Obama Announces Plans For A Third Term Presidential Run

Obama 3rd presidential term
Written by Jimmy Rustling

Washington, DC — President Barack Obama shocked the country this morning with news that he is running for a third term.

“I can’t abandon the American people now when they need me more than ever,” Obama told reporters at a press conference this morning. “We’ve come this far as a nation, now is not the time to do something different. This is the change you wanted and this is the change you’re getting.”

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky told CNN he does not agree with Obama and his announcement. “This defies everything the Constitution stands for,” Paul said. “We can not let this man have a third term.”

In the history of this country only two presidents have served more than two terms, Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The major problem for Obama when he runs in 2016, is the 22nd Amendment. In short, the 22nd Amendment states, “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice…”

The U.S. Constitution does make an exception in the 22nd Amendment though: “This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several states within seven years from the date of its submission to the states by the Congress.” This means Obama’s third term presidential run is only valid if he receives 75% approval from the Congress.

A bill to abolish the 22nd Amendment was recently introduced into Congress by New York Democratic Rep. Jose Serrano and is gaining popularity. This is exactly the kind of news that makes an Obama 2016 Presidential run possible.

Paul Horner who is a spokesman for the Obama Administration told reporters how amazing this news is for the country. “Obama is guaranteed to win in 2016 and then we’ll all be able to enjoy this great man for another four years. Things could not get any better for the American people. I’m so stoked!”

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Jimmy Rustling

Born at an early age, Jimmy Rustling has found solace and comfort knowing that his humble actions have made this multiverse a better place for every man, woman and child ever known to exist. Dr. Jimmy Rustling has won many awards for excellence in writing including fourteen Peabody awards and a handful of Pulitzer Prizes. When Jimmies are not being Rustled the kind Dr. enjoys being an amazing husband to his beautiful, soulmate; Anastasia, a Russian mail order bride of almost 2 months. Dr. Rustling also spends 12-15 hours each day teaching their adopted 8-year-old Syrian refugee daughter how to read and write.


  • Obama is creeping ever so close to being an outright terrorist I have tried not to hate him but he is A horrible man with no respect. He’s a typical black man screaming you racist every time you tell him no and he’s the president it’s damn pathetic. he took the confederate flag away from people because one guy killed people while wearing it. With that logic we should ban petty coats (jack the ripper, button up t-shirts (Charles Manson) oh and pants, shorts, underwear, shoes I mean he is the ultimate racist but no one is screaming for their removal. They killed a lot more people then the one crazy racist see however terrible they were. They protected what they thought to be right and that is what he choose to attack, anyone willing to protect themselves from the governments over reaching Marxism. He will not be allowed a third term unless he is willing to destroy the civilized fucking world

    • Lucas….you are hilarious! thought he was only trying to destroy America but now I know , he has his evil sight on all the world.

    • The fact that you make statements inviting the leader of the free world as a terrorist exemplifies your extreme views then the fact that you go on to say that you’ve tried not to hate someone but they’re just really evil yet you’ve never met that person in your life you listen to news clips and read articles to base your judgement tells about your mental state then you creatively paint an image that Obama has single-handedly taken a confederate flag from the hands of those wielding them is just completely ridiculous and asinine in the most disgusting thing that you have said is to insinuate that quote typical black man somehow scream racism when those that their hatred and vitriol as yourself in your hearts will make all of your assertions then somehow when someone complains that your on hatred in your own derogatory marks are a demonstration of true hatred you somehow find a way to build an eyes those people and minimize what they’re saying is the nonsense wake up stop spreading hatred about spreading something positive for contributing something positive every person that says that they are discriminated against doesn’t just say that just because it’s very narrow minded and ignorant to think that no one can possibly experience discrimination simply because that’s not a reality that you live hatred is not something to be wielded hatred only grows like cancer and spreads the same there’s too much hatred and I see it in your messages and in your post and it’s probably in your heart how about expressing some love and some kindness and finding things that we do all share in common instead of that in which divides us hatred divides us I choose love my friend

      • shut the fuck up you pacifist.
        people like you enable tyranny.
        love IS what creates, but lets not be pussies and let rich sadistic men and women puppet the human race off a cliff.
        don’t cry

          • Man the worst thing would be to let anyone have a 3rd term. Once again, we stopped that in the 50’s. So as to keep dictators out. and unless something is done, The US will go down. Shoot they have already made it bad for us by removing Jesus from Schools, work, and if they had their way they would stop us or try in out every days lives. We were a lot better back in those days. There was less anger, hate. But no matter what happens Jesus is still coming back to pick up all those that walked with Him, Love Him. And most of all Believe He is the Son of GOD! I for one am looking forward to that great and glorious day.

          • Fuck you Cracker. You hate the fact that we got a black president who making the world a better place

          • No; those who worship him cannot realize anything of the sort. They’re gullible “yes people” to control freaks like this horrible man. They need to watch “Schindler’s List,” “The Diary of Anne Frank,” and “The Hiding Place,” TRUE STORIES, to see how dictators take over countries and “relieve” people of their freedom.

        • Lucas & Me are both correct. I can say this because I am NOT white. Obama is using his race to his advantage. His is holding hostage the republicans with it. If they try to do anything to hold him accountable in any way they will be called a racist. The republicans have given up governing for the most part while he is in office. The other problem that you have is that you have RINO’s in office and not conservatives who are happy to go along with Obama. They said give us the house we’ll stop Obama. They got the house. Then they said well we need the Senate and then we can really stop Obama. Now they have both houses and just passed a bill until 2017 in the middle of the night. They have not done anything to stop Obama but yet they were voted to stop Obama.

          • “Obama is using his race to his advantage.”

            What’s wrong with that.? White men have been using their race to their advantage for centuries.

          • The boston marathon bombins were staged though, after some research I discovered that there were navy seals telling participants in the race that they should not panick, it is just a bomb drill. No imminent threat, and by going on many were affected, and loss of the limbs was the biggest factor, the limbs that they need to run etc.

