U.S. Company Hiring Mercenaries To Kill ISIS; Starting Pay $600K/yr – No Background Or History Required

ISIS Contractors
Written by Jimmy Rustling
isis contractors

Horner G7S Mercenary Inc. taking out a base in March of this year known to house members of ISIS. All the individuals of ISIS in that raid were killed. (AP Photo/Dennis System, File) / AP

Phoenix, AZ — An up-and-coming militant organization, Horner G7S Mercenary Incorporated, or simply known as G7S, which has known ties to the U.S. military, says it is now aggressively hiring the general public for the specific purpose of killing those affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or better known as ISIS. The company is offering a mind-blowing starting pay of $600,000 dollars per year regardless of your history or previous background. The employee has only one job; to kill members of ISIS. Lots and lots of them.

G7S, owned and operated by 38-year-old Paul Horner of Phoenix, Arizona, spoke with NBC News today about the handling of the situation with ISIS.

“With ISIS cells popping up on every corner of America, it’s only a matter of time before someone you know gets blown up in a terrorist attack. But that will all change with what we are accomplishing over there fighting those bastards, I promise you that.”

Gwen Hawkins, who recently signed up with G7S back in July, told CNN that she is ready to die for her country.

“I would rather be a human bomb than live in fear every day. I’m serious, pop a bomb inside my stomach, point me in the proper direction towards getting captured, and then detonate me once inside. It would solve my problem of having a depressing and mundane life and would probably lead to an acceleration of earnings that I could only obtain via a life insurance policy, which I’m not eligible for given my medical history. That money would help my friends and family more than I ever could. Actually, I’ll have to talk to G7S‘s human resource department to see if they would consider paying me extra for something like this or at least ensure that my income is distributed appropriately.”

Jason McKay, who signed up for G7S last month told Fox News he will be injecting himself with the Ebola virus, purposely getting captured by ISIS and inflict as many casualties as possible.

“I will be injecting myself with the Ebola virus and then when apprehended by ISIS I can laugh when they get splattered in my toxic blood as they cut off my head.”

G7S operative Michael D. Adams told reporters he force feeds bacon to captured members of ISIS since the teachings of the Quran do not allow it.

“Threatening those scum with pork and bacon is a great way to gain important intelligence about their operations before we slaughter them.”

At a press conference in Phoenix, Horner was more than happy to explain the purpose of his organization.

“What we are doing is good versus evil, plain and simple,” Horner told reporters. “We will be cruel to ISIS, and through our cruelty they will know who we are… And the Islamic State will fear us.” Horner continued, “ISIS ain’t got no humanity. They’re the foot soldiers of an Islamic-extremist-hating mass murdering maniac. And they need to be destroyed. And that’s why each and every son of a b*tch associated with this Islamic State, they’re gonna die. We will be cruel to ISIS, and through our cruelty they will know who we are. And they will find evidence of our cruelty in the disemboweled, dismembered, disfigured bodies of their brothers that we leave behind us. ISIS won’t be able to help themselves but imagine the cruelty their brothers endured at our hands, and our boot heels, and the edge of our knives. And they will be sickened by us. And they will talk about us. And they will fear us. When members of ISIS close their eyes at night and are tortured by their subconscious with the evil they have done, it will be with thoughts of us they are tortured with.”

On a lighter note, three months ago a Christian organization‘s mascot, Fappy The Anti-Mastubation Dolphin, made the journey with G7S to the Middle East. Fappy told reporters that when he is not fighting ISIS, he is traveling around the country speaking to elementary school children about the dangers and consequences of masturbation.

“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with what ISIS is doing, but my main concern, and what I’m willing to die for, is to stop self-rape in this world,” Fappy said. “Those people over there are living in the middle of nowhere. They can’t have sex. It’s extremely hot. The living conditions are horrible. All they do is fight and kill each other, and to top it off they have sand in their underwear all the time. It’s only a matter of time before one of them breaks down and starts masturbating, but not on my watch.”

