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Automate Regression Testing to Speed Up ERP Updates

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Many firms are turning to cloud-based ERP solutions for their increased flexibility and cost-effectiveness as they adapt to the changing needs of the modern landscape. Additionally, cloud ERPs guarantee constant innovation and frequent updates, giving organizations a competitive edge. Nevertheless, maintaining smooth interfaces with third-party programs can be difficult given the rapid rate of development. Regression testing tools become essential when there is a need for a dependable method to evaluate and guarantee seamless updates without resulting in delay and lost productivity. We will examine the importance of regression testing, and how automated regression testing may efficiently handle the frequent ERP changes in this blog article.

What is Regression Testing?

When new features or upgrades are implemented, regression testing, a crucial sort of software testing, guarantees that an application’s stability and performance are maintained. Making ensuring that code updates don’t cause integrations and workflows to malfunction or cause the emergence of new issues is the aim. Regression testing becomes essential in the setting of ERP software, where changes happen often, to ensure the application continues to operate as intended after each update.

Automated Regression Testing’s Importance

A fundamental kind of software testing called regression testing is used to ensure that an application’s current functioning is not altered by the addition of new features, modifications, or upgrades. Regressing an application to a previous state to confirm that it functions as expected is what the term “regression” refers to. Regression testing’s main objective is to find and correct any unexpected consequences that may have been introduced as a result of coding modifications, hence maintaining the stability and performance of the program.

Benefits of automated regression testing

  • Accelerated Test Creation: Low-code or no-code features provided by automated regression testing systems allow even non-technical users to swiftly transform manual test cases into automated scripts. The time and effort needed to create thorough test suites are considerably reduced by this easy technique.
  • Comprehensive Test Repository: The best-automated regression testing tools provide large test libraries with pre-written test cases for a variety of ERP systems. The abundance of test scenarios available in these sources ensures complete test coverage.
  • Change Impact Analysis: The testing automation platform can be used to evaluate the effects of ERP changes on current integrations and workflows. Teams can concentrate on the most important components of the application thanks to this analysis’ aid in prioritizing vital test cases.
  • Diagnose and Self-Healing of Test Failures: When automated tests fail, these systems offer in-depth information about the underlying reason for the failure, accelerating the debugging process. Even better, certain instruments can self-heal, which can resolve some problems without human interaction.
  • End-to-End Testing: End-to-end scenarios are covered by automated regression testing, guaranteeing that all ERP integrations and customizations work without a hitch following each update and release. This thorough testing strategy ensures a stable and dependable ERP ecosystem.


The necessity for seamless updates and interaction with third-party applications becomes crucial as organizations increasingly use cloud-based ERP solutions to remain competitive and nimble.  While Opkey’s automated regression testing offers rapid test generation, thorough test libraries, change impact analysis, and self-healing capabilities, manual testing is time-consuming and prone to error. Businesses may effectively handle frequent ERP upgrades by utilizing Opkey’s testing automation technology, assuring uninterrupted productivity and frictionless updates.

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