          • Everyone seems terrified of him. He seems like a bully…may God help us if he stays. He has put us in the most vulnerable position we have ever been in and now wants our guns…can we all say….hitler

          • Devodrick Baker, do you know where slavery started? It wasn’t with White Americans. Slavery existed in Africa, long before black people ever came to these shores. It existed in Britain long before it came here, and it was the DEMOCRATS in the south who kept slavery going, but finally, a WHITE Republican American president ended slavery in this country. Stop listening to your token half-white president and his race baiting, and do some real research for yourself.

            Tell me one thing Obama has done that has made this world a better place, without repeating what he and his fellow Marxist Socialists keep spouting. Once he and his WHITE cohorts have made this country a dictatorship with the help your support, they’re not going to give a rip about you any more. Wake up while there’s still time.

          • Someone needs to stop him! He wants to ruin us before he leaves and leave that Hilary in to carry on his legacy! I sure don’t think America needs that! She is a bigger liar than him. This is our last chance to get America back and I can’t believe they don’t impeach her! She has put us in real harm. I want my kids and grand kids to be able to enjoy this country like it is. No Muslim ways in America. If Muslim is so great why don’t they stay where they are and they can do whatever it is they want. Obama wants to be the dictator so he can have it all his way!

          • Hogandda
            November 27, 2015 at 12:36 pm

            “Obama is using his race to his advantage.”

            What’s wrong with that.? White men have been using their race to their advantage for centuries.

            White men have been the only men capable of CRITICAL THINKING for Centuries —where would we be if Africa or Saudia Arabia was in control –back in the 7th Century??

          • Chantelle…CORRECT!
            but there were no real injuries…they were all fake or faked and the people who were ‘ injured ‘ were actors. The Navy seal guys you mentioned are called Craft International, they set off the ‘ bombs ‘ not the Tsarnaev brothers. Jahar left with his backpack, which was light-blue gray, not black…
            both brothers were set up. I live about 20 minutes from Boston, and have studied and studied this. They DID NOT DO IT.

        • I hope you had the same opinion of President Bush and other rich saddest men that have been in office.

      • Amazing love how,u worded,everything and how much oftruth you incincluded ppl don’t understand real hate racism or their own feelings at times.. in exactly what you are saying.. Obama is the best option out and genuine at heart for blacks white Muslim etc.. point is no one should be labeled based off media light.. know actual knowledge and actual facts real interactions with the person you say u know do well.. but LOVE IS FREE HATE COSTS DESTRUCTION DIVISION AND DEMOLISHED PROGRESS…

      • :'( Boo hoo hoo, hanging obama would be the answer, don’t have to know the bastard personally to know his treasonous, Godless, deplorable workings over our country

        • I find many of these post latent with definite racism and a strong stitch of fox news. While I’m not a fan of Obama – what I can say is that he has had FACTUAL accomplishments in regards to jobs, war and the ND (National Dept.). Fox New have been reported by legit political firms to only tell 18% of the truth on their network and to be honest MSNBC is at 30% of the truth. Neither one of these networks are creditable if you ask me but I find that racist aka people who say they are not but really are gravitate to Fox News.

          What’s interesting is that most people will deny the fact(s) and will continue to listen to bogus news despite knowing that they are full of garbage but hey ‘to each his/her own’.

          Facts – Reaganomics on served the people who was without color while in fact is did a great injustice to those of color. Now, that might not seem like much to most people on here because it didn’t affect you – but the people that it did affect – he destroyed! Bush (father & Son) destroyed this country in ways indescribable. As a matter of fact – Bush (jr) he is currently ranked as the number 10 worst president in American history while Obama is considered in the top 15. Naturally racist and Fox News enthusiast definitely believe otherwise and even to the point of wanted to hurt him physically – the truth is what it is.

          Now I’m not an Obama supporter for the fact that he’s trying to shove homosexuality down the throat of Americans and the world as a whole. I don’t like his policy on Abortion – I think its murder – a form of population control. primarily focused on minority populations. I think he’s so busy trying to win the right (aka wrong) wings over that he’s lost focus on making America safer and inclusive for everyone to have equal rights. Obama as Trump stated hasn’t done anything to assure his people any form of equal rights and believe me they are not treated equal or consider equal in America. So with that being said – I don’t like Obama but all of the other alternatives his horrible to say the least. Even if a right wing gets in he will still allow abortion and legalize homosexuality; FACT!!!

          • Obama and his spending is going to bankrupt this country. The national debt keeps rising and although the interest rates are very low now, when they start to rise back to near normal, the interest payments are going to accelerate the rise in debt until we will end up like Greece. That is the facts. We can’t afford to keep spending money we don’t have. It will all come crashing down and everyone will be ruined. No one will escape.

        • Why do all you nigs refer to white people as crackers. You are so stupid all we crackers have to do is rent crop dusters and spray the air with clcle cell anemia and then only crackers are left and choclate uncle toms melt and die bye bye

          • Ohhh this is a joke coming from a cave man. Some of you white people have no identity you have no sense of culture. Where did you come from? You have no idea. You burn in the sun, your sweat smells different, your lips are so flat they resemble the lips of monkeys yet you have the nerve to compare us to monkeys lmao. The truth is everything you guys have attempted to do or portray black people as is a direct reflection of yourself hatred. Sad really because you are the minority in this world. The only way you can feel better about your miserable scientifically created existence is to actual put down the people of this fucking earth. We made you bitches. We made this fucking world all y’all know how to do is rape pillage and steal what isn’t yours. Go pray to your Jesus and ask he take this hatred from your heart because y’all are truly pathetic.

        • All of you are the blame fo what’s happening in this country. So sad!!! We shouldn’t be worried about Russia and other countries, we fight against our selves we bigotries. We’re making a joke of America to all the other countries in the world. We are destroying this country with ignorance. All of us will be the blame for destruction. The ignorance of the American people. This site and the people making rude accusations is proof self destruction. We are a country that takes everyone of us to win. Black White Spanish etc… Come together before we lose democracy. Peace to the American people, and stand as one against the World.??

      • Free world lol you must be the retard in the family everyone talks about. Then you go on and talk about someone Mental State when the fact is ( Liberal dope ) you stand out as the true lunatic here.

      • Just because I don’t agree with all of Obama’s views does not make one racist. It mean I what it means, I don’t agree. No President should have 3 terms. We use to have that, but it was removed to keep from getting someone with a dictator mentality. We are not a socialist country like others that have dictators. We are suppose to be a democratic country, the Government is suppose to work for the people. Doesn’t School teach that in History anymore.