It is unclear who Horner G7S Mercenary Incorporated is funded by, but reliable sources claim it is none other than Donald Trump. Analysts speculate all of this could be a political ploy for a presidential win in 2016.

Even though the group releases no data to the public or provides numbers of total ISIS members killed, Horner says it is in the tens of thousands with that number growing rapidly every day.

With more than 20,000 mercenaries that have joined since the company was incorporated in November of 2014, G7S is always looking for more recruits. To join, the group urges you to submit a resume along with why you want to kill members of ISIS by clicking here. The organization also has a direct number for those with any questions or comments at (785) 273-0325.

VIDEO: U.S. Company Hiring Mercenaries To Kill ISIS

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    • I am a Desert Storm,Iraq, Veteran with 8-1/2 yrs. ARMY ,I am An Airborne,Air Assault,Combat Infantryman,with two tours in Iraq and Kuwait,and Saudi!I have kept myself in good physical condition wanting another chance to go kick some isis as, asap so yes, I am interested,i am currently not working and ready to go!!I have trained in many types of convoy,sniper positioning, and overall over watch extensively!!I would love the chance to kill some dumb ass isis fighter’s should you need me!!HHOORRAAHHH!!I would need some more info. but hey let’s rock and roll!!Thanks you for your time!! Sgt. Brent Spell.

    • I would like to be of service in fighting against the isis.. How may i join ny number is 574-540-7422. Plz call me i owe my country and i owe my life for the untied state’s thank you

      • I want to join, but until now no reply. I think this job to kill Isis. is not true. if true hire me. sent me information about this job.

      • August 13, 2016 at 7:19 am
        I want to join, but until now no reply. I think this job to kill Isis. is not true. if true hire me. sent me information about this job.

  • I am prior US Army, 16 yrs. The highest rank I accomplished was SSG(P). I was Field Artillery but 2 of my 3 tours I was maneuver. I am interested in what you are offering. Thank you.

  • This is so bogus! 600K with no experience, no concept of intelligence, terrain recognition, small unit tactics or even FP tools, that this is just fodder for the continued Donald Trumpsters to eat it up like stale oatmeal. Clueless I shall remain

    • If you folks are being Straight-Up, then so are we. A small unit -12 man team – with the experience required for such a task.
      No Bull-Shit & No Baby Sitting.
      There are No preference points (geographicaly speaking) & there is No Better Time…than now.
      Professional Gentlemen, with Professional Ethics & Top-Drawer Professional End-Results, period!

      • I have plenty of experience as working as a small unit and also working alone, as i live in the UK, can you give me work. I have been in the Special Forces for some years. I have plenty of knowledge of all fire arms and encountering close quarter and killing house.
        I am ready for what you put forward, but i would prefer high risk areas. I’m know time waster i will do any mission that you give me.

    • 600k is the life insurance plan…you will not have a weapon in your hand…you will simply be filled with a man made disease and placed into their hands to spread the disease…or used as a human bomp…your BACKGROUND doesn’t matter….their calling felons!!! Ppl that already have no purpose


  • How do you join from South Africa.?
    what is the cut off adge?
    Do you need Int pers?
    how will Intel be made available?
    What med support will be available?
    Air support?
    Log support?

  • Enroll me as well since i dont have no body to live or fight for enlist me so i can revenge the blood of ThE christian saints dying in ThE hands if those heathens ill do it for free

  • was in the army for 6 1/2 years desert vet stayed in shape have (2) ar 10s “(1) ar15 and night vision scopes and over 3000 rounds to hit the ground with

  • Would love to join if someone could lead me in the right direction to do so. I’m prior army. 5 years in and was with route clearance. I’m combat experience. Just need to know how to join

  • What are your procedures to join ? How and when are we paid ? Do you offer up any training if so where I’m in Az ? Who do we.report to ? .when do we leave ? I’ll be your Huckleberry. Let’s let them meet their 72 virgin goats.

  • first trained camp sunrise ,have had 3 breaks in neck and back ,1 knee, both shoulders and wrists broken,couple head injury,can still shoot live moving targets,still able to drive like a mad man,any work??

