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An Original Banksy Shows Up In Arizona Today; Jokingly Threatens Hoaxer Who Wrote About Him Getting Arrested

Banksy is Paul Horner

The fake mugshot of Phoenix resident Paul Horner claiming to be graffiti artist Banksy. The hoax went viral back in November and fooled millions of people around the world.

Phoenix, AZ — Employees at a bar in downtown Phoenix found the ‘pot of gold over the rainbow’ today when one of their employees discovered original artwork by the elusive graffiti artist Banksy.

The piece by Banksy was found in the back of an establishment called The Lost Leaf Bar and Gallery.

CNN reached out to the street artist’s publicist, Jo Brooks, who confirmed the artwork.

“Banksy is currently in Phoenix doing work and meeting with some of his mates,” Brooks said. “What Banksy wrote on the wall of The Lost Leaf in Phoenix to Paul Horner is not a threat, it’s all just in good fun. As a prankster himself, Banksy actually quite enjoyed what Horner had done.”

As you may remember back in November, Horner was the one responsible for making millions of people around the world believe Banksy had been arrested and his identity revealed as the name ‘Paul Horner’.

Banksy artwork in Phoenix Arizona about Paul Horner

The artwork by graffiti artist Banksy found today in Phoenix, Arizona at The Lost Leaf Bar and Gallery. (AP Photo/Dennis System, File) / AP

The Washington Post says one of Horner’s greatest coup, however, remains a fake story he wrote during the government shutdown roughly a year ago. In a ridiculous piece titled “Obama uses own money to open Muslim museum amid government shutdown,” Horner claimed President Obama paid out of pocket to keep a “federally funded” Muslim culture museum in Mississippi open. Despite the fact that no such museum exists, it was reported, as fact, on Fox News.

“Then there was a break, and they didn’t mention it again after,” Horner said, cracking himself up. “I guess they learned how to use Google during the commercials or something.” Horner continued, “What is the fake news site, mine, or Fox News?” he asks. “You decide.”

The owner of The Lost Leaf Bar and Gallery, Tom Downey, told 12 News that he is excited to have a Banksy on the walls of his bar and gallery.

“I’m just thrilled,” Downey said. “Banksy is an amazing artist and this will definitely bring in more business for sure. Right now, this is just a lot to take in, it’s all pretty surreal.” Downey continued, “A bar in Utah has a drink called The Paul Horner, because they own an original Banksy. Maybe we’ll look into doing something like that now,” Downey laughs.

Local Phoenix muralist JB Snyder, who frequents the The The Lost Leaf Bar and Gallery, told local news station ABC15 he is a big fan of Banksy and also knows Horner.

“I’m friends with Paul [Horner] who did the original hoax about Banksy getting arrested,” Snyder said. “Now Banksy shows up in Phoenix to show some love, this whole thing couldn’t get any better. Banksy is a great sport and I hope he throws up more of his work while here in Phoenix.”

Whether Banksy will show his face or do another piece of work while in town is anyone’s guess, but the artwork from today is currently on display in the exact same place where it was found. It is unknown if it will be moved indoors, displayed at another location or sold to the highest bidder.

The The Lost Leaf Bar and Gallery is located at 914 N 5th St, Phoenix, Arizona 85004.


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