          • I have a black friend been friend with for over 12 years love her not racist however Obama…..ya antichrist!!

          • You know what’s pathetic? The fact that it’s always that worn out race card that’s in play. Are you a slave? No. Does your family have to deal with slavery anymore here in America? No. Didn’t we demolish slavery here in America with Lincoln (one of us white devils that you all are so quick to blame for all of your problems) as president? Yes. A lesson in history will do everyone some good, and trying to get amends for something you never had to experience first hand is down right dirty in my opinion. We’ve pretty much squashed the race issue aside from KKK and those bastards can rot in hell with the rest and best of them. The issue with Obama doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the color of his skin, it has everything to do with what he has done to this country. Our dollar is now useless at this point, empty IOU’s that the government has been illegally printing because your wonderful Obama has driven this entire country to bankruptcy; and now he wants to bring in more people from across the globe to come into America to cost us even MORE money that we don’t have. He’s driving us into the next economical collapse, and no amount of race cards that you or anyone else throws out there is gonna save your ass from the repercussions of this. So save the racism shit for another discussion and use some common sense like the rest of us.

          • Why should we when that’s not the issue? Besides, his Socialist mother was white, as were his maternal, Socialist grandparents, all of whom had their hand in raising him. His father did not. He abandoned him and his mother. So stop spouting the race-baiting rhetoric of your master racist, Obama. He’s done nothing but divide this country since he took office. I’ve been alive going on 74 years, and I’ve NEVER seen anything like the damage he’s done to this country!

            Our issues with Obama are his views and what he and those views have done to this nation. We have the same issues with WHITE Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, whose objectives are basically the same as Obama’s. When he and/or these WHITE Socialists are through with this country, you’ll be as oppressed as the rest of us. We’re all in this together. Put your dog-eared race card away. It’s getting REALLY old!

          • Charlene, you said “I’ve been alive going on 74 years, and I’ve NEVER seen anything like the damage he’s done to this country!” Would you care to tell me what this damage is? Did he start 2 unnecessary wars that will cost us $6 Trillion dollars? Did he cost us 800,000 jobs a month or has there been 72 months of private sector job growth (a record) creating over 14 million jobs?

            Just what damage has he done?

      • oh yes! the great leader of the free nation! the nation that bombs innocents , creates terrorists and invade countries for war profit!


      • It’s unsuspecting people like you, blinded and fooled by those like Obama, performing their smoke-and-mirrors acts, who become the oppressed subjects of dictators. Those people could tell you Lucas’ conclusion about Obama, and the conclusions of millions of others as well, are not the result of mental illness, but rather paying attention and knowing the signs. The problem with “loving” people like you is that you’re so enamored with this monster and his fellow Marxist Socialist that you can’t see the forest for the trees. Go ahead and love this evil control freak if you wish; the rest of us will fight to the death for our freedom and yours while you go around like a zombie with your eyes wide shut.

      • You make no sense. Have you proofread your rant? If so, and if you can’t see that it makes no sense, I guess it’s futile to try to reason with you, but I’ll try.

        If you can “love” someone whose stated goal is to “fundamentally change America,” you can’t understand what he was telling us. Let me explain.

        The “fundamental” base of America is its Constitution, the only thing that guarantees our freedom. His aim is to chip away at it, as he’s been doing, until it’s destroyed.

        He and his cohort Marxist Socialists in government have been rabidly going after our 2nd Amendment because it protects all our other freedoms. Once the People no longer have a means of defending themselves and their loved ones from a tyrannical leader, we will be defenseless against their takeover and resulting oppression. That means you, me, EVERYONE!

        Study the histories of all the oppressed nations in the world. They ALL began with gun laws, then gun control, then gun confiscation. Those dictators started out being loved by their followers, made their plans sound wonderful, and were regarded by the people as their saviors.

        Obama’s no different. There are those who still idolize him as the “best president we’ve ever had,” etc., but what has he really done? Nothing but divide. A nation that is divided is more easily conquered. “Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: ‘Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand? And if I cast out demons by Beelzebub, by whom do your sons cast them out? Therefore they shall be your judges. But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, surely the kingdom of God has come upon you.'” — Matthew 12:22-28

        Wake up and educate yourselves!

      • Loveistheanswer

        Mate…run-on sentence much? I think my brain just melted after the tenth word. Use punctuation please, it doesn’t hurt I promise.

      • Obama allows terror to happen and then can’t even say its terror….You are what is wrong with this country. You support an evil kiilling machine with ties to communism and terrorism.. and his disregard for americans makes me sick. You only disagree because you’re a drone , a mindless person that shouldn’t be on this planet for you are part of its destruction. Don’t you see anything?

        • Notice a trend throughout the posts of the Obummer disciples? It’s, “Blah, blah, racist, blah, racist, blah, blah,blah, blah, racist, Racist, RAAAACIIIIST!!!”. Understand, these are sheeple that are incapable of critical and original thought, speech and action, so why waste time acknowledging them?! These are the Epsilon Morons (EP) of Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World; drones, bred only to do as they’re programmed to do. They possess a limited, pre-programmed vocabulary that is automatically activated when their vestigial brains detect specific anti-autocrat verbiage. The only thing “liberal” about them is their amount of consumption of entitlement programs and their tendency to breed prolifically, and the only thing “progressive” about them is the Brave New World chip embedded in their tiny organ that resembles a human brain. When the manchurian candidate they believe they “elected” to the Executive Office is gone -and it will be gone, they’ll mercifully become extinct due to their inability to think, shelter or feed themselves on their own. Thinking Americans are very tolerant, as proven by the joke of a ‘leader’ we’ve allowed to weaken, disrupt, and embarrass our great country for over 7.5 years. The EP aren’t programmed for critical thought -or to read, so they’re incapable of grasping the concepts of “Government by Consent” or, “The Will of the People” as conceptualized in the US Constitution and demonstrated by thousands of years of common law. They can’t and have no desire to learn to read therefore they’ll never know our country’s history and that the American Revolution actually did occur or why, and can’t possibly comprehend that that it can and will happen again if their Baphomet-in-Chief were to actually have the stupidity to try to remain in our White House. Their Baphomet-in-Chief doesn’t actually possess intelligence, it simply sports a slightly more sophisticated chip than the EP so as to appear to have a higher degree of intelligence. Thinking Americans have a good sense of humor as proven by the last 7.5 years but the joke is over, we’re done laughing (and being laughed at by the entire world), and it’s time to put the train back on track. The, “na-na-na-na-na-naaaaaah!” breed of EP will soon have to abandon their baseball bats, rocks and other primitive weapons with which they’re programmed to attack thinking humans, and their masks will be ripped from their stupid faces to reveal eyes (normally vacant of soul or thought) now filled with confusion and fear. But the EP chip isn’t programmed to understand that thinking Americans nave no interest in harming the weak, helpless, mentality and spiritually impaired breed of EP, or that their Baphomet while no longer in a position to destroy our country, will still be around and no doubt delighted to continue to lead the hoards of remaining, vapid EP to the nearest cliff and with little encouragement, persuade them to jump happily to their death.