  • Sighn me up I’m very Physicaly fit can trained to use any weapon. Survivalist. Would be perfect for the job. Team oriantated.

  • I am an ex-military personnel for 9years in the service, on 2001 to 2010 in my country of the Philippines, and during the time on 2009, I am a member of United Nation as a peacekeepers in Haiti county 7months of tour as a peacekeepers. My tasking is, VIP Security and escort. Now my previous job is anti-piracy in (HRA) high-risk area and Gulf of Aden transit, for securing of Vessel to treat of pirate. I joined here on 2012 us of now. My contract finish this coming Dec. And after that I want to joint for a missionaries job. So please give me a full details to how to joined.

  • if seriously true i would love to fight and torture them isis mothers fuckers for all that they did to our soldiers fuck yea e mail me with more info

  • I am deadly one shot one kill and would love to get a few thousand rounds on target. You can just send me $600,000 in ammo and fresh barrels. I work for fun.

  • Is this for real real are wat I’m up for it seen wat happened in France last nite very sad and it’s going to keep going on till we get rid of them dirty bastards were they to to hit next no one can stop it unless we take all these dirty fkers out now not later now Bfor its to later act now we need to plz email me thanks

    • u best n#1 candid hate so far!! Gs7 nea_d yo u B_cause you well versed and alslow Intel.
      Gs7 want peeple like u,,we will pay $ halv millnion for such “high” quandydate intleIgence.
      plse cine here and hree .Will give frère money too for knive nd boot..

  • Did anyone get an answer about how to join or get this shit started? It is looking like a damn scam to me. But I still want to eliminate all ISIS boys. (they are not men, a man would face his target head on, not be a bitch and hide in a crowd)

    • They are birches no uniform no pride no colors no patches but that’s the enemy unfortunately not a doubt that we’ll overtake them hilariously if we go full board on them like army vs boy scouts we need to go in first though

  • Need to fix this problem what do Americans do when we need to fix a problem MEXICANS I’m Mexican American pay by the piece to get these guys mexicans will show up early we’ll take care of it in 3 weeks

  • Im well skilled in ninja fighting and mastered in my breakdancing.I can shoot a pellet gun at a squirrel at 30 yard no problems.I can snap a pencil with my fingers sign me up

  • I’m available to kill isis at a moment’s notice give me a sniper rifle and send me with the other mercenary groups

  • I can make a grenade with household items like tennis balls, spray paint cans and q tips. All I do is kickass and rip throats. I dont use guns because guns are for the weak and dumb, I just rip throats. One year I got 3 throat rips, I call it a turkey. It’s a bowling term but I like to apply it to throat rips.

  • I want to fly snake-filled planes into ISIS bases and drop a bunch of copies of the doodles of Muhammad I did in my 8th grade U.S. history book as to add insult to injury. Then I want to produce a gay porn film and broadcast it on all ISIS television sets and include a scene where an adultress is about to get stoned to death but then Jesus comes out and saves her life like he did that one time in the Bible and when in that same story Jesus is drawing in the sand, I’ll direct the film so that Jesus is drawing a picture of Muhammad and then Jesus says, “he who is without sin, take a shit on this drawing of Muhammad I did in the sand” and Jesus starts to levitate and takes a big ol dump all over the drawing of Muhammad. And I will air this film all over ISIS territory.

  • Did 3 tours in Germany during wwII,and miss shooting uniforms, I can hit the bottle quite easily but I also have a painful boil on my genitals.
    Seriously though all I have is an off sided m1 garant and a wooden leg,but my will to fight is greater than my dental condition..hope you provide medics cause I tend to require enemas once in a while, preferably by young nurses in there early fifties..
    ?? what did you say ?? NO I am not senile I’m merely seasoned ,now help me out of my chair sunny so that I sign this enrolment form..

