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What is the difference between a corporate online account and a personal account

Written by Jimmy Rustling

What is a business account

Before you open an account with a banking institution, you need to understand what you plan to use it for in the future. The main difference is whether you plan to keep personal funds or whether the account will be used for commercial purposes. If the latter, you will need a corporate account.

Today, every business owner can open an online corporate account, while individuals have access to personal accounts, which are a reliable option for storing their savings.

All business owners literally need to open a corporate account. After all, it significantly simplifies a number of commercial operations. An ideal solution for legal entities, which significantly simplifies basic financial transactions, saves time and provides a number of additional guarantees.

A secure business account allows you to manage your business funds in a smart way. Remotely and in minutes you can issue and pay invoices, as well as control all expenses in real time. Moreover, management via a personal account or an application allows you to block suspicious transactions in a timely manner.

Previously, in order to become a corporate account holder, you had to provide a package of documents to the banking institution, which took a lot of time to collect. In addition, there was often a need to be physically present. This entailed a loss of time and, consequently, money. Now, you can open an online account free of charge in just a few minutes. You are not limited in any way by the functionality. On the contrary, there is a wide range of services and functions available, which you can use in just a few clicks.

Why do you need a personal account

If you do not need a current account for business, but want to rationalize the use of your own savings, open an account for a private person. This way you are assured of the safety of your finances.

At the same time you get all the same guarantees as if you decided to open a business account. You can control the status of the account, conduct or block transactions at any time.

You are guaranteed one hundred percent security of your finances and the ability to make a transaction at any time. Moreover, the WestStein prepaid card can be used when travelling or for secure online shopping. Moreover, it is one of the best solutions for managing the family budget. After all, you can link several children’s accounts to the main account, thus keeping track of how your little ones manage their pocket money.

Regardless of what you currently choose, it only takes a few minutes to set up an account, but it gives you real tools to use your own money wisely.

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