      • U R an idiot,oblozo is not my president,give Iran 150 Billion,5 other presidents didn’t see the need to do so,and don’t f n say it was there money,he and hiliar-y did,create Isis,,,

    • Lucas you are a racist idiot. “Typical black man”, really? And button down shirts never symbolized racism, which is why there is nothing wrong with wearing one.

      • So everyone who can see through this horrible man and his Marxist Socialist trickery must be racists? How narrow minded and brainwashed you are!

        • @ Charlene: Blow it off. Even a parrot has a more diverse vocabulary than then these idiots. “Liberal” fatigue is sweeping the nation and the fatigued are becoming increasingly desensitized to the relentless race-baiting, labels, taunts, name calling and general hissy fit that is collectively (most of) “the left” and all of it’s “special interest” martyrs. Obviously no matter how many ‘wrongs’ are rectified the perpetual-victim will ‘identify’ or manufacture another ‘injustice’ to wallow in. The ‘non-victim’ contingent is exhausted and getting on with more important things like families and jobs. Non-victims have decided to ‘have the nerve’ to be proud of who and what we are, refuse to wear the mantle of ‘white guilt’ and ‘white privilege’, refuse to keep pouring our resources and sympathy into the bottomless pit of a pocket that is the eternal-victim, and we just ain’t gonna apologize -for anything. Todays ‘in your face’-24/7 victim-martyrs have received more than any human’s fair share of “social justice”, special privileges and protections, entitlements and undivided attention. ‘Eternal-victims’ need to contemplate taking all they’ve been given and just getting on with their lives. They can no longer taunt, race-bait or guilt-trip people onto their knees to give them an audience and submit to their latest ‘injustices’. Like the reign of terror in the WH, it’s over. Just blow it off.

    • Just shut the fuck up ! Yall so fucking dumb and need to learn yall history ! Obama have changed the world . He made Martin Luther King dream come true ! Yall stupid motherfuckers hate him simply because his black and even if he don’t run or win third term he ALREADY done his job as President and made history ! * drops mix *

      • It was President Clinton that not only got our country out of debt, He also got us into a nice surplus. Then Bush Junior came on and put us right back in the RED, and the biggest debt in History of Presidents. As a matter of fact he put our country back into a trillion dollar deficit.

        • No it was Ronald Reagan that got our country out of debt…Clinton just came along and enjoyed the benefits of what Reagan did. Clinton caused our country to demoralize with his corrupt ways and womanizing.

          • Reagan tripled the debt; no President has even come close to that; even Bush II only increased it by 117%. Clinton is the only President ever to end up with a higher approval rating than when he started.

            I repeat: the person who most increased the debt ratio was Reagan, who tripled it. Were you home schooled?

          • No, Ronald Reagan did almost triple our debt. He also raised taxes. And he expanded the Federal Government. In fact, at the end of Reagan’s two terms, he had the highest number of Federal Employees ever. There are 2.7 million today and over 3.0 million with Reagan and there were 65 million few citizens then as well.

            And I think selling arms to Iran is much more corrupt and demoralizing than anything Clinton did.

        • We got into a WAR because our country was attacked. HOW IN THE FUCK DO ALL OF YOU WHINING LITTLE PEOPLE FORGET ABOUT 9/11? The problem with this country is we now forget about our own. We dont protect our own. My family fought and fights to protect everybody whos bitching about racists, biggots, hate. Yet you wanna be a keyboard cowboy and say whites hate you, oppress you, discriminate against you. Why dont you all go back to your country of origin for a week and see how it is there. Then come tell me about oppression.

          • Yes but GWB invaded a country that was not involved with 9/11. Also, he didn’t need to invade Afghanistan but just send special forces after Bin Laden but no, he had to send thousands of troops. So he left Obama with a mess.

          • 9/11 was planned by Bush go on the internet there are many many reports about 9/11 he killed people so he could go to war you must be the only one that does not know this…keep watching american house wives

        • Clinton balanced the budget on the back of the military by cutting everything back. That’s why soldiers were riding around in unarmored humvees in the Iraq War. Then he proceeded to chase around women and interns in the whitehouse. He is an evil sexual predator.
          Obama has created more diversity in this country through his handling of the Fugeson case with his buddy Eric Holder of the Justice Department. Just look at Baltimore as well.

        • And the current clown-in-chief has worked hard for over 7.5 years to emulate and cement that legacy. …Or perhaps you’ve been in a coma for 7.5 years?

      • Kayala,

        You’re about as fucking stupid as it comes. You’re so stuck on the race factor that you are blinded by the truth. First of all Obama isn’t black, his mixed race you ignorant fuck-tard. Secondly, the only reason you probably love him so much is because he gave you an Obama phone so shit the fuck up because you obviously don’t follow politics in any way shape or form which is why it’s so easy for the liberal democrats to fool sheep like you into believing they are doing good by us. Over 75% of Americans disapprove of Obama. In saying the 66% of Americans do not follow politics at all so that means even the sheep like yourself are starting to wake up and see the devastation this man has bestowed upon us. So before your dumb ignorant ass gets hell bent on calling the race card like every ignorant dumb liberal fuck does, read the news paper ass hole.