  • 3 tour Iraq combat vet 82nd Airborne Paratrooper. Fuck ISIS I will kill as many as I possibly can give me a chance I’ll cut there fucking heads off with ham in their fucking mouths

  • i know a killer from vietnam that told me his story he is a very good friend .im 43 not old enough for his war.this man has trusted me too have told me his story long story short his kill number was 134 four by hand to hand no choice kill or be killed. im not going to blow smoke i told him that i dont know what he fills to be a killer cause i havent killed but this i do know if u hesitate to kill u will be killed i live with the gift of the prodiogity child as of what grandma tells i have no millatery experience at all one time a paint ball war was of five the forth killed hell my weapon was a hang gun with no power didb i kill no but what i need in life prestant is money with money i can pay and they will let me see my kids and my life aint much at this time so yea let me in and let the nautral killer come on out just check it and see good day

  • I want to join tired of the civi life not cutting it at all hope this post is for real email me details im a very good shot with calibres of all sorts. In it for showing these isis fucks a thing or two.

  • What gear is supplied, what do I need to bring? This is right up my alley, and I know people who want in. We have training with knives, guns, explosives, night vision, LRF, military vehicles, Javelin Missiles, TOW Missiles, grenades, sniper rifles, machine guns, demolitions, martial arts, scuba gear and more. We are prior military and have not been able to use our training as civilians, so the lifestyle change causes boredom. We have been behaving out of necessity, but would truly enjoy an opportunity to spread some gratuitous violence where it is deserved. Let the bodies hit the floor! If this is real, so am I.

  • Not trained in anyway. Pissed off southern woman here willing to strap a bomb to myself as long as you can place me right in the center of thousands of them idiots. God can use me as a sacrifice to save Americans. I don’t expect virgins or paradise or what ever the heck those idiots believe in. I believe in God and have a huge family I love and will give my life for. I believe our American leaders don’t give a crap about our people but I do! I will pray God forgives me. I know I am going to die anyway weather this takes me or I get hit by a bus.Why not go out with a big boom and take Isis with me. Sign me up! Karma

  • Give me the opportunity to give back to my country kill as many camel jock as possible give me an ar15 with an extended clip a supreser night vision so. We can get the party starter two RPGs fanny pack water side arm beretta 9 mm

    • Combat medic for 10 years then the last 13 as a Physician Assistant, Panama and Iraq, every mission needs medical.

      Captain Kelly S. Parrson, MS, PA, 65D

  • Will join, ex-con christian born again, quick learner and feel a need to help stop the madness Will Lay My LIfe down For a Good Man. Cantact 305 200 9257, have used guns and some martial atrs exp.

  • These people called my husband. Not sure how they got his cell number. His orders are still classified and sealed from his last tour of duty in Desert Sheild Desert Storm 1st infantry div.

    You folks should call the phone number listed above or click the link, it brings you to an email address.

    I’m not letting him go. Who’s going to pay his medical bills if he’s hurt if this isn’t with gov’t?

  • Former Marine Infantry/ Army M1A2 Crewman, put me out there with the rest of the red blooded boiling people who want to fight for this cause hell Ill do it for free, killing is as easy as breathing and killing ISIS is for fun.

  • Ready to sit in a bunker miles away, drink wine and give commands. Experience of 2 weeks on Salisbury Plain.
    Call Lt-Col Rupert Bagshotte-Schytte, Rtd, former CO Duke Of Lancashire’s Light Infantry Engineers.

  • i want to join i dont give a shit about the gov i care about the people that dont have a chance the kids and the women that they kill but i would shoot any one who kills women and kids just give me the money i am a felon i am nothing to the u.s there for i owe nothing to the gov @ GARY ROBERT VILLA 2101 SOUTH STATE ST # 63 UKIAH CA 95482 707 8145835 weedmoneyforlife@gmail.com

  • How do i get to join, i am ex british army of 14 years exp, 2 afghanistan , 2 iraq and bosnia tours, worked as a forward observer basically calling and directing artillery fire on enemy positions with extreme accurracy so hostile experience became second nature to breathing, and very willing to learn how to join and see where we can go from here.

  • I’m a 55 year old I was in the army 1978 and feel it is my duty to help eliminate any one that threatens our life or or freedom .

