect and organize files and mail to the business format. They will also assist the business owner in recruiting employees to the company; by collecting the employee details from LinkedIn that matches as per criteria given and mail those lists to the virtual assistants.

  1. Accounting

The virtual assistants can help to manage the company’s payroll, send invoices to the clients and other financial areas.

  1. Function

The virtual assistants will perform other functions needed for the business, where the business owners could not spare time for.

  • The VAs can fill out some online forms required for the business.
  • Attends webinar on behalf of business owners for knowing about trendy business tactics.
  • Performs file management for assuring the right access.
  • Does research related to business solutions.
  • Converts a file to a various file format like pdf, .txt, Docx, etc

These are all the various tasks performed by the Virtual Assistants on behalf of business owners, which is cost-effective as well as saves money. So, it is always best to hire a skilled Virtual Assistant for the successful growth of the business with higher profits.

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