      • Kayala…i won’t go as far as others did here…
        but you need a history lesson yourself. Obama has done NOTHING to help his own people. Are you black? He is not. He is Mulatto…do you know how the Mulatto ‘ race ‘ was started? British royalty would take 11 and 12 year old IRISH girls and breed them, meaning force them to be raped and impregnated by black slaves…this is how that complexion came about. Obama is a Mulatto. He has no right to claim anything for the black ‘ race ‘ as he isn’t one himself. And this is the reason he does nothing for them. He does not like black people, it’s pretty obvious. What has he done for them? Nothing. If nothing else, he is Muslim and is from the Islamic culture…know what they did? In 1600 the Barbary pirates, who were mostly black and Muslim, enslaved WHITE people and then sold them to BLACK landowners in Africa. He is a progenitor of those slave-masters. What will he do IF he happens to get a 3rd term, which is possible if he goes to war with Iran…this almost happened about a month ago, when our sailors were ‘ captured ‘ in Iranian waters by 2 ( TWO ) fisherman. That was supposed to be the reason we went to war with Iran but it failed. That would keep him in office, for how long? How long did the Iraq war last?
        Nobody hates him because he’s ‘ black ‘ they hate him because he’s a liar, who made up fake stories about kids being killed in CT., and a fake terrorist attack at the Boston marathon, which was actually nothing more than a bomb drill. If you want to talk about how great he is, you should really look at his history before he was senator in Chicago. You will have a very hard time finding any info on him. Obama is from the CIA, just like most people involved in US politics. He’s distantly related to the Bush family, who basically started the OSS which became the CIA.
        And by the way, he has not ” done his job as president…” he has done just the opposite. He made history by being the 1st ( half ) black man to become ACCEPTED as US president, because before George Washington there was a real black president, who is shunned and forgotten about by racist America.

      • First of all, he’s not “black,” he beige–half white, so get off your racist talk. He’s done nothing but divide. American whites were not the beginning of your ancestors’ slavery. It existed in Africa, long before black men set foot on this soil. It existed in Britain before it ever came here. Democrats in the south kept it going, and a Republican white man brought it to an end. Slavery in America has been nonexistent since then, but Obama brought racism to the fore once again, after 50 years of peace, and he’s done nothing but promote division between races, between rich and poor, and between our country and others since he took office. In order to conquer a nation, one must divide it. This half-white man’s stated goal before he took office was to “fundamentally change America.” America’s “fundamental” base is its Constitution, which alone guarantees our freedom. He’s gone after our 2nd Amendment, which protects all the other amendments, since he took office. Why? Because without the means of defending ourselves and our loved ones against a tyrannical leader, we become easier to conquer. Such has been the case in every country in the world that has fallen to a dictatorship, or absolute rule. That, my friend, is the goal of your man, Obama in “fundamentally changing America”–to rule over and oppress those under him. He’s a Marxist Socialist, a student of Saul Alinsky, a former “community organizer,” otherwise known as a subversive Socialist activist.

      • GIRL ,you need to learn what MLK really said because Obama is nothing like him and goes against what he has said. Please, stop being ignorant, stop supporting obama because he’s is half black, lets be real though… he has allowed terror to flourish throughout the world. MLK would HATE OBAMA

    • This man is deluded.Intoxicated on power. Arrogant to the core. And if this country does not start going in the right direction, we are going to be stuck with him forever. He will declare a state of emergency, and suspend the elections. Because he has been giving Congress and the American people the middle finger since the day he was inaugurated in 2009. Our ONLY hope is prayer. Only God can fix this big problem.

      • And Patriots will declare a state of emergency and suspend him. He’s done and we’re done with him. We have not only the inalienable but the legal, constitutional right and duty to defend our lives and our country against “all enemies”, and Oblubber is an enemy to liberty, and to everything decent and moral. He and his ilk are an enemy and an affront to everything our country stands for. He is the nightmare from which one cannot awaken; a malignancy, an incurable disease and a vile odor that won’t seem to go away. Putting this offensive excuse for a leader in the highest office in the land was like handing a 2 year old a loaded firearm and betting on, not if but when the infant will get around to unloading it on someone. If they’d programmed him with even half the amount of intelligence as they did with arrogance and contempt, he might not otherwise be going down as the worst president (I use the term loosely) in the history of our country and by far, one the worst mistakes in the history of the world. Maybe he’ll go away (pleeeeeze!), find himself some 3rd world country (be caused he failed to create one here) over which he can ‘reign’ and cement his legacy alongside the Tutus, Stalins, Hitlers and oh, his namesake; Sadam Husseins of historical hell.

    • My mind tells me he wants more time to finish his mission, I noticed the reactions when he nominated Joe Biden for the cancer research under his administration, the people of the US are passionate on th his subject wanting to eradicate cancer, in turn keep him in the Ed hite house to complete that work he started.

    • Lol Lucas. Give us a source to show how horrible, respectless man he is. Seems you’re also the texas sharpshooter in this whole thing. You fail to explain how a man as horrible as Obama managed to

      +Pass the Affordable Care Act of 2010, which began covering over 32 million uninsured Americans.

      +Ended the Iraq war.

      +Began Drawdown of War in Afghanistan.

      +Eliminated Osama bin laden.

      +Reversed Bush Torture Policies

      +Increased Support for Veterans

      And you call his man a, “terrorist.”

      • US Soldiers are forced to not go out on Offensive Operations in Afghanistan. The Taliban has grown more powerful under Obama. ISIS grew under Obama because he foolishly did not listen to his general officers. The economy is atrocious and nothing has been done to counter illegal immigration but to tell US Border Patrol Officer to look the other way and not report. The Justice Department under Holder has been used to selectively enforce Justice. Two cities were destroyed in Ferguson, St. Louis and Baltimore because the Justice Department instigated violence in these cities. Baltimore is never going to be what it was prior to being destroyed. Businesses are not going to invest in that city in the future. It’s just disgraceful what has happened to this country under his leadership.