  • Horner says Obama is a Muslim. Well, so much for Horner’s credibility. The comments from those who say they want to join G7S make them sound as loony as the terrorist extremists.

  • When do we head out for this mission? I’m ready to go fuck up all ISIS members bunch of scared ass cowards!! HOOOORAA!! I want the Barrett 50 Cal. Sniper Rifle

  • Note: Example of a lying jew using an alias: How do I get you to kill before you die killing and before you can try and collect on any promise I might make before Yom Kippur…including paying you one tin shekel? -a lying jew hiring killers for 600k/year in US Fed Notes aka debt paper.

  • I’m 53 a 3rd degree black belt I can kill with my bare hands I’m an exellant shot with a rifle or hand gun I come from a long line of fighting family I have nothing to lose except my life for my god, children., grandchildren and country I want to kill every fucking ISIS piece of scum I can and feed what’s left of them into a wood chipper so they know what I have in store for them I’m in great physical shape they call me the genetic freak hire me you won’t be disappointed yours truly the whitetiger

  • Let me just say you will be needing a guy like me I’m a born leader who can follow orders to the T I can kill using only my hands but with a rifle no one survives I will lay my life on the line for my fellow man and kill without remorse I will feed my enemies into a wood chipper feet first please contact me

  • I am former Burundian army I was in 1st battalion of Amisom.I am ready to go i am 28 .now I am in Nairobi. I am ready to go

  • Hello I am salman from India, I want to join.

    Reason:Terrorism does not belong to Islam.
    I want to kill each and every individual of ISIS.
    Let me know how should I join.


  • well i’m a pilipina…

    but don’t underestimate my skill…

    even i’m not well-trained..

    I can kill if needed.. ISIS are bad many people died because of them…

    anyway I’m 16 yrs. old only…

    please I want to join I want to help you all.

    I know I’m too young but you can train me well..

    i can do it i know..

    please allow me to help.

  • I can use different kind of guns..

    and knife..

    i assure to you

    I can kill even i’m too young..

    just email me..

  • The supposed leader of this “company” is an idiot. Don’t work for any fool who spouts the bile about Obama being a “muslim.” That’s bullshit and anyone who spouts such crap is NOT going to pay you a damn penny for killing DEASH members.

  • I’m a South African, I’ve been an assassin for two years, I make some money but it just not enough so i don’t care who’s the enemy as Long as you can point the target and let me hit it and give me money.

  • Wanted to join the marine corp coulded cause of my Pryers (my past). 6’1 180 lbs of pissed off rage .got sniper rifle and all I want to do us reach out and say hi to Isis. SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND bitches

  • Okay Great So Where do I Have to Sign up for this Isis or isle BULLSHIT Baby killing Freaking Woman Raping Bastards…Let Me Just Say One Thing to you Wannabes Isis Gangsters…I Hope That You Read My profile and article today or That’s if you can even Read Yous Scumbags!! My Name is John Adam Wagner From New York and I’m interested in Meeting up with You Anytime and Anywhere Because I’m A Single Father Who’s Ready to Take Allllls You’re Sandbags And I hope That Donald Trump Gets in the Fucking Whitehouse Because You’re Dead!!!

  • Money is not importance but my mom and dad to collect money but my own dream is join to biggest force or agent force join and traning to kill terror and saves & help world every peoples in my life seconds please one chanse to me

  • READ the article, you mental midgets! It explains that no slills, or experience is needed, and it even offers a LINK to the APPLICATION. What the f@ck is wrong with you! Please, Kill all the Daesh, and their supporters, that you possibly can, please. However, first demonstrate you are literate and can follow simple directions.

  • 33 year old prior US military that knows how to get gnarly. Very proficient in rifle, shotgun, handgun and hand to hand training. Sign me up.

  • I want to kill all Muslims. It does matter if they are good or moderate Muslims. After all, they are extremist and ISIS/Daesh spawners. I shall also kill Non-Muslim politicians who so much utter sympathy for extremist and ISIS/Daesh. I will always say, dead Muslims are good Muslims

  • how to join im ex phil marines, m1a2 tanks. bradley. stryker, hummvee, mrap. mechanic, but i want to kill isis.. please hire me. i leave here in england uk.

