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15 Qualities That Make a Good Real Estate Agent

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Whether you are searching for a real estate agent or are considering becoming one yourself, it’s important to understand what a good agent really means. Here are 15 qualities that make a good real estate agent.

They’re a Licensed Professional

The most important quality before anything else is ensuring that a real estate agent is licensed. If you’re considering making the career shift, take a look at options for getting your real estate license online. There are many affordable options no matter where you live.

They Have Self-Discpline

Any entrepreneurial position such as being a real state agent requires a level of self-discpline. More than likely, you’re your own boss. You’re setting your own schedule, and your income is a direct product of how much work you’re willing to put in.

They’re Self-Starters

Selling and closing on houses doesn’t happen unless you’re willing to put in the work. Any realtor needs to be able to get the job done without someone else micromanaging them.

They’re Ready to Hustle

While the real estate market might be booming right now, that doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. Agents have an element of hustle and grind that is required to find buyers and set themselves apart from their competition.

They Believe in Honesty and Integrity

The number one thing that can ruin your job as a real estate agent is bad reviews. You’ll know you’re working with an upstanding real estate agent based on their reviews. Look for words like honesty and integrity. That means they’re working by the highest standards of the National Association of REALTORS by keeping the needs of buyers and sellers first.

They Have Friendly Personalities

A real estate agent’s job is to help people buy a house. Any buyer will want to make sure they are working with someone who has a friendly, empathetic personality to understand the importance of the decision and investment they’re making.

They Have an Interest in Fine Details

A good real estate agent has to be diligent with the finer details. This includes everything from minuscule items in the final contracts to ensuring the property is perfectly staged in every corner of the house.

They’re Not Afraid to Try Something New

Owning yourself as a real estate agent means being ready to adapt. With social media advancements, it’s important to be willing to try new things to reach new clients.

They’re Up for Doing Research

The housing market is constantly changing. Real estate agents need to constantly be reading up on industry trends to know what to expect when working with their next client. The more knowledgeable your agent is, the better of a deal they’ll be able to get you at closing.

They’re Great Negotiators

You certainly don’t want to work with an agent who is a pushover. They need to be great communicators, which makes them excellent negotiators.

They Love Building Their Network

Any successful real estate agent is constantly on the hunt to grow their network. It’s how they’ll find their clientele and be able to grow their reputation as an industry leader.

They’re Problem Solvers

No successful business owner came across a problem and gave up. To succeed in this industry, you have to be willing to get innovative with your problem-solving abilities.

They’re Enthusiastic

Have you ever toured a house with an agent who was a little bland? For someone to feel good about this decision, they need to be able to see themselves living inside of the home. A real estate agent should help here.

They’re Realistic

On the flip side, real estate agents need to be realistic. They can get you hyped up to purchase a house, but if the deal falls through because of a loan, the agent won’t see a penny in their pocket.

They’re Professional

At the end of the day, all real estate agents have the element of professionalism. It shows that they are trustworthy and take their job seriously. This goes from how they dress for a showing to how they handle their social media accounts.

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