        • @AL34: you mean his -lack- of leadership. This narcissistic POS refered to by some as the “POTUS”, couldn’t lead a group of baby ducks across the street let alone our troops. Remember, this is the same gallactically stupid, socially retarded, classless jerk that is so void of respect even for himself that he lowered himself (what’s new?) and embarrassed an entire nation by bowing/showing submission and reverence to a Saudi Arabian ‘prince’, but can’t be bothered to observe the most basic of military Customs and Courtesies that requires a superior, let alone the Commander-in-Chief to return a salute to a member of the armed forces (he ‘commands’) of the USA. Or, he holds up a coffee cup in response to a salute. I’m so glad I’m no longer in the military. I would’ve separated before lowering myself to acknowledge this humanoid as my Commander-in-Chief. What a degrading thought. Neither our country or our troops are safe (obviously) with this freak at the helm.

      • I’m so very late to this thread but I was lead down a long path of Hillary Clinton research to get here. Of all the people bickering about race and spewing their conjecture it seems as though you are the only one to put forth actual facts. Nice work.

    • Yeah, I tried not to hate him too, but when I found out he killed 4 ‘Mercans with his bare hands in Benghazi, that was it for me.

    • OK, so now what happens to Bill and Hill? Obama has to be nominated at the convention first. That’s going to be some mess.
      I wouldn’t like to be Hillary, I feel sorry for her now. If BO tries to be nominated, will Hillary and Billary spill the beans?

    • @Lucas: As is predictable with the obozoites ‘commenting’ below, they’re perinnnially ignorant of the fact that even thinking, non-sheeple citizens do in fact still have (not the privilege) but the Devine (as in Jesus Christ!) inalienable right to think, feel and express whatever we choose to express, however we choose to express it -whether the collectivists like it or not.
      You are free to blatantly dissent, criticize, judge, make fun, like, dislike, and express hatred for any public servant to include the public servant who was (?somehow?) given the privilege and not the inalienable (God-Given, Devine) right to govern with our consent, and at the will of the people who sign his paycheck -whether he, or his troglodytes like it or not.
      Don’t ever, allow the calibre of obozoites here to verbally abuse, intimidate, criticize, or tell you how, when or what to think. Don’t justify their existence by even responding to the ? dribbling from holes in their faces. You have the Devine right to express your opinion with, or without the permission or approval of collectivist-robots.
      Remember, they can’t cover their cowardly faces and attack you in mobs with sticks, stones and knives on a public forum. They’re limited to words and this puts them at a great disadvantage because they’re capable of ‘communicating’ only via personal attacks and ‘insults’, and must refer to their given script upon which is written a few tired, worn out mantras -their favorite of course being the, “you’re a racist!” chant, apparently because it’s the only one they can readily recall and pronounce.
      Do, express your opinions far and wide! It is your right. Choose to acknowledge and communicate with individuals capable of originating their own thoughts and expressing them in a civil manner. Though I no longer wear my uniform I’ll forever honor my oath to defend and protect the constitution and Bill of Rights for every American citizen. Regrettably, that does include ignoramuses who enjoy the security and freedom represented by the very flag they like to burn, spit on, step on, and with which they wipe their entitlement-seeking, lazy a$$es.
      Seriously, does the opinion of a of weak but malevolent, spiritually void, mentally and emotionally impaired parasite REALLY matter to you?

    • For someone not trying to sound racist it probably would have been better for you not to say ‘typical black man’ ! I mean I stopped reading what you had to say and called you up to crack pot but that’s just me.

    • Lucas…The racist white boy you talk about…was..WELCOMED..into a prayer session. He was welcomed in by…BLACK PEOPLE TO PRAISE GOD. How can you even think to marginalize mass murdering human beings that practice a religion that European people forced upon them. But due to your defective genetics of being composed of..PHEOMELANIN….I totally understand. Read book of Enoch and you will learn your geneology. Earth is being trashed, by the offspring of the Fallen angels. Revelations 16 thru 18…of your Holy book speaks of how your creator (Lucifer) and those committing today’s atrocities(the fallen angels offspring), will be held to answer. It’s in your Bible…read it!

    • Oh heavens, a sweet little naive moron has blessed the internet. Does it ever cross your mind what the Confederate flag actually stands for? I just want to make a point that American people waving that flag around is basically the same exact thing as a German citizen waving the Nazi flag around. It stands for hate, injustice, racism, and I could very well go on, and on, and on. Obama shouldn’t have to ban anyone from flying the flag, they should feel fucking horrible for wanting to fly the flag, for wanting what that flag represents just like the German people. They shouldn’t want to, they should be embarrassed by it. Obama has done a whole lot of good for this country. He’s given health care, he’s given everyone the right to a wedding which shouldn’t have taken this damn long, that a bunch countries have legalized same sex marriage before us. If you read the article instead of jumping the gun and flipping out about how Obama is taking over the world, he needs at least 75% of congress to agree and pass the movement, congress has 535 members so at least 402 people need to agree. So, I think that’s rather fair, I mean these people are suppose to serve the general public. So, yeah that’s my two cents. And honestly, with the candidates we have this year I hope that Obama ends up with a third term.

    • If you had any sort of education you would number one know this story is false and number two switched news stations once in a while to see what else is going on in the world your world view might (which I highly doubt) change. I am also sure you are from a state that has there hand out to to government as soon as something happens. The confederate flag doesn’t just represent one ignorant asshole but a whole slew who never got over the civil war.

  • If he can implement martial law before this term is up, he could run for a third term, and there is a good chance he would win…

    • Our country is doomed. I can’t believe he said he can’t leave the american people we have come so far. we have come so far to nothing. He can leave the american people. Please go, this is ridiculous. You think the jews had it bad. Be prepared for a repeat of history. Get prepared to fight because american citizens will be fighting for their lives.

      • U sound crazy… u ppl are solo selfish no blind… no one not president will ever satisfy all your many expectations wants needs and anticipations.. they do hv regulations too oh and forgive a man for being a human being capable of not making everyone happy even if it costs,their life itself.. but live hurt in learn… just watch wen and if LORD FORBID Trump or another bush makes it… yeah..u ppl are solo wise…

        • This guy has to be removed from office immediately.
          He is a Manchurian Candidate and he operates at his handler’s bidding.
          This asshole doesn’t even have a Social Security number.
          He wasn’t even born in the United States.
          And this schvatze wants a THIRD TERM?!!!
          His very existence is a complete violation of the Constitution.
          Eenie meenie minee mo, catch Barry Sotero by the toe.
          If he hollers let him go.
          Eenie meenie minee mo.