  • my name is Andrew ..Ex military(2000 – 2005)..im a south african who would like to do my part abroad..how do i enlist? is there any recruitment for ex Military south africans?? where do i join???

  • Honestly it’s not hard to see the walter mitties from the real deal on here, im from the best British special forces with a genuine and real kill count, but I also know any soldier worth there salt does not boast about a kill it’s simply a necessity of him or me, I have no regrets I take down killers, the torturers, the child brain washers and any and every threat that has decided to cause myself or my fellow brother harm its my God given duty, a real soldier knows when not to pull the trigger just as much as they know when to pull it, TQ intelligence was how we spread real fear and panic to all those who ment us harm and just blind killing although sometimes necessary will never give us the real time advantage needed to cause Isis and all the other extremist groups the kind of damage that takes these twisted and brainwashed soldiers out once and for all, and I’m sure that’s the kind of soldier you are wanting and needing to hire and if it isn’t then perhaps a new strategy is needed. I’ll win you every battle you put in front of me and I’ll fight against any one any odds in any place just like I always have and I’ll keep winning because I can think with bullets and bombs whizzing past you need to hire me and any one else like me !!!

  • Iv see how this IsIs works from a far im asking you to help me get to the wz and get me my weapons , you keep the money ill finish ever misson and I only ask that details of myself and job be en confidential

  • I’m experienced ready to make a stand cbt engineer. I want some Isis ass. Ready to kill Hooah . I’d do it for nothing I didn’t need the money

  • Come on people…are there seriously that many of you that think this is real? Self infecting yourself with Ebola to spread t to ISIS?!?!? Did you even read the whole article? Giving out your resumes and life bios smh. Go get a job and stop looking for a quick buck.

  • You guys n gals all know this is a thread in response to an article on the subject not a sponsored recruiting board from which people are going to send you information etc….

  • From what I see, you’re all just the type of cannon fodder the intelligence agencies need to keep the rumor of war going!
    Wake up and smell the imperialism and get some psychiatric help.
    Human bombs and Ebola injections, for your country? They will use this list of applicants to find the mentally disturbed and add them to the list, no weapons for you! Wholly shit, I just imagined there were idiots this gullible now I have proof.

  • I’ll take my 600k up front……Very well trained……merc…work……. fyi if you get cought…it’s considered treason…..I guess it’s ok now though…i mean hillary said so… lol….Kill me All…god will sort that shit out…

  • I’m 44 and I got a lot of hate in my heart for those people. Us or them I’ll do my damdest to be them!

  • I want to join. Will be ready at the end of this year. I am a member of Federal Police in my country.

  • It may sound like a load of crap but I will repeat myself once again. I myself have reached my limit to all the terrorism directed toward my homeland, The United States of America. I have served in its NAVY and took an oath to protect it by any means necessary. Including my life if need be. The money sounds great but it is not as important to me as in doing what needs to be done to secure our Freedoms and way of life. Arm me, provide me with good intel and point me in the wright direction. I will do what I am meant to do to the best of my ability (GET SOME!).
    518-480-9591. (RTG)

  • UK Here but i hope that doesn’t matter i have experienced some hostile environments before but was never scarred from any of these matters. As for them allahu akhbar i would think of many ways to gain information from them even if it took a whole day and I’m prepared to do absolutly anything to take them out… Even if I had to swing my own granny at them to take them out i would!. See their main purpose is to disrupt western life and values not just by attacking innocent people but by forcing them to relocate to the west where they put a tremendous strain on europes finances which you guessed it comes out of tax payers money. Anyway… can i bring my baby Millie along she’s a 2foot machete thats dying to enter the skulls of these disgusting cowardly brainwashed scum… Motherfuckers il try my hardest in this life to eliminate these peace disrupting terror mongrels even if it kills me GRRRR just want one of them here in front of me now so i can drown them in battery acid.

  • My name is not important but what talents I have to offer you are. And if you need men in your current campaign I can help with that too.

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