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Christian Girl Auctions Off Virginity For Church Repairs; Church Then Bans Her For Life

Sarah Miller, Christian girl auctions off her virginity

19-year-old Sarah Miller, seen here, auctioned off her virginity to help her church with repairs. The church then banned her and her family. (AP Photo/Dennis System)

Nashville, TN — When the Nashville Christian Church asked its members for donations to help fix a leaking roof, one of their followers dug deeper than others.

19-year-old unemployed college student, Sarah Miller, had been attending the church regularly since the age of 12 and wanted to help the church that had helped her in so many ways.

“When I heard they needed money to repair their roof, I wanted to help, but I had no money,” Miller told local station WZTV FOX 17. “So I gave them the most valuable thing that belonged to me, my virginity.”

Miller had placed her virginity up for sale on the online auction site Ebay and the bids immediately started pouring in. Saudi billionaire Saad Hariri won the auction with a winning bid of $975,215.61.

Miller spoke to CNN about the sexual encounter with the Saudi billionaire.

“It was absolutely horrible,” Miller said. “It was really sweaty and there was lots of hair everywhere, but I was more than happy to do it for my church and for Jesus.”

The church was more than happy to accept Miller’s generous donation; but when the following Sunday came, Sarah and her family were no longer allowed to attend services.

“They wouldn’t let us in the church,” Miller sobs. “It was so embarrassing. They accepted my donation and then told my family and I that we were no longer welcome.”

Paul Horner, who is a spokesman for the church, made a statement to reporters about the incident.

“We appreciate what Sarah Miller did by helping us raise the money for our new roof, but her method for raising the money is not something the church can condone. We wish Sarah and her family nothing but the best.”

The Miller family is currently disputing the ban.

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  • Talk about hypocrisy. The church took the money but condemned her. If how she raised it was so wrong the bible thumpers should have considered the cash tainted and not have touched it

  • the church should be forced to return every cent of the money to her this is why all Xtans are loosing so many so fast they have done no good and all they breed is hate those who are calling her names are the worst hypocrites out there screw you and your i’m so holy banter she did try to help they took the money then in thanks banned her screw them revoke the tax expemt for all churches

  • Everyone says that Christians only want the best for the world and they believe in marriage before sex, but in this case I cannot take a side to what is wrong and right as the church took the money and then banned the girl and her family but if the girl really was that much of a devoted Christian she wouldn’t have gone out there and auctioned out her virginity, even if she was just doing it for the good of her church, she knows that God would not approve of what she had done. Personally I am not holy so I think that this was not a good idea as the point of sex is to pleasure the one you love and you will only enjoy it if you really love the person but it was just not nice what she did even though I can see where she was coming from there was no love there so this poor girl tried her best to do what she was thought was right and in the end she just got shot down, it is the same situation as gay people, the fact that the church do not accept them is absolutely horrifying! This article has changed my point of view on Christians quite a lot! I really hope that the church learn to accept everyone for who they are as everyone should have the same rights to love and faith to everyone else!

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