      • He is literally just full of himself. Anyone who is not frightened by this man is delusional. He has done more to cause racial tension than a kkk meeting. Look what has developed with isis…on his watch…..scary….just plain scary

      • He just wants to finish the job of converting this government from a Constitutional Republic to a Totalitarianism. That’s what it’s all about.

      • Oh my God did you crawl out from under a rock? To compare how you Iive in this country to extermination, harassment of Jews is probably the most ridiculous comment I have ever heard. Also you are probably some slob who couldn’t even get out of her own way if Americans had to fight for something, you would be off in a corner peeing your pants.

  • Rjacobs you are hilarious and so redundant. Obedience to the laws of this great country and specifically the constitution are what makes this country great. Obama needs to set his arrogance aside and follow the rules just like everyone else. The dynamic of this country is allowing diversity. After eight years, it’s time to give another person a turn. We learn this as kids at the playground. I would have loved to see Reagan run for a third term however, Ronald Reagan was a man of integrity and class and stepped down gracefully and I also accepted because obeying the laws is what we do as Americans

    • Really? I’ve been hearing that every time he does something. I’m so tired of his BS and the people that can do something just sit back and keeps on talking.

  • Ari you are so right , Ronald Regan was a class act and did so much good for this country, this narcissistic cancer thats calls himself our president has done nothing but set this country back years in terms of race relations, foreign relations, created a 18 trillion dollar deficit which will be closer to 20 when he leaves office, he is about to sign the worst nuclear arms negotiation with Iran in the history of this planet, what has he done right? he has gotten involved in every civil matter to come along involving an african American to the point that a race war is brewing , hes created a class war. He has little backbone. Chooseing to play golf after one of our citzens were beheaded by isis, I could go on, as someone else said , it would destroy this country to have another 4 years of this man.

  • Everyone On Here With Your Not So Clever Opinions Cracks Me Up!!!.. If All Of You Are SO SMART And Think You Know What’s Best For Our Country, Why Don’t You Run To Be Our Next President!?!?!?… (crickets)…That’s What I Thought!!!..What Have All Of You Done Positive For Our Country!?!?..I Would Say Come Join Me As The Director Of Big Brothers And Sisters Club. But…We Need More Positive People To Mentor Our Up And Coming Doctors, Nurses, Presidents, Presidential Candidates, Social Workers, And Military Men/Women!!!

  • During elction time last year there was a school shooting at sandy elementary if something devstating happens agein near or during elctions i know who to not vote for scaring people into voteing is not right.

  • I mean I enjoy the changes being made.. Simply because everything is shifting so rapidly that it will crash.. The united States has been unraveling for decades I mean we have never really been a free country or world for that matter so we have always been building on crumbling stones now that the top has built itself up so heavy its about to crumble from the bottom up the bottom stones are about to break and disperse so then what will the top stones stand upon… If you hear you will understand..

  • I am not American but what I read from your comments is very sad because you are apportioning blame to one man who you voted into power and at the same time you say you are free- free to do what ?then vote him out if you cannot, let him rule you that is how democracy works -by vote
    These presidents have sent your children to die in foreign countries -Vietnam Iraq Iran and many foreign lands and yet none of the presidents children have died in those wars-you are the greatest slaves the world has ever seen fighting for the Elite paying for it in trillions of debt and blood of your children that your mothers carried for nine months -you deserve it and you are pathetic I wish Obama or Barry Soetero choose one that suits you, would go for five terms and sort you out with ISIS extremists then shall you reap of the blood that you have been spilling all over the globe-
    My parting shot will be, who is the terrorist nation in this world ? and you think God does not see

  • EVERY THFirst off is this a satirical post here? Second, the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution was ratified in 1951February 27. It wold take a Constitutional amendment to remove any previous amendment. The same way that the 18th was. Next it is a requirement that a candidate for the office of President MUST BE A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN OF THE STATES. Since it is a known fact that the father of Obama was never a U.S. Citizen, This means that Junior’s Actual Birth Certificate Where ever the real one actually exists, Is Secondary! JUNIOR is not a Natural born Citizen of the United States. And is in fact in Direct Violation of the U. S. Constitution! So this means that everything that this FRAUD has done is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! This punk should be removed from the office, As The 2014 election gave Congress the Mandate and Marching orders to do the moment after They were sworn in. So Why is that punk not in prison where he belongs? Giving the Taliban the location of Navy Seal team 6, Constitutes an act of TREASON! ONE OF SEVERAL! W are at WAR WITH THOSE PEOPLE!

  • Mike here again. I noticed some mistakes in my post. Spelling and a couple of misplaced letters at the top of it,
    My screw up! I do pride myself in my spelling accuracy.

  • If he is running a 3rd term it will be a civil war and the people will hit hard he thinks he’s gona run a 3rd term you can’t do this it not in the Constitution it will be an all out war and we’ll throw those fucks in those FEMA camps I will fight against this and anyone with commensence would join the revolution their will be the worst war in history so president Obama you and the Illuminati will all come too an end you will all be punished for treason and all those who followed we will rise we won’t fall we will strike where it hurts and we will cut off the energy supply the water the internet we will show what the ppl really want you will come too an end n u will end.

  • I hear all these comments (mostly hate) and the question that you guys need to ask yourself is – How did America, became America? So, all of a sudden, Europeans existed here before the Aztecs, Natives is it? So, you guys are arguing that Obama is some immigrant (and I understand LAW plays a big part), but ethically, you have no right to talk about how ONLY certain people can become president.

    I am British, so I have a neutral argument here, No Demo/Repub bias.
    Obama is by profession, a Profesor of Law
    Obama has not been the best, but most certiainly not the WORST
    People hail Donalf J Trump as the guy helping america ‘fiancially’ BLOODY HELL, THIS MADMAN HAS FILED FOR CHAPTER 11 BANKRUPTCY 4 TIMES, 4 F***ING TIMES
    Mitt Romney actually would be a better president, had he been rallying since 2008, but eh

    So, I do not think Obama really is bad, he has done some amazing things with America, and some notably contraverial issues. You have to acknowledge that as the worldview, any foreigner thinks that he has actually involved the public more often that ANY other president.

    He has certainly been the correct man of these decades.

