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4 mistakes that new agents MUST avoid when using real estate expired listing postcards for the first time

When other agents fail to get buyers for a listed property before its listing contract ends, the property automatically falls under the expired listing category. This is a great opportunity for real estate agents, especially newbies to prove how effective and efficient they are at their job. If you are a new agent, it is best to avoid the following mistakes in your real estate expired listing postcards when making them for the first time.

Not setting a goal

What is your goal? This is an important step that you must think about critically before mailing your real estate expired listing postcards. You should identify the kind of new customers you wish to attract and how to develop and nurture new leads.

Lack of goal setting will make it hard for you to come up with realistic marketing strategies. However, if you have clear goals, you can put all your effort towards designing effective and efficient expired listing postcards that will get to an excellent target market.

Omitting a call to action

Among the major mistakes, you should avoid as a new agent is omitting a call to action from your real estate expired listing postcard. Most people are often preoccupied with their work, and they need to see something in the postcard that will pique their interest.

If your postcard lacks instructions about the next step to take, people are more likely to set it aside and they may not get the time to look at it again. Ensure your expired listing postcards have a clear, strong, and reasonable call to action.

Sending postcards that lack a personal touch

It is easy to become an expert in the sale of property in expired listings. Once you have sold your first property, your target market will gain more confidence in your skills, and you can grow your real estate business rapidly.

Your real estate expired listing postcards should have a great first impression. It should look professional but have a personal touch. Avoid designing expired listing postcards that do not produce a pleasing emotional reaction from the recipient. When marketing expired listings you have to be aggressive, but avoid seeming pushy and unbefitting.

Use postcards that have a brief personal message to attract the readers’ attention and make them interested enough to contact you.

Not identifying the best target market

As a new agent in the real estate business, you may feel a lot of pressure to efficiently sell your first property in the expired listing as fast as possible. You need to have the best target market to mail your real estate expired listing postcards to help increase your chances of finding a buyer.

Before identifying the best target market, evaluate the problems the previous real estate agent may have encountered. If the price for the property was too high and the owner does not wish to lower it, the best target market would be wealthy people who are in a position to purchase the property.

Now that you know what to avoid when using real estate expired listing postcards, you can effectively use them to grow your business. We wish you all the best as you begin your journey in the real estate business.

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