  • I’m not an American but simply a Nigerian so I speak not for nor against racism about Obama: For those of us familiar with biblical prophecies and godly wisdom, Obama is on end-time satanic mission to fight anything God. He has more sinister agenda yet to be unveiled to destroy Christianity. He is supernatrally endowed for evil, no wonder he gathers massive supports. But his end will be disasterous and only by God Himself as divine prophecy holds!

  • Obama has 2 words for you Americans..”Predator Drones!”.. “YOU won’t see them coming!”.
    I am British and I follow the exploits of this Dictator very closely these days.. I am not religious,but I have read some “teachings”.. he doesn’t hide the satanic facts,it’s in plain sight.. him and his satanic mate the pope… he says “Americans are so stupid”. when he thinks the mic is turned off after a speech.. he changes laws and amendments only to suit himself… he lies his arse off…he’s done absolutely nothing good infact he’s killing the country and soon a lot of people WHEN he declares marshal law on so called terrorists in America.. I could go on all night but think you all should research Barry(Obama),and his husband Michael(michelle) yourselves.. and don’t be deceived with soft words and a nice smile. because that’s all he’s given you that SEEMS good..
    By the way i’m not racists,sexist etc… I see it how it is…like you all should,and read between the lines and trust your insticts…they are usually right… take care everyone…I am praying for ALL of us… because this does effect everyone in the world,it’s just he’ll be taking the American citizens on before the rest of the world I believe… if your not with him,your against him,and you will be declared enemy of the state….look after each other…no matter what colour,age,build of statue you are… we are humanity..

  • Section 1. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. But this article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President when this article was proposed by the Congress, and shall not prevent any person who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President, during the term within which this article becomes operative from holding the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of such term.

    Section 2. This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several states within seven years from the date of its submission to the states by the Congress.
    As stated above, the Section 2 of amendment 22, already states that the article is inoperative unless it is ratified as an amendment to the constitution. And It was ratified by the requisite number of States in 1951.

    Hence, there is no chance of Obama getting elected to third term, not even with a 75% vote unless the constitution is changed.

    Or if by your interpretations, the 75% vote would ratify this article, then its a typo in the 22nd amendment, and by default Obama is eligible for a third term…no 75% voting required!!!

  • he wouldn’t be breaking the constitution. He wouldn’t be elected three times he would be appoited by himself. :/

  • He need to take them towers with that metal piece pointing towards God down. Aka possibly tower of babel redone for the third time. What kind of hidden plans are being created. Probably why that other blackhole is watching us. The one that had a shiny white light touch down here.

  • i rather obama be our president again at least hes helping people and not deporting everyone whos never been to another country and helping others who cant get on insurance thats more afordable for them and giving those who cant aford a home making their lives more easier

    • Wouldn’t you rather have a president that could give us meanful, nice wages, and benefits? Yea it’s coming. I have put into this system long enough to watch it all go to “walk-ins. My new president will change this. These entitled people are going to have to get up and move!

  • Today I read so many comments about how Obama should run for 3rd term. Today I feel like this country needs a snack in the face. Hillary Clinton as an individual has already implicated that she would pick up where Obama would leave off.
    Honestly anyone who votes for a new figure in office gets a thumbs up in my book.
    We need new ideas and faces inside our capital.

  • As much as I want to be mad at our government for there coruption , having no care for the people what so ever..I cant somtimes . Expeaclly when I see US THE PEOPLE voicing our opinion in so much hatred ,rasiciam and complete disregard for another human being……huh Americans … libirty and justjusjustice for all! Remember ?….I WANT to Say One More thing….For All Those Who May Have Hatred OR Fear For OTHERES DIFFRENT From them….we Are brothers and Sisters …And I Love you…I Love You More THan THE People who are ateaching us these bad behaviors……they don’t even practice these teachings….It is a means to keep us divided….so they can concur us and rule over us while we are fighting each other. Let’s unite people.

    • Really if your about 25 years old or younger but racist. Your a product of main street media and most definetly not rasist because of personal exexperience .

  • As much as I want to be mad at our government for there coruption , having no care for the people what so ever..I cant somtimes . Expeaclly when I see US THE PEOPLE voicing our opinion in so much hatred ,rasiciam and complete disregard for another human being……huh Americans … libirty and justice for all! Remember ?….I WANT to Say One More thing….For All Those Who May Have Hatred OR Fear For OTHERES DIFFRENT From them….we Are brothers and Sisters …And I Love you because of that no matter how you may feel…I Love You More THan THE People who are teaching us these bad behaviors……they don’t even practice these teachings them selves….It is a means to keep us divided….so they can concur us and rule over us while we are fighting each other….. Let’s unite people ….let’s try it at least once to work together full heartedly .what els do we have to lose we have done everything els but this….. I like to think about it like this , if the zombie apocalypse breads out tomorrow, are we still going to be trying to kill each othere? Doing the enemies job for them? It’s silly but honestly we have been modified to do just that

  • You all fucking disgust me. Heaven forbid any of you reproduce. You fight among yourselves while tyrants are at work. Keep up your petty bickering. The end is near. Not just for the unUnited States of America either. Soon the streets of this once great country will run red with the blood of her people and the flames of chaos and hatred will envelope the world.

  • I hate to tell the author this, but that “exception” to the 22nd Amendment that he quotes means something entirely different than what he claims. It says it shall not be effective unless it has been ratified — which it was, back in 1951. Therefore it is in effect until and unless the Amendment is repealed, which is not something the President or even Congress can do, it requires ratification by 3/4 of the states.

    If you’ll look, you’ll find the same language on the 21st, 20th, and 18th Amendments.

  • Too many folks using the “racist” word. Do you think Muslims are racist? How about Black Americans? You “racist” people piss me off to no end. Racism is alive and well but it is only called racism in North America. Go to Saudi Arabia if you want to feel racism. Drop that word from the English language because it’s redundant–
    Go to India — you see anyone treating you like a white man? All these countries have different rules and prices for white people. Central America is the same. Racist does not offend me because everyone is just that. Get over it —it’s not going away; ever! Until Jesus returns.

  • why the fuck you guys talking ’bout? Obama deserves to rule. white has ruled for so long. look now, trump is now president. that man is stingy and rude! happy now? anyways am in Africa now and am staying there, so long suckers.

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